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Pre-Awakened Gojo Satoru Transported Into The Six-Faced World. Or... Gojo Satoru In Mushoku Tensei. Enough said. Don't worry, he's still OP without being Awakened, as he is nevertheless Gojo Satoru. I'll do my best to do him Justice and perhaps expand upon him as he is Teen Gojo in a new world or in better terms: "Not a fully developed Character" just yet. For the sake of not making any false expectations here's a rundown of how this fic goes: This is a Slow Cook Story. A Slice of lifeish fic with a functional Plot. This is basically Teen Gojo's vacation/adventure through the wide and expansive world of Mushoku Tensei. With original plotlines, OC's appear often in addition to the Extremely Important Canon Characters who are important to the overall plot and events that cascade and will eventually intertwine. To give a rough outline of the percentage between Slice Of Life and Intense even Dark plot/action/serious moments would be... On average 70% for Slice of Life and 30% for the latter. This of course would change as we get deeper into important events and plotlines where the percentage could skewer in favor of Intense Plot stuff. Like 100% of only that. In summary - Slice of Life is a major part and covers the gaps between the more intense and plot-relevant stuff. Hope this clarifies your worries! Do take note, I wrote this fic to relax from my more serious main fic. So do take it with a grain of salt and try to enjoy this if you can :P This is a Fanfiction, As such, I own nothing. Not the cover. I don't own Jobless Reincarnation/Mushoku Tensei nor do I own Jujutsu Kaisen. The credit goes to the respective creators and kudos to them for creating such fantastical works. If you haven't. Go read the originals and support the creators. They're better than this I promise! Cover supplied by the kind Wudi_Tianxia! Updates are under no schedule, they are limited only by my motivation to write. However due to the nature of this fic being short chapters: 1k-3k Words Per chapter or more if I'm feeling fancy, chapters should be coming out rather quickly.

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Even So, Rudeus Greyrat Keeps Moving Forward

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction based on multiple existing anime/manga series. The characters and settings used in this story belong to their respective owners and creators, and no copyright infringement is intended. This story is purely for entertainment purposes and is not intended to infringe upon any existing intellectual property. I do not own any of the original works that inspired this fanfiction, and I fully support the original creators and their works.

-Story Start-

Rudeus blinked, as the unexpected yet simplistic advice uttered by Hitogami stupefied him completely.

Processing it, Rudeus glared at Hitogami, his rage bubbling, raising a fist at Hitogami he began, "Y-You... DID YOU NOT SEE WHAT HE DI-"

"Was he wrong?" Hitogami cut him off, with a sing-song tone, yet it was cold underneath.

A tonality, that Rudeus had never heard from the casual and sadistic Hitogami.

Hitogami's words hit Rudeus in his core, causing him to freeze up and hesitate.

Satoru's words and actions replayed like a brutal reminder in his mind.

Rudeus mumbled, "Eris..."

Hitogami continued, shaking his head sadly as he sighed, "Ah... I know your last life wasn't all that kind to you. But you don't have to take everything personally."

Lowering himself to Rudeus's eye level, Hitogami gave a bone-chilling smile as he pointed at Rudeus's head, "You're a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them."

He rose up, backpedaling, giving an amused smile at Rudeus, "Usually. Pfft."

Questioning, Rudeus hesitated, "I've... Given up on Eris, I have Sylphy now. I can't... I can't go back to her like that."

Hitogami shook his finger in front of the chubby Rudeus, "No, no, no! That's an excuse Rudeus~! You're avoiding the issue~!"

Biting his lip, Rudeus was torn.

Hitogami's piercing gaze seemed to see right through him, exposing his deepest fears and regrets.

At Hitogam's prompting, Rudeus's mind raced, replaying Satoru's brutal words and actions once more.

Anger and confusion warred within him, the memory of Eris a sharp reminder of past wounds.

Rudeus's emotions surged, his mind a chaotic storm of regret, anger, and a yearning for understanding.

Nevertheless, the answer was found, deep within, one he was reluctant to enact.

All for the sake of avoiding the pain, of avoiding the hard path.

To Hide From Reality. To Distract Oneself From It.

But... Wasn't that the very mistaken choice that had doomed his previous pathetic life?

