Journey Of Zoro In Another World

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The Sun, the Drum, and Rubber 4

The next day.

Zoro was sound asleep, leaning against a giant tree in the old schoolyard. Luffy was sparring and playing around near Zoro with Yuji.

"Is it really okay to hit?"

"Yeah, go for it."

"Here I come!"

Yuji clenched his fist, surrounded by a blue aura. His fist, wrapped in energy, struck Luffy who was standing still.

"Converging Strike!"

A second surge of energy shook Luffy's body with a loud bang. Yuji hesitated, feeling like he had hit a sturdy rubber doll. Luffy laughed with a hiss.

"It doesn't work!"

Thunk, Luffy countered Yuji's punch and swung his arm.

"My turn! Gum-Gum Gatling!"

Ratatatat. Yuji, terrified by the rain of punches, rolled frantically on the ground to dodge them. Megumi, observing the scene, muttered,

"He uses the properties of rubber to distribute the impact of the hits throughout his body."

As Megumi was assessing the ability, a question occurred to him.

"But with this method, wouldn't slicing or stabbing attacks cause damage as they land?"

"Yep. That's tough."

"You talk about it so casually..."

Nobara, standing nearby, rolled her eyes at Luffy's naive affirmation.

"Were there times you faced swordsmen as enemies? What did you do then?"

"I left it to Zoro!"

"And what do you do?"

"I blow away those who need to be blown away."

"And when you're not fighting?"

"Yep, I play!"

Luffy was both reliable and carefree. Nobara looked at him with mixed feelings.

Luffy turned his head to one side. Following his gaze, Nobara noticed Toji, who had silently approached, and sighed.

"Make some noise when you arrive, teacher."

"Sorry. I was born this way."

Toji gestured towards the back.

"Gojo is calling the first-year students in the classroom. Go check."

Having been fooled by Toji's pranks before, Megumi narrowed his eyes.


"Unfortunately, it's true. Go to the staff room."

Yuji waved cheerfully at Luffy.

"I think I need to go. Thanks for the training, Mr. Luffy!"

The three first-year students left the scene.

Toji looked at Zoro, who was fast asleep leaning against a large tree, and then shifted his gaze to Luffy. Luffy asked,

"Sir, did you come to see Zoro?"

"That too."

He also wanted to check on Luffy.

It was clear that there was a deep trust between them. However, what made Toji uneasy was probably because he had experienced and dealt evil from his very nature.

Luffy stretched his neck to examine Toji. Disliking the attention as if he were a spectacle, Toji frowned, prompting Luffy to sheepishly pull back.

"Sir, you're Zoro's dad, but you don't look much like him."

Toji chuckled. Dad, huh. That was a term he had never heard even when Zoro was a baby.

"So, is that strange?"

"No. I don't look much like my dad either."

Luffy wasn't very close to his biological father, Dragon. He had fought alongside Dragon's Revolutionary Army, but that was more for Sabo than for Dragon.

"It seems you're different from my dad."

Luffy was aware that Dragon was his 'dad,' but he rarely considered him 'precious.' After all, he had barely seen his face.

"What's different?"

"Zoro said you're his 'precious family.'"

I've never called my dad that. Luffy muttered.

He had no bad feelings, but no particularly good feelings either. Luffy's attitude towards Dragon was strictly neutral.

"Precious family…" Toji momentarily felt a surge of emotion but suppressed it.

"I'm not the kind of person who deserves to hear those words. I haven't done much for him."

Zoro had grown up mostly on his own. Toji hadn't really done much.

Toji's gaze returned to Zoro, who was sleeping peacefully. Luffy suddenly asked,

"Sir, are you worried about Zoro?"

Toji, realizing that Luffy was as adept with Observation Haki as Zoro, said,

"...Because he's suffered a lot because of me."

He just hoped that Zoro wouldn't have to go through such hardships this time.

Anyone would be better than that.

"Please take good care of my son."

I hope he can be happy. Because Luffy is a good and strong person, I finally want Zoro to be happy without any worries.

But Toji, knowing that happiness thought to be free of obstacles can also collapse in an instant, could only offer a warning instead of encouragement.

"If you ever betray my son's trust... I don't care who you are or what powers you have, I will come and kill you."

It didn't matter whether Luffy was a good or bad person. Whatever the reason, if Luffy ever abandoned Zoro, Toji would do whatever it took to retaliate.

Luffy listened to Toji's words without getting angry. With no change in expression, he nodded.



"Thank you, sir. For being there for Zoro while I was away."

Being alone is really unpleasant. It was fortunate that Zoro didn't have to be.



