Jujutsu Kaisen: Becoming the strongest as Yuji Itadori

Woke up as Yuji Itadori

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Chapter 20

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Gathered at the entrance to the forest, the Tokyo group awaited the start of the tournament.

With all the strategy in place, each of them already knew what had to be done.

And while there were still a few minutes to go, they decided to talk to each other.


But while Itadori was talking to Megumi and Nobara, he turned around when he heard his name and saw Maki standing in front of him.

"I forgot to ask you when we were working out the plan." Raising her hand, Maki spread her fingers in a sign of wanting something. "Give me back my Tozama."

Itadori, listening to the girl's request, took a while to understand what she wanted, but soon his mind went back to the events at the boarding school, when the knife he was using broke trying to cut the special-grade curse.


And he quickly remembered that it must have belonged to Maki.

"It broke."

But at this point, there was no point in lying, so Itadori was quite direct in his words.

"..." But from Maki's inexpressive face, perhaps being so direct wasn't the best option. "Broken?"

Megumi and Nobara were quick to move away, which caused Itadori to look at them in disbelief.

While the situation looked like it was going to get a little intense, Itadori felt relieved when the megaphone sounded.

"Only one minute until the event starts! Stay with the voice of the lovely Utahime-Sensei as she encourages you!"

"U-Uh? It's... It's inevitable that some people will get hurt, so... Uh... Help yourselves an-"

"Time's up."

"What? Hey, Gojo!"

"And now the tournament...



With the start of the event declared, the group moved quickly, advancing into the forest together.

"Wait for the signal to split up into groups! We're counting on you, Yuji!" Maki spoke, Itadori nodding.


Megumi's black wolf followed in front of the group, stopping when a curse that resembled a spider descended in front of them through a web on a branch.

"A weak curse." Panda noticed, and Maki quickly drew his spear.

"Senpai! Wait!"

But before she could advance, Megumi called out to her as her wolf barked in distress.


And suddenly appearing as some trees were destroyed, Todo showed himself to them with a huge smile.

"Great! Everyone's here!

Come on! Come and face me all at once!"



But before he could go any further, his eyes widened as a shoe came up in front of his face, hitting him in a way that threw his head back and made him stagger.

"Break it up!"

All bewildered, the group quickly split up, leaving only Itadori to face the first-degree sorcerer.

"That was a great hit!"

Shaking his head, Todo blew his nose to expel the accumulated blood, a smile widening on his lips.

'I did good damage.' Itadori noticed, and getting into position, he prepared for a counterattack. 'As long as I don't get hit in any vital spots, I can hold him off for as long as it takes.'

"Now I'm going to strike back, first-timer!"

Itadori raised his defense as the sorcerer raised his fist, immediately preparing to receive the attack.

"Receive that!"


The spider curse, appearing in front of the fist at the last moment, exploded into pieces, Itadori's defense receiving the full brunt of the punch.

'What strength!'

His body pushed back, Itadori kept his feet firmly on the ground, a smile on his lips as he swung his arms to shake off the numbness caused by the impact.

'It's even stronger than the attacks of that special-grade curse.'

"You really resisted my punch? Wonderful! What's your name?" Todo was amazed that the first-year in front of him had been able to withstand one of his punches so easily. He could tell immediately that the boy was definitely someone who could amuse him.

"Itadori Yuji."

"Right! So, Itadori Yuji! I have a question for you!"

Todo, with all his strange mannerism, prepared to ask the question that would seal his opponent's fate.

"What's your ideal type of woman?"


'Ah, yes. I'd forgotten that he asks that kind of question.'

Itadori, suddenly receiving that question, stopped to think of an answer.

'Actually, I don't think I ever stopped to think about it.'

In his old life, Mark had met an incredible woman, who had been with him from high school through to adulthood.

His wife was an incredible woman in many ways.

Beautiful, but above all, mentally strong. Perhaps this was the trait that had attracted him to her the most.

Even in the worst moments of his life, there she was, firmly supporting him, as if she had unshakeable confidence in him.

'Shit, I'm getting a bit emotional. Focus!'

But in the end, he knew that this would not be an answer to everyone's liking. He needed to simplify as robustly as possible.

He needed to detail his wife's body in the crudest way possible.

"My kind of woman?" Itadori, staring at Todo intensely, simply stated. "A woman with an athletic body and big thighs, uh... Like Gina Carano."


Todo, hearing that answer full of sincerity, froze for a moment. Memories that had never happened had just invaded his mind.

Filled for a time with Itadori that had never happened.

"It seems that the two of us are...

Best friends!"

'Strange.' Itadori thought as he watched the tears run down the sorcerer's face.

But unable to think too much about the situation, Itadori went on alert when he felt the cursed energy of other sorcerers surge towards him, his eyes narrowing as he turned to the trees to see the Kyoto students in the branches.

'So they're still planning to kill me, are they?'

Running as numerous shots threatened to hit him, Itadori quickly noticed Miwa in front of him about to draw her sword.

"New Shadow Style: Simple-"

But before the girl could complete her attack, Itadori surprised her by appearing in front of her in an instant, grabbing her wrist and throwing her away, completely undoing her technique.

'He just... Ignored me?' Standing on the ground, the girl watched Itadori walk away with an impassive face.


But as Itadori continued to walk away, he turned his head when he noticed Mechamaru jump up beside him, his eyes narrowing as the puppet raised its palm to form what looked like some kind of energy beam.


But before he could complete the attack, Yuji's palm hit him squarely in the stomach, his body flying between the trees.


Kamo, about to shoot with his bow, was surprised when he found himself on the ground, his head turning to see Itadori on the branch where he had been seconds before.

"Hey, I told you, didn't I?"

Kamo, jumping up to dodge a punch from Todo, turned to the first-degree sorcerer.

"That I'd kill anyone who got in my way."

"No, You didn't."

"Whatever! Get out of here."

Kamo, seeing that Todo had no intention of turning back, just gave up. In the end, he knew he didn't stand a chance.

"You have to kill him."

But before he retreated, he didn't forget to say.

"That will depend entirely on him." With a smile, Todo stood in front of Itadori again. "Let's keep going, my friend!"