Peering into Rudeus's mind, Hitogami understood that Rudeus had now reached the answer.

The one Gojo Satoru had tried to forcefully shove into the man's mind.

Shaking his head, Hitogami sighed in frustration, 'That blue-eyed bastard. Leaving me to deal with his unfinished crap.'

Turning back to Rudeus, whose expression was reluctant, Hitogami stated, "Well... If you reflect on it enough. Eventually, you'll reach, you'll accept, and you'll rejoice at your real answer!"

At that, in a familiar fashion, Hitogami's figure suddenly began to fade in the Void World.

His last word echoed as Rudeus began to wake up.





"GAH!" Rudeus woke up suddenly, the sensation of his whole body being plunged into cold water.

As always, waking up from Hitogami's consultations was always an unpleasant ordeal.

What was odd for Rudeus upon his awakening, was that his face felt fine.

'I was healed, huh.' He noted.

His gaze shifted to the room he found himself in.

Clearly, the University's infirmary and the sensation of the soft bed he found himself in also cemented the familiar environment - One he last visited when Badigadi punched him.


"Rudy!" Sylphiette's voice was thick with worry as she hugged him tightly.

Rudeus felt the warmth of her embrace, a stark contrast to the cold void of his recent dream. He smiled, despite the turmoil inside, and gently petted her head.


"Boss! You're awake!" Linia called out, cutting him off as she opened the curtain that hid him from the view of everyone else.

Yes, everyone else.

Rudeus blinked as he saw nearly all his friends here.







Hell, even Badigadi was here.

The infirmary was suddenly quiet, the soft rustle of bed linens the only sound.

Rudeus lay still, the aftermath of his encounter with Satoru lingering in his mind.

Around him, the concerned faces of his friends were a relief to his battered spirit.

The atmosphere was thick with unspoken questions and a shared resolve to support him.

A shared resolve that was quickly shattered by the boisterous Demon Lord.

His giant body barely fit in the infirmary and his voice rumbled as he laughed, "Hahaha! Rudeus! You beat me to it! Challenging Gojo Satoru on the first day no less! As expected of you! Hahahahaha! How was it? But don't spoil the fun for me!"

Rudeus's expression quickly morphed into a deadpan, "Dreadful." He answered without humor.

Sensing Sylphiette's bone-crushing hug growing only tighter, he gently pets her head once more, "Sorry for worrying you," he murmured, his voice soft.

Sylphiette raised her head, her tear-filled eyes searching his, "You... you got seriously hurt and embarrassed," she whispered, the pain in her voice cutting through him like a knife.

Rudeus's smile faltered, replaced by a sad determination, "I know. It's... Fine, it's kind of my fault. Even if he forced me into the duel."

Sylphiette's eyes widened as she mumbled, "You're fault?"

At the interaction of those two, Linia and Pursena exchanged odd glances.

Linia whispered to Pursena, "You think Fitz and Boss are..." She imitated a sword fight with her fingers.

Pursena's gaze seemed enlightened, "It all makes sense now, nano. Why he never had the smell males usually have around us."

Linia nodded, sending a thumbs-up to a glaring Rudeus, a dumb smile on her face, "We support you, Boss nya!"

Rudeus sighed, not really keen on trying to hide the building relationship between him and Fitz.

He turned to Cliff's frustrated and angered expression, he noticed Elinalise hearing him out and calming him down, or at least attempting to placate him.

"Cliff?" Rudeus called out to his frustrated friend whilst Sylphiette unattached herself from Rudeus, standing beside him as she had a lingering question in her mind, yet held herself back from asking.

Turning to Rudeus, Cliff approached alongside Elinalise.

"Rudeus. What happened? Did he pick a fight with you?" Cliff clenched his fists. 

Zanoba approached with Julie in tow, a relieved smile on his face, "I am glad to see you are in better health, Shishou. But how is your mental state?" He asked perceptively.

Intent on answering them both, Rudeus nodded, "I'm..." His teeth grit.

Then, he took a deep breath, "I'm fine. It's more or less my fault. There was a reason for us to fight, though he initiated the duel."

Elinalise gave a concerned look, "More or less? You don't sound very certain. If you're hiding the reason to protect us from trying to involve us in a conflict with a Great Power, forget it. I'd be spitting at Zenith and even... Paul, if I let you handle it on your own."

