Journalling in the MCU: Characters Can Read My Diary?

Crossing into the Marvel world, Zhou Cheng gains the ability to become stronger by writing a diary. However, Zhou Cheng doesn't realize that the diary he writes is not only visible to him. The entire world gradually starts to become strange. Tony: I am not Iron Man, stop calling me that! Captain America: Bucky, go turn yourself in, while there's still time! Thor: Father, you never told me I had a sister? Translated from: https://www.69shuba.com/book/52096.htm Future chapters at: https://www.patreon.com/FFAddict

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Chapter 104

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"This is a SHIELD base, a restricted area. Unauthorized personnel, please leave immediately!"

One of the Hydra agents quickly approached Tony Stark, shouting fiercely at Iron Man.

"Get out of the way!"

"Or I'll make you get out of the way!"

Tony Stark, having already learned through intelligence that these were Hydra agents, naturally showed no courtesy.


"This is your last warning!"

Seeing this, the expressions on the Hydra agents' faces slightly changed.

Then, they all raised their semiautomatic rifles, aiming at Iron Man.

But it was easy to imagine how effective that would be against Tony Stark.

They were completely useless!

Bang Bang Bang!

Tony Stark couldn't be bothered to waste words with these minions.

With one punch each, he effortlessly sent them flying.

Then, he confidently walked towards the entrance of the base.

Beep beep beep!

A harsh alarm immediately echoed throughout the entire base.

A squad of heavily armed Hydra agents quickly rushed out, all wielding semiautomatic rifles, swiftly blocking Tony Stark's path.

And they mercilessly opened fire on Tony Stark.


The dense gunfire immediately rippled away, disturbing the quiet of the woods.

Ding Ding!

At the same moment, the sound of metal hitting metal resonated, with sparks flying off Tony Stark's armor.

Who knows how many bullets had hit it.

But unfortunately, was the Destroyer armor something that ordinary bullets could penetrate?

The wave of crazy gunfire from those Hydra agents was merely adding some dazzling effects and background music to Tony Stark's invasion.

Sss... Bang!

Bang Bang Bang!

Iron Man, poised and composed, walked forward amidst the gunfire.

Either with his fists or with his palm repulsors, without exception, he knocked down every Hydra agent blocking his way.

In just a few minutes.

Aside from Tony Stark, there was no one else standing at the scene.

All the Hydra agents blocking Iron Man were sprawled on the ground in a complete mess.

Without even glancing at those Hydra agents lying around like dead dogs, Tony Stark, without any further obstacles, confidently walked to the entrance of the base.


Raising his arm, he shot out a beam of laser, cutting through the thick steel gates of the base.



At the base's command center.

Seeing everything on the monitor, the Hydra commander couldn't help but curse under his breath.

The Destroyer is here!

Why would the Destroyer suddenly come knocking?

The Hydra commander was genuinely stunned.

But obviously, now was not the time to be concerned about these questions. He was all too aware of what level of a god the Destroyer was, and this base had no chance of stopping him.

The Hydra agents lying outside were the best example.

Even if there were some defensive forces left in the base, they would be utterly useless before the Destroyer, not worth a single blow.

The only hope, perhaps, was the Winter Soldier.

Even with the Winter Soldier, the Hydra commander didn't harbor much hope.

"All armed personnel, immediately head to gate A3 for assembly."

"When the Destroyer breaches the door, I want you all to stall him with all your might."

"You there, go awaken the Winter Soldier, quickly!"

"The rest of you, immediately destroy all data and documents, now!"

After issuing a series of orders, the Hydra commander finally picked up a specialized phone.

He dialed a highly confidential line.

"Sir, we've encountered a problem."

"The Destroyer has invaded, and I've already instructed for the Winter Soldier to be awakened."

"But I'm not confident we can stop the Destroyer."

"No good, he's already broken in!"

The Hydra commander's expression changed slightly.

He could clearly see on the monitor, Iron Man had already cut a circular hole in the base's gate.

The intruder was about to break in!


The Hydra commander guessed right.

After the cutting was completed, Tony Stark, wearing his armor, didn't hesitate and fiercely punched right through it.

Hitting the center of the circular cut.

With a loud noise, the cut-out piece of metal was instantly smashed away.

A large hole was revealed right in front of Tony Stark.

Iron Man, without any hesitation, ducked and moved inside.



Just as he entered, before he could even stabilize, another wave of gunfire washed over him.

A group of heavily armed Hydra agents was already gathered in the long corridor.

Tony Stark merely glanced at those troublesome guys, without any unnecessary words, boldly continued on his way.

Bang Bang Bang!

After a dazzling series of maneuvers.

All the Hydra agents were down on the ground, no one able to stand back up again.

Iron Man proceeded along the corridor with boldness.



Just as he exited the corridor, a figure suddenly sprang out, wielding a thick iron rod grabbed from somewhere.

He viciously slammed it onto Tony Stark's armor.

Iron Man, caught off-guard, was actually knocked back by the force of the strike.

It must be admitted, the force behind that rod was surprisingly enormous.

And it was no surprise who possessed such amazing strength.


After getting up from the ground.

A man with long hair reaching his shoulders and a metal arm, came into Iron Man's view.

It was indeed Tony Stark's target, the Winter Soldier!

After knocking Tony Stark down with the rod, the Winter Soldier aimed a grenade launcher at Tony Stark and pulled the trigger.

A grenade was shot directly at Iron Man.

However, under the control of Jarvis, the artificial intelligence, dodging a grenade shot was still very easy for Tony Stark.

He calmly sidestepped, and the grenade brushed past Iron Man.

Exploding against a wall nearby.


In the intense explosion.

