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Pre-Awakened Gojo Satoru Transported Into The Six-Faced World. Or... Gojo Satoru In Mushoku Tensei. Enough said. Don't worry, he's still OP without being Awakened, as he is nevertheless Gojo Satoru. I'll do my best to do him Justice and perhaps expand upon him as he is Teen Gojo in a new world or in better terms: "Not a fully developed Character" just yet. For the sake of not making any false expectations here's a rundown of how this fic goes: This is a Slow Cook Story. A Slice of lifeish fic with a functional Plot. This is basically Teen Gojo's vacation/adventure through the wide and expansive world of Mushoku Tensei. With original plotlines, OC's appear often in addition to the Extremely Important Canon Characters who are important to the overall plot and events that cascade and will eventually intertwine. To give a rough outline of the percentage between Slice Of Life and Intense even Dark plot/action/serious moments would be... On average 70% for Slice of Life and 30% for the latter. This of course would change as we get deeper into important events and plotlines where the percentage could skewer in favor of Intense Plot stuff. Like 100% of only that. In summary - Slice of Life is a major part and covers the gaps between the more intense and plot-relevant stuff. Hope this clarifies your worries! Do take note, I wrote this fic to relax from my more serious main fic. So do take it with a grain of salt and try to enjoy this if you can :P This is a Fanfiction, As such, I own nothing. Not the cover. I don't own Jobless Reincarnation/Mushoku Tensei nor do I own Jujutsu Kaisen. The credit goes to the respective creators and kudos to them for creating such fantastical works. If you haven't. Go read the originals and support the creators. They're better than this I promise! Cover supplied by the kind Wudi_Tianxia! Updates are under no schedule, they are limited only by my motivation to write. However due to the nature of this fic being short chapters: 1k-3k Words Per chapter or more if I'm feeling fancy, chapters should be coming out rather quickly.

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Understandably, Gojo Satoru Causes A Scene At First Entry

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction based on multiple existing anime/manga series. The characters and settings used in this story belong to their respective owners and creators, and no copyright infringement is intended. This story is purely for entertainment purposes and is not intended to infringe upon any existing intellectual property. I do not own any of the original works that inspired this fanfiction, and I fully support the original creators and their works.

-Story Start-

-Third Person POV-

It need not be emphasized the scale of infamy Eris Greyrat - Formerly Boreas Greyrat has, and the underutilized influence she holds in the Holy Land Of Swords.

A brat, of only 15 Years of Age appeared seemingly out of nowhere at the Sword God Style Dojo with her own Teacher - Black Wolf Sword King Ghysaline Dedoldia, a former student of the Sword God Gal Farion, and a ferocious Sword King.

But the sudden appearance is not the noteworthy part of this story - it's the fact she brazenly entered, beating up all the younger students below the rank of Sword King without even being capable of using the Longsword Of Light and demanding training from the Sword God Gal Farion.

Predictably the Sword God refused, right?

Wrong! He agreed to train her with a wicked grin on his face - At her insane goal of trying to cut down the Dragon God Orsted.

As a result - Eris Greyrat is very famous, at least locally.

Reasonably, At Satoru's very loud exclamation and protest of not being provided a... "Goodbye Kiss" from Eris, murmurs came from the nearby townspeople and Sword God practitioners who heard said outcry.

"Is that half-naked man Eris's lover?" One asked

"Yes... She's tried to ravage me many times~!" Satoru replied with fake tears, wrapping his body with his arms protectively... Whilst being dragged around by Alistair by the shirt.

"Pfft, that's fitting for the Mad Dog's partner!" Another onlooker stated.

Satoru replied to that one with a flirtatious smirk as he grabbed his chin with his hand.

"Shut up idiot! Or she'll hear you!" A female onlooker whispered

Completely fallacious statements of this manner went around for but a minute, with Satoru responding to every. single. one. with something only an idiot like him could come up with, and unexpectedly...

Eris continued her march toward her goal of handing in those Snow Dragon scales and completing the accursed mission.

She knew very well at this point that attempting to retaliate and maul Satoru would prove ineffective, so she marched on... Only to shout out her denial of the fallacious and preposterous claims being made here, "HE'S NOT MY LOVER! DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!" Her face twisted into a snarl as she roared her statement with such certainty that it silenced all the gossiping onlookers.

No one dared presume of Satoru's romantic relations with Eris any further.

At least, not outwardly.

Thus, Eris managed to briskly walk away from the embarrassing scene and with her departure was also the departure of the onlooker's interest.