Everyone nodded at that, except Badigadi who had a contemplative thumb below his chin.

Rudeus gained a sheepish look, as he raised his arms in a placating gesture, "Woah, calm down. It's not anything that grandiose or dangerous. It's more... Personal. Involving a previous lover of mine."

Blinking, Elinalise processed the information and the dots connected.

She had a pitying expression, "Oh... It's that girl isn't it?"

Rudeus nodded, "Eris. Yeah."

More dots connected for the more astute individuals - Particularly Cliff and Sylphiette.

Eris is the rumored Lover of Gojo Satoru.

If she was Rudeus's previous lover.

It's easy to see what type of conflict this was.

However, Sylphiette was more intimately aware of the actual story behind Rudeus and Eris.

Sylphiette's expression turned dangerous at the mention of Eris's name.

With what Rudeus had told her about Eris and the results that followed her actions.

Sylphiette promised herself to slap Eris if she ever met her.

Cliff took the words at face value, as he suggested, "Do you need my help? I won't hesitate even for a second, Rudeus. Even if it's this personal, he's dangerous and out of control, that is no way to react."

Although lacking in context, Cliff hadn't hesitated, causing once again, for Rudeus's high opinion of Cliff to elevate even higher.

Badigadi shook his head, lifting a single arm of his, "Revenge is rarely a good path to follow. I've seen it many times during the wars, it only leads to more bitterness. No matter the scale, revenge is usually the wrong path to take." Chiming in with his age-old wisdom.

"Oh~! My brave Cliff~!" Elinalise cooed at Cliff as she hugged him, causing the latter's face to blush.

Smiling in amusement, Rudeus chuckled internally, 'She's not enhancing your bravery, man.'

Shaking his head, Rudeus stated, "Thanks for the worry, guys. I... I'm glad I can count on you, but I'll handle this on my own."

Rising up from his bed, Rudeus declared, resolved, "I'm going to talk to him."

Zanoba had no doubt in his mind, no doubt in his expression as he quickly gave Rudeus the information he lacked, "He's still in the Research Room with Silent I believe, that's where they were last sighted heading. You've been asleep for four hours."

Rudeus nodded thankfully, unspoken words were exchanged in his gaze with Zanoba.

Sylphiette grabbed Rudeus's sleeve, worried, "Are you sure that's a good idea? Aren't you angry at him? Wouldn't this turn out the same way?"

Linia replied bluntly, "Yeah nya. Grand Boss broke your face Bos-" Sylphiette's glare shut Linia right up.

"Sorry nya..."

Rudeus shook his head, "I don't think so. I believe I've understood what he was trying to convey to me. But... I can't lie and say I'm not angry."

His face twisted in fury, "I don't think I'd ever get along with that guy... But, I'll try."

'For my family's sake.' He confirmed once.

'And for Nanahoshi.' He confirmed twice.

'For... Eris.' He confirmed thrice.

'And for myself. It's time I stop running from my past and my fears. I'm hurting others.' He confirmed at last.

Although the last part, he was especially hesitant and fearful about it, nevertheless, he must move forward.

Cliff hummed, his religious wisdom coming into play, as his voice gently questioned Rudeus, "Self-centered and pathetic he said. Do you agree with his words, Rudeus?"

Rudeus blinked at the bluntness yet genuinely touched by Cliff's caring tone, "I've said it before. It's sort of my fault. So yeah... I guess I kind of agree with him."

'He's still hesitant. Well, I can only do my best for him.' Cliff shook his head internally.

Cliff hadn't admitted it, but Rudeus's loss, embarrassment, and confusion.

Endeared the man further for Cliff.

He had thought him an infallible, multi-talented genius, exponentially more gifted than him.

Cliff is, also called a "Genius".

Yet, here was Rudeus.

Appearing more Human than he ever had.

Perhaps, appearances can be deceiving.

Approaching, he placed his hand on Rudeus's shoulder, smiling genuinely, "If you need anything or having any kind of trouble, even consultation. I'm here for you. I don't doubt the others in the room are in agreement with me."

Everyone nodded at that, Badigadi's voice boomed, "Well said!"

Rudeus's steps echoed as he approached the door.

He paused, taking a deep breath, and clenched his fists to steady his resolve.

