Journalling in the MCU: Characters Can Read My Diary?

Crossing into the Marvel world, Zhou Cheng gains the ability to become stronger by writing a diary. However, Zhou Cheng doesn't realize that the diary he writes is not only visible to him. The entire world gradually starts to become strange. Tony: I am not Iron Man, stop calling me that! Captain America: Bucky, go turn yourself in, while there's still time! Thor: Father, you never told me I had a sister? Translated from: https://www.69shuba.com/book/52096.htm Future chapters at: https://www.patreon.com/FFAddict

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Chapter 80

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What's going on?

This isn't right!

This peculiar discovery furrowed even Nick Fury's brows.

The surveillance monitors were all functioning normally, showing everything in the office, including himself, the courageous Nick Fury, with no issues whatsoever.

But why was the only thing that didn't show up on the monitors that diary?

Nick Fury even conducted a test by holding the diary in his hands and checked the surveillance again.

There was a realization.

The monitor showed his own image, with empty hands, holding nothing!

Yet, he was still in the same posture as if he was holding something.

This diary was problematic!

Seriously problematic!

It might even be a supernatural item!

As the Director of SHIELD and someone who had encountered many supernatural incidents, Nick Fury did not panic but immediately made such a judgment.

"Agent Coulson, come over here!"

After making this judgment, Nick Fury didn't waste any time.

He immediately made an internal call and summoned the trusty Agent Coulson.

"Director, what do you need?"

Agent Coulson arrived in front of Nick Fury with great speed, standing at attention like a spear, waiting for his boss's instructions.

"Take this..." *Cough cough!*

Nick Fury casually picked up the diary from his desk, intending to instruct Coulson to analyze the "diary."

But as he was about to say the word "diary," suddenly, he felt an inexplicable force gripping his throat!

He simply couldn't speak!

Nick Fury's one good eye widened in disbelief and confusion. What just happened?

Had he been hexed or was it some sort of bewitchment?

However, since it had just happened, and there was no clear cause and effect or connection, Nick Fury hadn't yet connected this to the diary.

"Director, are you all right?"

"What just happened?"

Agent Coulson, surprised and alert, felt something odd.

Why did this scene seem so familiar?

Hadn't Natasha had a similar incident in his office?

The earnest agent didn't know what was happening to his Director or if it was related to the Black Widow's previous incident.

But from what it looked like, it was very similar.

"It's unclear at the moment."

"Just now, I was about to say this book..." *Cough cough cough!*

Halfway through his words, Nick Fury was again in agony, clutching his throat as he struggled with a mysterious force that gripped him once more.

It wasn't until Nick Fury's attention shifted and he stopped trying to speak the words "this diary," that the force vanished.

Only then could Nick Fury could speak normally again.

At this moment, Nick Fury clearly recognized the pattern.

Both times he "fell ill" were when he was about to speak about the diary.


Nick Fury's gaze fell heavily upon the diary in his hands.

Was this thing causing the trouble?

"Sir, are you trying to inform me about a 'suspected 084,' but you're unable to speak it out?"

"Whenever you try to do so, are you stopped by an inexplicable force?"

Agent Coulson's deduction grew firmer.

The "symptoms" that Natasha and Nick Fury had experienced were strikingly similar.

"Have you been through the same thing?"

Nick Fury's brow lifted as he stared intently at Coulson and questioned.

"Yes, Director."

"About half a year ago, Natasha came to my office. She brought something with empty hands to report."

"But she couldn't articulate anything about that item, just like you a moment ago."

"Moreover, looking at the way you're holding your hands, do you also possess this 'suspected 084'? Yet, I see nothing."

Coulson recounted the past events truthfully as he faced Nick Fury's gaze.

Nick Fury's expression suddenly shifted.

Yes, that was exactly it!

What Coulson described about Black Widow's behavior was just like his own experience moments ago.

And then~

Nick Fury picked up the diary again, waving it in front of Coulson.

Could Coulson really not see this thing?

Coulson was right; this object truly qualified as item 084.

"So, I'm guessing Natasha must have analyzed that '084' before, right?"

Nick Fury immediately made such a reasonable guess.

"Yes, Director, she went to the tech division."

"But she still couldn't confirm the existence of that 'suspected 084'."

"However, now it seems that this 084 does exist, doesn't it?"

Coulson voiced his astonishment.

At the time when Black Widow approached Coulson, he was somewhat skeptical.

Without a shred of evidence, how could he believe?

However, now, Coulson believed it.

After all, his Director wouldn't play such an elaborate joke in league with Natasha, would he?

"Natasha went to the tech division, did she?"

Nick Fury knew what to do next.

Since Black Widow had already analyzed the diary at the tech division but remained unable to affirm its existence, there seemed no point in analyzing the diary himself.

After all, the equipment in the tech division was the same; Natasha came up empty-handed, and so would he.

Considering this...

Well then!

Nick Fury, after a brief moment of contemplation, made a decision.

Since it was unknown who sent this 084 to him, he decided to find out what purpose the sender had in mind.

"Agent Coulson, today's matters stay inside this office, no leaks, understood?"

"Also, have Natasha come over as soon as possible."

Once he made up his mind, Nick Fury issued these orders to Coulson.

