54 Been a While!

[Author Note]

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To avoid making trash AI images, picture Naohiro with the same build Gojo had when he escaped the prison realm.

He's 6'3, with shaggy black hair, black eyes, and a post-prison realm Gojo body type.

His current attire is a white undershirt and black pants.

His facial features are still sixteen since he didn't age, but he's jacked 💀.



I push my hands through the surface of the water with a smile.

*Inhale* *Exhale* 

Breathing air for the first time in forever feels nice.

I couldn't understand cursed energy before being locked in the prison realm.

But now, I'm finally out and understand what Gojo went through.

Hah, is it cringe to say I've awakened?

Who cares? The only thing I can see is the sky.

I close my eyes and recap everything I've accomplished so far.

I've figured out how to take the properties of certain adaptations and use them separately.

Instead of simply being immune to things, I took inspiration from the Ten Shadows by using the properties of my adaptations rather than the Ten Shadows' Shikigamis traits.

Since Kenjaku gave me the adaptation to gravity, I can essentially fly or float, depending on how you look at it.


The air feels nice.


My adaptation technique had evolved past simple resistance and immunities.

I thought offense would be a problem, but mixing and matching has given me a near-infinite number of options.

I've adapted to infinity, but what it really was was spatial manipulation. Any of my attacks can go through space, but I still need a medium for a longer range.

It's perfect that I have the split soul katana since it doubles as a medium and as soul damage, even though I can infuse my regular punches with it.

You can guard against bypassing space? Here is a soul attack.

You can reinforce your soul? Take this spacial slash.

You can protect against both? You have plot armor.

I can effectively bypass any durability that anyone has.

Soul manipulation is also something that I've mastered, meaning I can visit a pair of twins.

The only person better than me at it would be a True Form, Mahito.

Sadly, I don't have Kenjaku marked since I only interacted with the bodies he inhabits...but Uraume is still on the table.

Hopefully, less than ten years have gone by.

The things I have picked up over the years finally paid off.

The 120% potential amplification from black flash, the amount of cursed energy/control I have, and the benefits gained by absorbing part of Sukuna make me able to pick up things faster than Gojo.

With sealing out of the way, I don't think anyone can beat me now...maybe besides HIM at full strength, but I've ensured that no slash of his will hurt me unless he brings something out that he hasn't used since the Heian era.

Megumi should have his technique by now, right? Maybe I should teach him a little about Mahoraga. Fighting the Shikigami might be fun.

I smile, thinking about it.

I've done it.

I've finally accomplished what I set out to do.

I became strong, too strong.

Half-closing my eyes, I smile at the small box in my hand. "But who cares if I'm too strong? It's good to be back."

The first thing I'm going to do is visit Uraume. If Kenjaku is there, that's great, but he most likely knows that I'm back. I doubt he would throw me down there without something to notify him of a possible breach.

After that, I might take a trip to...'whoever' shot that piercing blood at me. It could've realistically been 'anyone.'

Hah, I wonder how Kenjaku got Choso to work with him this time around. He was a pretty good guy because all he wanted to do was protect and be with his brothers.

Hitting me with that piercing blood allowed me to track him, so I'll 'check' on Uraume and then see what is up with Choso.

I'd rather not kill the guy, but who knows since canon is so far off the rails that there is almost no way to predict how people will act.

However, the thing I need to do first is:




I smell like shit.


That damn Kenjaku. He is leaving me to die!

While Kenjaku acts like a fool and is safe, he keeps me far away. The worst part is I don't even know where he went.

One of the worst-case scenarios happened. One that was thought to be impossible.

Naohiro Zenin escaped the prison realm.

No one knew why he disappeared. Kenjaku and I ensured that so how did he get out?

If it wasn't bad enough, Naohiro Zenin has some tracking ability, so Kenjaku 'suggested' splitting up for now.

I start biting my thumbs nail, but then something clicks with me.

The prison realm seals cursed energy...

Getting out means that he is likely not at full strength.

I was originally caught off guard because I didn't think he would use domain expansion as soon as we started fighting.

Can I beat him?

I might deny reality, but it is my only shot at survival if he is just as strong as he was when he was sealed.


But if he is stronger.


I shake my head. I can't think like that.

There is no way he was able to do anything inside.

He knows where I am, so I must finish preparing for Master Sukuna's return in case I die.

His revival is more important than anything that happens to me.


Picking up my things, I head over to the site and run into a large room with a pool in the middle.

Except the pool is filled with cursed spirits, cursed energy, and poisons.

When he gets incarnated, he'll need full control over his vessel due to the issues surrounding Yuji Itadori's creation.

He created the child to be a cage for Master Sukuna.

Fucking disgusting and disrespectful.

It's humiliating for a God to be trapped within a child. If he weren't needed, I would've slowly killed him, even if he was a child.

Grabbing a bowl of concocted poison from poisonous creatures, I walk over and dump the entire bowl into the pit.

*Sigh* It's finally finished. [The Bath].

I sit, slide against a wall, and close my eyes.

It's all for him. Who cares if I...


Snapping my eyes open, I see a hand around my throat, picking me up and only squeezing harder.


My eyes widen as I notice the person in front of me. "You-*MMPPHH*"

I try to get words out but am met with a harder choke.

In a last-ditch effort to survive, I grab his hand before trying to freeze it. However, he grabs it with his other hand.

*Rip* *Splat* "MMMMMMMMM!"

My entire arm gets ripped off.

I try using reverse cursed technique, but it doesn't work.

As my body starts to go limp, I hear a voice. "So, this is where you've been hiding! Been a while, 'Nishida,' huh? Now, tell me where Kenjaku is, and then you can die. However, if you don't..."

He grabs my other arm.

*Rip* *Splat*

He smiles. "This will take a while."

My eyes widen in horror.

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