12 Chapter 4 Part 3

- Zeref -

He waited in the room as the door was opened and a figure entered. The figure paused looking at him, his eyes widening but he still let out a sigh and sat down.

"I didn't think I would ever see you again. Not that I am unhappy. It brings back some nostalgic memories of my youth but why are you here, Zeref?"

"Warrod. You look…"

"Old, like a tree? Yes. Magic is strange. I can't say I dislike this form of mine. Rather I find myself much closer to nature."

"I was going to say well but… I need your help, Warrod."


He didn't answer but looked questioningly.

"I found a way to remove the curse of contradiction. I am free now."

Warrod Sequen was probably one of the only people in Isgar who knew about him and the truth about the Black Wizard Zeref so the fact that the man's eyes widened and his jaws hung open was not a big surprise.

"Are you?"

"Yes. I am here to take her back."

"They will not allow you to step foot in Ishgar. Your name is…."

"And yet I stand here. You know as well as I do that if I really wanted to push, they cannot stop me. But I don't wish for any bloodshed. Not anymore. I just wish to take Mavis away with me and free her of her curse. In return, I will remove Tartarus and all the demons inside it. This is my offer to you. Should the Magic Council refuse it, even the Etherion or Face will not be able to save you, this… I promise."

A tense atmosphere descended on the room.

"Let her decide what she wants to do. I will ask Makarov. We will meet on Tenroujima Island in a week. Let her decide what she wants to do."

"Very well."

"Zeref… Precht, he…"


"Went rogue. He is now the leader of a Dark Guild working together with Tartarus."

"... I see."

He got up and was about to leave the room when he heard the voice of Warrod once more. "Congratulations on being free, Zeref."

– Irene –

She looked at the bunch of children behind her, following one who looked like a miniature version of her.

She never thought that there would be a day where she would be able to return for her daughter again.

And yet, when the day comes, she is afraid to even call out to her.

Being able to taste food again had done a lot of good for her. Especially when she discovered the fact that she could sleep after eating the food from the restaurant. The voices in her head started to become quieter.

She was regaining her lost sanity bit by bit and this reignited her hope of reuniting with her daughter.

And what does she see when she comes back?

Her daughter, enslaved and forced to work by some cultists? The audacity.

Behind them lay the smouldering wreckage of the Tower of Heaven. A way to resurrect Zeref, the black haired girl had claimed. What foolishness?

How would you revive someone who is already alive?

They were obviously being used by someone, the one called Precht.

"I assume you will be taking care of Tartarus?" She asked Zeref who was sitting on a rock nearby, waiting for them.

"August found a child with an innate Satan Soul Take Over Magic. He wants her to devour the magic of the ones in Tartarus for her growth." He looked at the children behind her. "Congratulations on finding your daughter."

She froze. The children behind her froze as she looked back.

Her daughter was staring at her with shock on her face.

She had the urge to glare at Zeref but then again, it made things a lot easier for her by breaking the ice between the two of them.

She turned back to Zeref. "The person behind this was the second Guild Master of Fairy Tail, Precht. He was manipulating the children to build the tower. I will take care of him myself."

He thought for a moment before answering. "Take August with you. He is related to Tartarus. August will take care of that side." She nodded.

"And you?"

"You have reunited with your family. It's about time I got reunited with mine as well."

- Serafall -

"What is it, Ajuka?" She asked as she entered the room.

She was still annoyed at that bitch Katerea. If she hadn't died that day, Serafall herself might have sent her off with her own two hands.

Sirzechs, Falbium and Grayfia were in the room and Ajuka put a barrier around the room as soon as she entered.

"What is this all about?" She asked, suspicious.

Sirzechs was the first one to speak. "It's all Ajuka's fault."


"What?" She deadpanned.

"The day when we were questioning your sisters about the Devil who fought Katerea Leviathan, your father was lying."

"Excuse me?"

"Now, Serafall, you need to be calm when you hear this." Sirzechs stood up and she noticed that Falbium had strengthened the barriers further.

"What exactly are you people talking about? What was father lying about?"

"He knew the unknown boy from the picture. You were perhaps too concentrated on your sister to notice it but there were clear signs of him lying."

She didn't say anything and just started as he continued.

"So, I kept an eye on him, on the activities he did."

"You did what?"

"I merely wanted to find out what he was hiding and get a clue about the new devil's identity and I did find something."

"Now, Serafall, there is a slight chance that it might just be a false alarm so you need to calm down and not be impulsive." Sirzechs tried to talk.

Falbium strengthened the barriers again.

She had a bad premonition in her heart.

"What did you find?"

"The boy's name is Silas Evans. He is eighteen and a half years old, was raised by a human family with probably no knowledge of his heritage and your father had been keeping an eye on this child since birth. The human family was related to one of his clients. And…"


"There's a 98.3% chance that the boy called Sil or Silas, is the brother we all thought died in the attack eighteen and a half years ago."

She felt the world around her go white.

– Sirzechs –

"Dammit Ajuka, you could have slowly eased her in." He shouted as he strengthened the barrier with others.

Ajuka had teleported them out as soon as Serafall's magic had flared to a place where they had already arranged a barrier to keep the damage controlled.

He knew this would end up like this.

The attack on the Sitri hospital eighteen years ago was still fresh on everyone's mind.

Lady Sitri's delivery was slightly dangerous and she needed to be carried out to the hospital.

They were unfortunately busy with their work and Serafall was out.

The Sitri hospital was attacked and more than half the staff was killed along with Serafall's newborn young brother. The entire place was vaporised in the attack.

Lord Sitri had barely been able to save his wife but not his newborn son.