"Understood, Director."

Coulson acknowledged and went to carry out his orders.

Once Coulson left the office, Nick Fury couldn't resist his curiosity any longer and began to open the black leather diary.

He was eager to see what kind of supernatural secrets were written within.

  [Zhou Cheng's Diary]

The title page hit Nick Fury's eyes, and he was instantly taken aback.

Zhou Cheng?

Isn't that the same name as Satan?

No sooner had he just returned from an encounter with Satan than a diary bearing Satan's name appeared in his office? So, after all this time, the supernatural diary turned out to be a gift from Satan himself?

Nick Fury had an epiphany.

According to the intelligence held by SHIELD, that Satan clearly possessed some kind of extraordinary power.

Even the wings on his back were very likely not some high-tech product but rather another extraordinary item.

In other words, this Satan wielded supernatural powers.

Therefore, it wasn't strange for him to "give" me a supernatural diary.

Considering the timing of my departure from him, Fury's gaze began to deepen with significance.

Satan, what exactly are you up to?

Flashing a grim smile, Fury hesitated no longer.

He began to continue flipping through the diary, perusing its specific contents.

But as he read, the smile on his face started to stiffen slightly.

What the hell?

Fury thought that if Satan had gone through the trouble of "giving" him this supernatural diary, it must have some significant meaning.

But, what on earth was all this written here?

A traveler from another parallel universe?

Having knowledge of the course and future of this world?

He even made numerous predictions speaking as someone who had been through it all.

So, what exactly did Satan want to imply or hint at me through this?

Fury couldn't quite grasp Satan's true intent.

But he wasn't impatient.

He started patiently and calmly flipping through for more content.

Soon, Fury had a grasp of the main points in the diary.

The content was mainly divided into two parts: the traveler's predictions and unrelated daily life events.

Fury filtered out the daily contents, focusing instead on the predictions about the future.

Initially, Fury didn't take these seriously as he found them to have no value and even thought of them as deceptive.

He came across predictions of an era of superheroes, a period of chaos, and other unverifiable events, as well as incidents like Stark's abduction, which had already taken place.

Even though the diary specifically noted dates before Stark's abduction, would Fury believe it?

Aren't dates something you can fabricate at will?

It lacked credibility.

"Wait a second!"

However, when Fury saw the conveyed feelings and thoughts about establishing the Avengers recorded in the diary, he was stunned.

If other recorded events could be fabricated, this one could not.

Because Fury was the only person who knew about it!

He did indeed plan to form the "Protector" after Captain Marvel left.

He did indeed change the name after seeing the "Avengers" on the side of her plane.

The diary got every detail right without a miss!

But how could Satan possibly know this?

No one should know, as Fury hadn't mentioned it to anyone.

Could it be that the author really is a traveler from another universe, as claimed?

That seemed a bit too far-fetched.

As someone inherently suspicious, not completely trusting even those closest to him, Fury wouldn't easily accept this explanation.

He felt he needed further proof before trusting the content in the diary.

Once Black Widow arrived, he planned to gather more information from her and then decide.

As these thoughts flickered through his mind, Fury subconsciously kept flipping through the pages until he reached the last page.

Fury took notice; it had recorded something that just happened.

[Who would have thought that I'd be sought out by SHIELD Director Nick Fury today.]

[And even more surprisingly, that Harden Egg actually wants me to join his Avengers.]

[I nearly burst out laughing on the spot.]

[Join the Avengers? Am I too full and idle, or is enjoying the life of a billionaire everyday not sweet enough?]

Harden Egg.

Fury's mouth twitched involuntarily, and his whole face contorted with effort.

Being the head of the world's largest spy agency, Fury knew that Harden Egg was food made from eggs originating from China.

That made his expression even darker.

Even if you don't want to join the Avengers, isn't that a bit too insulting?

So, was this Satan's purpose?

To show his determination in refusing to join the Avengers in this way?

But soon.

Fury shook his head.

He didn't believe Satan went through all this trouble for such a reason; a sane person would never do such a thing.

Disparaging the Avengers and looking down on them could very well be superficial.

Like the rest of the diary's content, it may be attempting to explain something deep-seated.

But what exactly that was, Fury couldn't yet see and would have to analyze slowly.

"Harden Egg, pfft!"

Tony Stark in his mansion barely contained his laughter.

Zhou Cheng's analogy was vividly apt, akin to a stroke of genius.

Didn't Fury's head look just like those spiced eggs from China at a glance?

The resemblance was uncannily striking!

So, aside from seeking him out, Fury also approached Zhou Cheng?

But, to be fair.

Zhou Cheng's habit of mocking Stark was irksome to Iron Man, but his current stance was right up Tony Stark's alley.

That's right, isn't it sweet to be a billionaire?

Who would be so troubled to join something like the Avengers?

[Although I declined on the spot, I must have made it onto SHIELD's surveillance list, right?]

[I can understand, inevitable, but I must say it's really annoying!]

[Well, let them monitor. Endure and it will pass. After all, SHIELD won't last for many more years.]

[Once Black Widow and Nick Fury team up to take down SHIELD, it'll be over and done with.]

SHIELD going under?

What a joke!

Fury almost laughed out loud in disbelief.

That was just too absurd.