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Jiu Ge's Beloved Spirit

Sugar-fried Chestnuts

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Yun Si was the world’s first cluster amaryllis of Hell, also known as a Red Spider Lily. She was compatible with ghost fire, capable of commanding a hundred demons, and was especially adept in causing hallucinations. After a shocking encounter with the legendary gentleman, Jiu Ge, she fell deeply for him, captivated by his tenderness and beauty. Yun Si chirped, “Jiu Ge, Jiu Ge, can I court you?” The elegant man smiled gently and shook his head. Then, Yun Si successfully held his hand. She began wanting a mile after being given an inch. “Jiu Ge, Jiu Ge, can I hug you?” The gentleman kindly refused. Then, Yun Si successfully hugged him. “Jiu Ge, Jiu Ge, I want to kiss you.” The gentleman poked her forehead and said, “Miss, please behave.” The seductive Red Spider Lily spirit blinked her beautiful eyes and stood on tip toes. She easily got what she wanted. Thus, the little spirit was punished into making a copy of precepts because she did something wrong. The little spirit continued to hound after the gentleman. The gentleman looked down at their linking hands and said softly without getting angry, “You’re a lady, so you should conduct yourself with dignity.” “I don’t want to!” The little spirit stayed close to him and never left his side. She always assumed he had a gentle temperament, until one day, she witnessed a woman confessing to him. When the woman took a step forward, the gentleman’s face immediately darkened, and he kicked her away. Then, he barked coldly, “Get lost.” The woman fled in tears. The little spirit who kept hounding after the gentleman every day for hugs and kisses was confused. So the gentleman can be fierce… So the gentleman can be rough… A bold spirit vs a gentleman who tends to reject her on the outside, but dotes on her on the inside [Love at first sight + two-way crush]


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