People resumed their daily routines, though they couldn't help but steal curious glances or raise an eyebrow at Eris's alleged "not-not lover."

Said lover being the half-naked, white-haired, and shades-wearing baboon who's being dragged across the snowy ground of the street by an exasperated Alistair.

This "lover" was none other than Gojo Satoru.

As Satoru was hauled across the snowy street, a thought crossed his mind, 'What kind of proper town, with so much snow, neglects to clear its main street?'

A sigh broke out from the man who had just let go of the boy's mediocre shirt causing the boy to dramatically fall onto the snowy ground - only for the boy to... Roll with finesse and landing into a crouching position, a smug grin on his face.

Alistair narrowed his eyes as he complained with a shake of his head, "We've just entered town and you're already causing me a headache... Where's Relna?" Alistair added in confusion as he looked around to find the missing Relna, who, smartly, escaped this rather uncomfortable fiasco at its first hint.

Alistair wasn't sure whether he should be impressed by Relna, or hurt by the lack of a proper goodbye.

But he isn't one to get hurt by something so trivial.

Most of the time.


Evidently, the departure of Eris and Relna left Satoru completely unfazed... Maybe even happy?

Because if he was negatively affected by their separation he wouldn't look so... Pleased?

Satoru, with a grin filled with childlike glee and wonder plastered on his face patted himself off from all the snow as he stood up and... Ignored Alistair's woes in favor of his excitement at the arrival in what seemed to be a literal Medieval Swordsman Town.

Without hesitation, he removed his shades, and his supernaturally beautiful blue eyes met yet another equally supernatural and beautiful sight.

Men, women, and children of vastly differing races, the majority being humans, strolled along the streets of the town. They chatted, laughed, whispered, and even stared.

Dressed in warm fur coats, they braved the harsh, freezing weather characteristic of this region, and many of them carried swords on their hips.

The architecture of the houses was a picturesque embodiment of the medieval era. Smoke billowed from the chimneys of nearly every building in the town.

All these sights, as seen through Satoru's eyes, converged to create a scene best described as "A Beautiful And Exotic Town."

Such a description was quite fitting for a boy who had spent a significant portion of his life in the urban jungle of Tokyo and the Gojo Compound.

Upon noticing Satoru's innocent and childlike wonder, Alistair couldn't help but smile warmly at him.

Only to shake his head and gently tap Satoru's shoulder to grab his attention, "Hmm~?" Satoru hummed in curiosity, his Six Eyes in full display as he met Alistair's own violet eyes.

"Let's get going - I'll buy you some clothes, can't have you walking around like... That" Alistair stated with distaste, gesturing at Satoru's current look.

Weird undergarments, An amateurishly tailored Luster Grizzly coat, and those shades he just put back to hide his eyes from the world.

Satoru once again, struck a pose, his self-assuredness when it comes to his looks shining through, "You lack taste~" Satoru stated with that smirk of his.

"...No matter whether you look good in that or not, this is not culturally accepted here and you'll be embarrassing both me and yourself... Especially yourself, maybe even get yourself into danger." Alistair responded seriously with a deadpan.

'Though danger shouldn't be a concern of his... With his chantless magic and absurd barrier' Alistair added as an afterthought in his head.

'I wonder, is he really just this nice?' Satoru wondered to himself at Alistair's odd levels of consideration

At that, Satoru got out of his pose and with a slight tone shift, asked with genuine curiosity and a blend of nonchalance, "Why help me?"

Satoru's innocent and curious question threw Alistair into a retrospective condition, his response would have normally come out in an instant - "It is the right and good thing to do".

However, now, he's noticed this to be an inaccurate response.

Alistair has long resolved, perhaps from the moment he met Satoru, to assist the Primitive Satoru - For that is the good and sensible thing to do, that is... Noblesse oblige.

Or that was the reason initially, but in reality - he has come to like the smug, mysterious, and eccentric Kid.

The reason for that is much simpler - It is not wrong to help a friend. Quite the contrary, it is the correct and pleasant to help a friend.

Alistair's noblesse oblige no longer fuels his intentions to help Satoru - His alleged friendship is now the firm and possibly stronger replacement.

Alistair responded with a warm smile, his tone expressing certainty, "It's not wrong to help a friend! Gojo."

Satoru's eyes widened imperceptibly behind his shades, his surprise unnoticed by anyone but him.

'Friend huh?' Satoru thought to himself nostalgically, his mind flashing with images of him and Suguru back in his own world.

Satoru only knew Suguru for around half a year, but nevertheless, the man etched himself and made an impact on Satoru's psyche.

Suguru was Satoru's only equal, the second "Strongest".

