It All Started At Hi!!! School (My unexpected someone)

Author: Drasthxce
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  • 47 Chs
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What is It All Started At Hi!!! School (My unexpected someone)

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Year 2089, a lot of historical events took place in just almost of century, from pandemics to zombie outbreaks and tons more. They felt like it's the end of the world or something, but it's still standing as the way it is. After all of those events humanity made a promise to strive together and set aside their differences, nobody trusted them that it would work out. Seeing it now they were wrong, it did work out for the better. Technology has blessed them even more, all of these people working together finally achieved peace and prosperity. From easily accessible holograms used for some teaching in schools to highly advanced walls made to be full proof from natural disasters. Even though humanity is blessed, they learned their lesson from being too greedy and actually didn't fully adapt to being futuristic. Of course they used some equipment to make their lives even better but they wanted to stick to riding busses and other vehicles to school rather just instantly getting their via teleportation pad. Everything is beautiful.. And some are living their lives while others still don't know when to give up... That is until "they opened something they shouldn't have" Follow Reanna's adventure in a improved world in high school. Living her life to the fullest and who knows maybe "something" out of the ordinary happens.

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this book is sounds exciting and interesting. It has this unique sense that makes it more appealing. I like how it is futuristic and sounds so fun. nicely done!




Very casual start, I like that. Very well written, good vocabulary. I felt like I could be there in the very exact moment with the characters. I felt like I could relate to those characters. Keep up the good work!


Wow It's incredibly awesome hahaha... The plot is great and I really like the author in writing such story.. Thank you for sharing your talent with us ..


It's a very interesting story once you read it from the synopsis going to the chapters you can't stop reading (I mean it) because you want to know what happened next. I love fantasy stories so much (you can't tell but I really do:)) so continue the good work author cause I'll be sticking around:)


The synopsis intrigued me to read further. I liked how the story started off. the author's concept of the future world is appealing and fun to read it. The writing style is well written. Very promising Female Protagonist. Keep it up, Author!


oh my gosh, this book is amazing i cannot wait to see how Reanna's journey ends up, the author did a really great job with the storyline. added to library!!😊🧡😊🧡


Wow, this book seems very interesting... Reading the first part really hooked me well, I already got curious and excited as well. I'm just hoping her mother don't throw her anime figurines LOL😆. Imma add this to my library, my curiousity is killin' me!😆. Anyways, great job Author! Keep it up!👍💖


Reveal spoiler


The synopsis confused me a little. I don't like being confused, do I read it. The book was really nice, which just filled me with a lot of questions. Just wanting to know how everything came to be. And I just had to keep scrolling. Good job author.


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