Arriving before the door, he opened it, turning his head towards those who had gathered, "Thank you everyone for coming here. And sorry for worrying you. I'll do my best." He gave a small smile.

His gaze quickly shifted to the worried Sylphiette, meeting eyes through her shades.

His mouth whispered, "I'll talk with you later."

Sylphiette, although hesitant, mirrored his smile and nodded at him.

At that, Rudeus left the room.

Leaving the whole worried party alone.

The silence was broken by Sylphiette's steps as she intended to rejoin Ariel and continue her duties.


Linia asked with a blunt curiosity, "So, since when were you and Boss doing Sword Fights nya-"


Outside the Infirmary, Rudeus walked, each step radiating determination and showcasing his hardened resolve - Only enhanced by Hitogami's looming advice and future prophesy.

Nevertheless, He needed answers, as well as providing his own answer to Gojo Satoru.

The one course of action he believes Gojo Satoru was seeking from him all along, the one that was forced into him violently.

However, Rudeus lamented his task.

'Even if he was right... Getting on amiable terms with that asshole...' The mere thought troubled him.

'But, I need to face this.' The conviction in his heart solidified his resolve as he walked towards Nanahoshi's Research Room, each step heavy with determination.


-A few hours ago, in a certain Research Room-

"How long are you going to stay in that sulking mood?" Satoru complained as he sat on a chair, in a rather awkward position.

His gaze fixed on the completely silent figure of Nanahoshi who had been doing nothing but draw new magic circles without saying a single word.

A moment passed and no reaction came as Satoru sighed helplessly.

Then, he suggested.

"Hey~! I've got an idea~!" He cheered.

No reaction.


"How about I tell you about Cursed Energy! You were wondering about that for quite a while haven't you~?"

Gojo Satoru Secret Technique Number 23 - Nonviolent Negotiation.

At that, the quill in Nanahoshi's grip paused mid-stroke.

Satoru's eyes narrowed mischievously through his shades, a smirk played on his lips, 'I've got her now~!'

"Speak." She said simply, continuing her enigmatic scribbling that she has yet to teach Satoru.

Not that he was complaining.

He wasn't in a rush.

Unlike a certain masked girl.

"Well... It all starts with Negative Emotions-"

Thus, as Nanahoshi quietly scribbled, Satoru lectured on Cursed Energy, and slowly...

She grew talkative and curious.

And... When the topic of Jujutsu Sorcerors and Cursed Spirits came into play...

"Is another reality check too much for you Shizuka-chan~?" Satoru gleefully pointed at her as she had disregarded her task with magic circles.

Deciding to sit on the floor with her hands holding her face as she processed the information he had conveyed to her.

"So you're telling me... That basically, there are invisible monsters called "Cursed Spirits" in our midst back in Japan?"


"Ones that are fought by a secret society of "Sorcerors" like yourself, wielding this "Cursed Energy" unlike the common untalented folk to fight those curses?"


"So... Those freak accidents and such that are extremely common are majorly attributed to these Cursed Spirits?"

"Got it in one~!"

"And the government knows about them and keeps that knowledge secret from the public?"

Satoru hummed, "That's a little obvious, don't you think? If they knew, the widespread panic would only feed the creation of more Cursed Spirits." He waved his hand flippantly, as if the answer was self-evident.

Nanahoshi sighed in pure agony as she continued, "And your Cursed Technique, was it? Is related to the Famous and Powerful Clan you were born in?"

Pointing finger guns at her, Satoru nodded, "Mhm! Though that information isn't really necessary to a weak non-sorcerer like you~!"


"Remind me why I asked for this?" Nanahoshi's voice held deep, deep, regret.

Satoru laughed, "Ease up! Will you? Besides! You'll be coming back with me! And I'm the Strongest! I'll give you my phone number~! You should feel honored~!" He teased, his tone arrogant.

"I guess that's... Slightly reassuring. But, Strongest... Is that why you said you had to return? Is Japan in danger because you're not there?" Nanahoshi realized upon contemplation.

At that, a thin line crossed Satoru's expression, as he made a so-so gesture, "Sort of. I'm not the only Jujutsu Sorceror you know, and well, Suguru's got it covered. I trust him."

"Whose Suguru?"