Sensing a powerful presence, Luffy and Toji quickly turned their heads towards the sky. Zoro also snapped open his eyes and got up from his spot. The blue sky was turning into a blaze, and a giant red curtain seemed to be forming.

Suddenly appearing via high-speed movement, Gojo joined them with a flick next to Zoro.

"What's that?"

"Not sure."

It was still unclear. But one thing was certain, something was definitely happening.

Luffy focused his Observation Haki on the red curtain. Faint voices penetrated through the thick barrier, caught by his Haki.


"—Jean! After coming all this way!"

"—I will ... it!"

"—Prepare the goods!"

Catching these presences, the corners of Luffy's mouth lifted almost to his ears. A clear excitement also appeared on Zoro's face.

Luffy and Zoro exchanged glances. No words were needed. Just that was enough to know what each was planning to do.

Luffy asked with a grin,


"Do as you like."

If he could fight alongside Luffy again, the name of the technique hardly mattered.

Zoro drew his three swords, and Luffy swung his arms round and round.


Powerful Armament Haki and Conqueror's Haki enveloped both their weapons and hands. A golden aura surrounded Luffy's body, while a green aura radiated around Zoro's.

Crack, pop!

The two simultaneously leaped into the air. As they reached the front of the red curtain,



Grip. Both their weapon and fist moved at the same time.



Their powerful combined attacks struck the red curtain. The rippling barrier shattered, and a red ship with a sun-like prow burst through the broken sky.

Toji, with his superior vision, saw the figures of the people falling from the ship in the sky. Two women, two men. And four unidentifiable things.

Robots, raccoons in pink hats, something big and blue... Could that be a skeleton? Toji couldn't quite process the sight of the skeleton laughing and crying with a "Yohohoho."


Regardless of Toji's astonishment, as Luffy and Zoro fell from the sky, they beamed with joy, taking in their precious crew.

"—Luffyyyyy! Zorooooo!"

From a distance, a young woman with long tangerine-colored hair cried out. A slightly older-looking woman with black hair smiled and crossed her hands over her chest.

"Mil Fleurs, Gigantesco Mano!"

Numerous hands bloomed like flowers from the ground, intertwining to form two giant hands.

Before the airborne ship landed on the school building, the giant hands gently caught the colorful red ship and carefully set it down in an empty lot. Then, like a lie, they disappeared leaving behind pink petals.

The people aboard the ship disembarked and rushed down in a swarm. A man with a long nose ran, tears and snot streaming down his face.

"Luffyyyyy! Zorooooo!"

"It's been a while, everyone!"

The skeleton waved its hands, running so fast its legs seemed to disappear.

"I'm so glad to see you, Mr. Luffy, Mr. Zoro! Yohohoho!"

A blond man laughed, cigarette in mouth.

"Always getting into trouble."

The raccoon transformed into a deer-like shape, then sprinted from the ship.

"Luffyyyy! Zoroooo! I've really missed youuuu!"

From the deer-like shape, the small raccoon with the hat leaped towards Luffy. Following him, the long-nosed man also jumped into their arms.

"I was so worried, missed you, sorry—"

"Calm down, Usopp."

"You think you could calm down, huh, Zoro?"

Usopp, tears and snot flowing, grabbed Zoro's collar and shook him violently.

Nami, tears in her eyes, wore a stern expression.

"Always making us worry. You all just racked up another 100,000 berries in debt!"

"Nami! How did you get here?"

"We found you with your Vivre Cards."

Sanji showed Luffy and Zoro's Vivre Cards.

When Luffy and Zoro were presumed dead, the crew had seen their Vivre Cards burn and disappear completely. After the disbandment, the crew each had their own Vivre Cards made to keep track of each other's safety, even if they couldn't contact one another.

Luffy had personally taken care of their bodies, and while Zoro didn't handle the bodies, he did confirm the two of his swords that survived, except for his Wado Ichimonji.

However, unbelievably, their Vivre Cards regenerated later. Zoro's first, then Luffy's.

Although Luffy's Vivre Card was worn and creased, it was different from before, it was clear that Luffy was alive.

The reappearance of Zoro's Vivre Card had already prompted the crew to search for Zoro's whereabouts from their respective locations. The resurgence of Luffy's Vivre Card gave them a definite reason to come together.

Finding the dimensional gateway where Luffy and Zoro were and pinpointing the time took some effort, but none of the crew members minded the trouble.

Sanji took a drag on his cigarette, removed it from his mouth, and exhaled the smoke before saying to Luffy,

"If you're alive, why should we stay put, Luffy?"

"Shishishi, thanks!"

Luffy extended his arms to embrace all his friends, bouncing around happily.