The only one who understood him.

His one and only... Best Friend.

Satoru won't lie to himself, he missed him - Just a wee bit, even if he was gone for only 2 weeks.

But suddenly, Suguru's Image in Satoru's mind eye was replaced by Alistair as he broke Satoru out of his stupor, "Gojo? Let's go, I'd like it if we hurry up and not find a merchant who's all crowded if we arrive at a later hour."

Satoru chuckled, a goofy smirk on his face "We'll just skip the line then~!"

At that, Alistair chuckled and began to walk toward the commerce area of the town, in hopes Satoru would follow him.

'Knowing him, it can go either way...' Alistair thought pessimistically at Satoru's unpredictable behavior

To his surprise though, when he looked back after walking for a minute to see if it tickled Satoru's fancy to follow him, Satoru did follow him.

Before he could express his genuine surprise and pleasure at the jester following him faithfully without any antics, Satoru smiled wholeheartedly at Alistair, "Alistair, Thanks~!" Giving Alistair a thumbs-up in approval and gratitude.

Surprising Alistair at his genuineness, but not as much as the first instance - but nevertheless a surprising gesture.

Satoru shook his head, 'He could never replace Suguru' He assured himself.

Alistair is not, can not, and will not be his equal.

As such, Alistair will never be Satoru's best friend - He who understands him.

But... 'That doesn't mean he can't be a great ally and friend.' Satoru nodded to himself.

After all, for Satoru, a friend is just someone you can mess with and they'll keep coming back for more!

...An odd perhaps even unhinged description, but if it works it works.


Thus, Alistair went towards the commerce area of the town in hopes of buying Satoru some clothes, as the excited boy was walking alongside him, gazing and observing the sights like a wonderstruck child...

Although he wasn't just the observing party, he was also the observed.

Along the way as they passed a corner towards a less populated street, Satoru was stopped and approached by a curious and gruff guy.

"Hey, dude! Why are you half-naked?" He asked with a smirk of amusement, observing Satoru as if he were a clown.

Satoru's eyes narrowed slightly as he noticed from the man's tone and expression that he was making fun of him.

Yet Satoru remained unaffected as he replied cheerfully, "It's because I'm very handsome~!" He smirked at the man, messing with him.

But the man seemed to roll with it, "Oh? So I should also be going around half-naked?"

Alistair meanwhile was merely observing this situation in curiosity

'This should be interesting, someone trying to make fun of Gojo... If it escalates into anything violent I'll end it gently.' The diplomatic side of Alistair seems to be clashing with his more fun and curious side.

Well, Alistair's diplomatic side rarely fits the puzzle here.

At that, Satoru's face transitioned from a smirk to a pitying expression as he turned to look at Alistair, "Oh, no... He thinks he's handsome, Alistair. How do we tell him?" Satoru asked aloud, pointing at the dude whose face was turning red at Satoru's very clear insinuation.

Predictably, the man was about to swing his fist at Satoru, his punch thrown much like that of a drunk man.

Satoru's saddened smirk quickly transitioned to a bloodthirsty one... That won't be quenched of its bloodthirst as Alistair knocked out the dude with a single punch.

Satoru frowned as he looked questioningly at Alistair who stood there unperturbed in the slightest, "It's how you get things done around here unfortunately... Most of the residents are muscleheaded and dimwitted." Alistair responded with a shrug

Satoru processed this information and looked around the less populated street and noticed a few people - Who continued with their day-to-day as if a man hadn't been knocked unconscious just a moment ago.

At that Satoru let out a little chuckle and shook his head, "And I'm the eccentric one." He couldn't help but mutter.

Alistair snorted as he responded, "You certainly are. Let's go." He gestured for Satoru to follow him in the purpose of finding proper garments for the half-naked man.

To Be Continued!

-Author Note Start-

Hey guys! How are you doing?

Sorry for starving you, hope this was satisfying enough for you and up to par on quality etc... I'll try to write the next chapter tomorrow as the Main Fic's next chapter is 70% done so I'll hopefully be posting both chapters in 1-2 days.

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This was more bonding shiet and stuff...

What to expect next? It'll probably mostly be world-building of the town and Gojo learning about it and forming conclusions on his objectives and goals.

Does Gojo leave immediately? Does he stay to learn as much as possible? Does he rush to Ranoa?

Questions He will be asking! And the Questions he'll be answering!

Opinions on the OC's for now? Like Alistair and Relna. Especially Alistair would be nice! I'm not sure how I stand with crafting OC's but I hope they come out genuine and at least decent :P

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