It was done by some rebels. They had a mole inside the Sitri house and the hospitals. It was done by some people whom Serafall had fought against in the Civil War.

When Serafall had returned, she had gone on a rampage like none other.

Half the underworld had almost been frozen over as she hunted the rebels.

It had taken both Ajuka and him to safely contain her.

While they hadn't been able to completely connect the Old Satan faction to it, they hadn't kept quiet.

They had mocked and questioned the reliability of their rule mainly when they couldn't even protect their own family members.

The incident had been a massive wake up call for everyone.

Serafall had taken the incident the hardest because she blamed herself for the death of her brother and her actions with Sona were as if she was trying to overcompensate for the chance she missed with her little brother.

So, finding out that he might have been alive all this time and hidden away by none other than her own father of all people…

Yeah, it was a mess alright.

Lord Sitri was not going to have a good time.

- Silas -

And while hell was experiencing a cold day, the main reason for all this was experiencing a very interesting situation.

"What are you doing here, Lavy?" I asked, not even surprised at the supposed surprise anymore.

"Shu-chan is visiting her friends so I was feeling a bit lonely so I came in to join you.."

"Hmm. Sure."

The conversation was all but a normal one except for the situation where it was used. I was currently in my bathtub, taking a bath.

She got in and got comfortable, her back against my chest as she leaned into me.

My relationship with her is a bit complicated.

She has tactically agreed to everything we have done but never said anything expressly. She even participated and initiated many of those things so I know I am not forcing her but she always acts oblivious. It's like she enjoys my reactions or just enjoys this game. So I too, play along.

We have just never voiced out our own thoughts to each other yet.

Shuna was hanging out with her friends today so it was just the two of us. Not that it would have stopped her if she had been present. If anything, Lavinia enjoys dragging others into our game even more. Girls only.

Is she making me a Harem without me even knowing?

Who knows?

I personally think it is her convoluted way of having a real and close family of sorts. The way she gathers others, especially children and those seeking love and companionship is kinda like how she would like herself to be treated. The stranger part is that she always gets her way because we just go around with it.

Lavinia Reni is either the most pure-hearted girl I have met or the sharpest mastermind in history.

She is a very complex character.

I personally think she balanced it on a line somewhere in between.

That said, never once till now has she done anything to harm me or anyone close to me in any way so…



"Wanna go out with me?"



We just stayed there relaxing in the bath as I brought her closer to me in a hug, raising her in my lap.

She however turned around to face me, her body still on my lap and her core directly above my length, as she took some soap on her hand.

"Sil-kun, let me help you."

I didn't need to be told twice. I relaxed back as she applied soap on my chest and I did the same, my hands sliding behind her and pulling her onto my chest.

Despite all her complexities, one thing was without a doubt, Lavinia was mind numbingly sexy.

"Let me do the same." I whispered into her ears as my hands slid down onto her butt, slowly massaging the softness of her behind. Her breathing got heavier and my lips found her earlobes and sucked at them.


My fingers travelled and slid right over her rosebud and she jerked slightly on my lap making me smirk. Her face was blushing right now.

This was rare.

I had never seen her blush in all these months.

And there was no way that I was just going to let it slide. My fingers circled right around her rosebud, not touching it directly and her body shivered every time I got near the part.

She was biting her lips to control her moans and I did something which made her control break.

I used a quick Clean Spell, something I had created to clean off the tables and my kitchen. An interesting fact about the spell was that it worked on human bodies too.

A water tentacle formed inside the tub and I guided it to her backdoor making her yelp and jump.

She pulled back slightly, staring into my eyes with an embarrassed blush.

"It's important to clean each part well when bathing." I whispered. Her mouth opened at the absurdity of the situation. "Even here." I didn't give her a chance to reply as I locked her lips with mine.

Her eyes widened but slowly her arms reached into my hair and back as my tongue slid inside her. Our tongues wrestled and the water tentacle did its job making her moan in my mouth.

I continued the treatment for a few minutes, our lips only separating for a few moments in between and felt her hips rocking in my lap with more vigour with each passing moment until her whole body jerked as she shivered and suddenly collapsed on my chest.

"Sil-kun is such a bully."

"It's your fault for being so cute."

I felt a kiss on my chest.

She rested for a minute on my chest and then her hips started moving again. I eyed her questioningly. "Sil-kun hasn't finished… cleaning yet." She added the last part with a sly smile on her face.

I put my hands on her waist as she went up and down my shaft, her breasts already clean of all the soap, shaking in front of my face and I did exactly what was needed and took one of them in my mouth. Her fingers clenched around my hair as she pulled me in tighter and increased her speed even more.

I thrusted to lend her a hand till I finally felt the pressure building and shot it all on her stomach, adding a coat of white on her fair skin.

One spell later, the entire place was clean.

The Devils in the world had this very interesting power, Imagination Based Magic. Combined with the Sage, it was quite effective.

"Where did you even learn this from?" I asked as she settled in my arms again.

"There were many doujinshi at the Comic-con. I bought some to know more about manga. They were quite interesting."


I mentally gave a thumbs up to the doujinshi author.

"Good job."

"Shu-chan is going to be so mad when she finds out about this." She said,slowly giggling.


"Shu-chan was planning on taking a bath with you too, so don't let her down, okay."

I looked at the girl strangely. "You know, other girls would be jealous and not tell me to treat her well." I deadpanned and she just put her cheeks on my chest.

"Both Shu-chan and you are my family now. I don't want anyone to feel bad. Not because of me."


This was probably the first time I talked to the real Lavinia.

None of us said anything and enjoyed the silence together for a while.

I do feel that these last few sentences made our relationship progress more than all the making out did.

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