"I'm so happy."

Chopper, who had been giggling, suddenly snapped to attention.

"Ah! This isn't the time. Luffy, Zoro! Come to the medical room, right now!"


"I'm fine, Chopper."

"Stop talking nonsense, Zoro! You both, just once..."

Chopper's eyes welled up with tears, looking like they might burst any moment. The reindeer-like Chopper then hoisted Luffy up.

"Zoro, you come here too! I'm going to examine you."

Sanji moved next to Zoro, teasing him,

"Listen to Chopper, marimo. Before you dry out like a piece of seaweed."

"Eh? What did you say, curly eyebrows!"

"Think you can take me on, stupid swordsman? Should I go easy on you?"

"Bring it on!"

Zoro and Sanji began charging at each other to start a fight. Unlike the Straw Hat crew, who were used to such scenes, Gojo and Toji were mentally overwhelmed at that moment.

It was the moment when the Straw Hat Pirates, who had changed the world, came together once again.


Yuji: If Mr. Luffy's nickname was 'Pirate King,' what was Senior Zoro's nickname?

Nami: He had more than one or two. The most enduring nickname was probably 'Pirate Hunter,' used from before and after he became a pirate. In East Blue, where Zoro and I are from, he was also called 'the Beast.'

Brook: Yohohoho! After defeating that person, Zoro was often called 'the World's Strongest Swordsman' or 'Enma' (King of Hell).

Franky: Because he's super—right!

Sanji: Stupid marimo.

Zoro: You wanna die?!


Toji: What's this?

Robin: It's Zoro's bounty poster.

Toji: ... (He counts the endless zeros with his eyes.)

Toji: How much is this amount?

Robin: Well, I'm not sure about the currency system here, so it's hard to say.

Robin: But, apart from some organization heads, Zoro is the only one with a bounty over 4 billion berries in our entire world.

Toji: (I must look like a small-time criminal in comparison.)


Shoko: Reports of babies being born unusually large or small, or with horns on their heads, are coming from all over the world. Genetic tests show they're perfectly human, and they're related to their parents.

Zoro: We have such humans in our world too.

Geto: ...A newborn the size of a 3-year-old?

Jinbe: I don't know about this world, but in the world we lived in, such humans are quite common. There are also many non-human intelligent species. I myself am a fish-man, not human.

Gojo: Can fish-men breathe underwater? Swim as fast as fish?

Jinbe: Hahaha, exactly right!

Gojo: ...Really?

Geto: The world is turning upside down.

Gojo: It already was where Zoro and I were born.


Shoko: Thanks for cooperating. I was curious about the structure of a cyborg.

Franky: Aw! If you want to know more about my super features, just ask anytime!

Shoko: The remaining one is this person, Brook... I don't understand how he functions physiologically with nothing but bones. Maybe I should detach each bone for examination?

Brook: Could you please not talk about such scary things?! Despite how I may appear, I am older than you by at least 60 years! Unless you show me your panties, perhaps!

Shoko: Ah, I'd rather not.

Brook: That's too bad...


Chopper: I've researched necromancy with Ieiri... It seems that the person used as Luffy's host was specially modified to be suitable for necromancy. The ego was already dead. That's why Luffy's condition is relatively stable.

Chopper: If I have my medicine, he could last about 10 years in this necromanced state.

Chopper: ...What will you do, Luffy?


"I want to adventure again."

Luffy said brightly in front of his crew.

"Zoro's world seems interesting too."

While it wasn't a world as mysterious and unpredictable as their previous lives, there were adventures unique to this place.

"I'm not your captain anymore, so I'll say it once more."

Luffy shouted with a wide smile.

"Become my crew!"

The Straw Hat crew exchanged glances. Typical, thought Nami.


All the crew members responded in unison.


A week later, on a brightly sunny day.

The Straw Hat crew once again raised their anchor and set sail.

Not long after their departure, a 5-minute and 56-second video of the Straw Hat crew and sorcerers sent from the upper echelons using Devil Fruit powers and Haki in combat was live-streamed across various internet sites and social media platforms worldwide.

As internet communities and the media debated the authenticity of the video, news broke in South Korea about the discovery of a new fruit marked with a strange swirl pattern.

Soon after, reports of bizarre fruits with swirl patterns being found in several other countries were also broadcast.

It was the connection of two worlds that should never have met. The exposure of the sorcerer world, unknown to the sorcerers. Under entangled truths and laws, nothing could be assured anymore.

—In the future, this would be regarded as the beginning of the Great Age of Abilities, a change as impactful as the Industrial Revolution.

[Epilogue] 'The Sun, the Drum, and Rubber' Completed.


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