"My best friend. He's also the Strongest." Satoru replied simply and confidently, his tone lacked any hint of hesitation.

Seeing Nanahoshi's struggle with grasping the reality of their home world, Satoru complained, "Oh quit whining, you've lived blissfully in Japan without a care in the world and no instance of Cursed Spirit involvement. It means we're doing our job right."

At Satoru's sharp tongue, Nanahoshi lashed back at him, her eyes narrowed at him, "Don't think I forgot about the stupidity you just pulled with Rudeus-san."

In response, Satoru shrugged flippantly.

Causing Nanahoshi to sigh once more, in pure agony of course.

She shook her head, as she was still trying to grasp the metaphorical bombshell Satoru had dropped on her head, for like the quintillionth time today.

Mumbling her observation upon learning about Cursed Energy, "Was that why... You and Rudeus-san turned invisible?"

At that, Satoru turned to her blinking once, as he rested his chin on his hand in a contemplative gesture, "You... Didn't see a barrier, right?"

Nanahoshi nodded, "It was very weird. You and Rudeus suddenly turned invisible and the courtyard looked completely fine. Suddenly, you appeared in front of a beaten Rudeus. Whilst the nice looking courtyard was suddenly destroyed. It was really odd."

Taking her words in, Satoru nodded, 'Cursed Energy isn't leaking out of her, despite not being a Sorceror. She is also incapable of seeing the Curtain, which is consistent with her status."

"Say, can you see this?" Satoru suddenly asked as he lifted a finger and a miniature blue formed.

A small force of gravity was exerted from it, as it sucked the air, and papers and other low-weight objects started to float toward it.

"NO! I CAN'T! DROP WHATEVER IT IS YOUR DOING!" She roared out quickly so he'd stop making a mess out of the... Already organized mess this research room was.

Dismissing the blue, Satoru confirmed, "Odd..."

Nanahoshi bitingly commented, "If only you were less... Odd."

Ignoring her, Satoru delved into his thoughts, 'I've confirmed there is some kind of connection between Mana and Cursed Energy from the residents being able to see my techniques. The two-sided connection was also proved when Mana could affect me with Healing back when I beat Gal-sensei, the Mana only commanded my Cursed Energy to heal my body according to its instructions... Is the connection equal? I've got to check.' Satoru contemplated.

All the spells that Satoru tried to both literally and mockingly imitate failed when he shaped his Cursed Energy in the same shape Mana was in to create its phenomenon.

Unfortunately, they were not the same.

The specific arrangement of Mana that creates Water never did create Water when substituted with Cursed Energy.

Simply put, Satoru's most relative feat to Mana was the imitation of Battle Aura with Cursed Energy as a substitute.

It was not a complicated and fundamental change type of phenomenon like turning Mana into Water, but simply a manipulation of mana into reinforcement.

Thus, it was a substitutable technique.

However, there was another way to test it

"Let me fuel a Magic Circle," Satoru demanded as he rose up from his chair, lowering his shades in the process.

"Pardon?" Nanahoshi broke out of her stupor as she lowered her hands from her face.

"You heard me~! Chop Chop Shizuka-chan!"

"We're not that close. Here, take this." She lifted one of the magic circles she drew.

Placing it on the ground, she pointed at a specific spot, "Run your Mana - Cursed Energy through there." She said apathetically.

Satoru lowered himself, his Six Eyes dissecting the Magic Circle, coming up empty because he had no clue what anything does.

He side-eyed her, "Don't be so dull~! You're curious as well, aren't you? If this works... You won't be needing Rudeus."

Nanahoshi huffed in indignation, "I'm not that insensitive. I'm thankful to him as well and appreciate his support. I care about him even if he doesn't help me in my experiments."

At that, Satoru shrugged, his tone unconvinced and amused, "Could've fooled me."

Then, without hearing her offended reaction, he ran Cursed Energy through the Magic Circle.

Nanahoshi's eyes locked firmly on the paper.

Satoru's eyes analyzed the flow of Cursed Energy as he declared simply, "It's accepting it."

At that, Nanahoshi's eyes glimmered.

"I wouldn't get excited though." Satoru's expression turned serious as his Six Eyes gleamed with an ethereal blue glow.

To Be Continued!

-Author Note Start-



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