The wall was immediately blasted open, debris fell scattering, and dust rose in clouds.

But whether it was the debris or the dust, it was nothing to Tony Stark.

He stood proudly amidst the chaos, raising his hand towards the Winter Soldier.

Sss... Bang!

A repulsor beam was directly fired at the Winter Soldier.

But the Winter Soldier, agile like a leopard, immediately dodged to the side at the moment Tony Stark raised his hand, darting aside.

Neatly avoiding Tony Stark's attack.Tony Stark immediately flew up in his Iron Man armor, swiftly moving in front of the Winter Soldier. 

With a fierce punch, he swung at Winter Soldier. 

However, Winter Soldier quickly raised his metal arm, striking back with force. 


With the crisp sound of metal, Tony Stark's Iron Arm was abruptly halted in mid-air. 

This was because Winter Soldier's metal left hand had already grabbed Tony Stark's Iron Arm. 



With a forceful grip, Winter Soldier actually deformed Tony Stark's Iron Arm! 

The diary wasn't lying after all; Winter Soldier could, indeed, deform his armor by hand! 

Tony Stark widened his eyes slightly. This Winter Soldier was truly not to be underestimated; he was indeed strong. 

No wonder he could fight so many Avengers alone inside the anti-terrorism building. 

But this didn't change anything for Iron Man. 

His decision to kill Winter Soldier was unwavering. 

"You killed my parents!" 

"I want you to pay the price!" 

Tony Stark stared intently at the face before him, uttering these cold, menacing words. 

"I have no idea who you're talking about." 

Winter Soldier responded coldly, like a machine, without any emotional fluctuations. 

This made Tony Stark even more enraged. 

This guy really deserved to die! 

With no hesitation, Iron Man raised his other arm, from which a micro-missile emerged. 

It was aimed directly at Winter Soldier's face. 

But the moment before Tony Stark fired, Winter Soldier's other hand moved like lightning, forcefully grabbing Iron Man's wrist. 

With a pull and a tug. 


Indeed, the missile was fired, but its direction was severely altered. 

It missed Winter Soldier entirely and hit a wall to the side. 


A violent explosion ensued, causing the surrounding base to start collapsing. 

Huge rocks tumbled down, accompanied by earthquake-like tremors and powerful shockwaves. 

Tony Stark immediately flew out in his armor. 

Winter Soldier also pushed his speed to the extreme, swiftly dodging through the collapsing debris. 

Although it was a close call, he emerged unscathed. 

After all, being a super-soldier on par with Captain America, how could he not handle such a "small scene"? 

But no sooner had Winter Soldier emerged than he sensed something blur before his eyes. 

That cool metal hunk had flown over again! 

Winter Soldier's gaze hardened, and he charged, engaging in close combat with Tony Stark. 

Clang! Bang! Bang! 

In the midst of the shadows flashing, Tony Stark and Winter Soldier entered a fierce battle. 

For some reason, despite his armor being equipped with many weapons, Tony Stark seemed to prefer hand-to-hand combat. 

Fortunately, the Iron Man armor was indeed ahead of its time. Even hand-to-hand combat was not something an ordinary person could withstand. 

Even Winter Soldier. 

Winter Soldier, despite initially matching Tony Stark with his physical prowess and armor, soon began to fall behind. 

Tony Stark completely overpowered him, leaving him gasping for breath. 

"Sir, you need to speed it up." 

"A rapid response team is on its way." 

Amidst the heated battle, Tony Stark suddenly received a reminder from Jarvis. 

Iron Man's heart stirred, and he began to intensify his attacks on Winter Soldier. 


In the midst of the fight, Winter Soldier once again grabbed Tony Stark's Iron Arm. 

However, this time Tony Stark didn't attempt to break free. Instead, he extended his other hand and grabbed Winter Soldier's neck. 

Winter Soldier clenched his teeth and grabbed Iron Man's "throat lock" with his remaining hand. 

He exerted force, trying to pry it open. 


But while the two were at a deadlock, several gun barrels suddenly emerged from Iron Man's shoulder armor. 

"Not good!" 

Winter Soldier immediately noticed this and his expression drastically changed. 


But now, being face-to-face and restrained by Tony Stark, he couldn't make any effective counter. 

A bullet flew out, straight into Winter Soldier's forehead. 

Winter Soldier's body shook violently, his eyes widening. 


His body started to lose strength and slumped down. 

With Tony Stark letting go. 

Winter Soldier fell to the ground like a heap of mud, motionless. 

"Father, Mother, I have avenged you!" 

Standing on the spot, looking down at Winter Soldier's body lying in front of him. 

The heavy burden that had always weighed on Iron Man's heart was finally lifted. 

He felt much lighter. 

Lifting his head, the face under Tony Stark's helmet regained its cold composure. 

He scanned the surroundings, took a brisk pace, and walked through the rubble and corridors, effortlessly taking down some other HYDRA agents along the way. 


Iron Man's silhouette appeared in the control center where the HYDRA commander was located. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

As soon as he showed up, the commander immediately picked up a weapon and fired at Tony Stark. 

But it merely grazed Iron Man. 


Calmly lifting his hand, Iron Man blasted the commander away with a repulsor shot. 

As it turns out, not everyone in HYDRA was a coward like Baron Strucker. 

There were tough characters willing to die for HYDRA. 

But at this moment, facing someone like Tony Stark, they hardly made any difference. 

After dealing with the immediate troubles, Tony Stark began accessing the base's system. 

Attempting to retrieve all the data within the base. 

Unfortunately, he soon found out that everything had been destroyed by HYDRA. 

Not just the data in the system but also other physical media were left without a trace.