7 Chapter 3 Part 2

- Demiurge -

"Ainz-sama, pardon my ignorance but this is the first time I have heard of the names Silas and Rimuru and I believe that this is shared by most of our fellow guardians. Might I ask you to enlighten us?"

"You may." Sounded the voice of the Supreme Being who sat upon his throne, his majesty somehow even more pronounced now.

It was as if a layer of darkness obscured his presence, for those unworthy to not even be granted the honour of gazing at his awe-inspiring form.

He was stronger than a month ago… which was somehow impossible.

Ainz-sama was already at the level cap. An overlord and yet he somehow became stronger. This had plagued his thoughts for several nights before Albedo of all people gave him the words of wisdom.

He is a Supreme Being. Obviously something like this should be within his reach.

The Supreme Being spoke, looking at the entire gathering of the Nazarick staff. "I believe that you all have the same thought in your mind?"

Some members looked at the ground but didn't answer. "Our apologies. We just enquired the information so that we may not slight the guests of Ainz-sama. We do not mean it as any insult towards the guest. Please punish me if we were too presumptuous."

"Silas and Rimuru are… both Supreme Beings."


The roars and exclaims of shock echoed throughout the room.

"Silence!" He roared, making them all gather their bearings to listen to the Supreme One's instructions further.

"What do you know of the Supreme Beings?"

"The forty four Supreme Beings created Nazarick and all of us. They are all beings of great power who have fought monsters and gods alike. Ultimately, they left for other worlds and only Ainz-sama stayed with us." His words brought up painful memories of all the guardians.

"Umu. But that's not all. Long before Nazarick was even formed, there were several hundred Supreme Beings."

Gasps of shock went everywhere.

"Thousands of years ago, even before the world of Yggdrasil, there was a great war, a war so big that entire planets were erased. Gods and monsters were killed and so were my fellow Supreme Beings while many of us were left severely weakened… including myself. At the end of the war, only less than fifty of us were left. Some were grieving for the death of friends and left for different worlds to spend their time alone." Ainz-sama paused and stared into space as if being reminded of the past days.

"Among the ones who were left, there was one person who was probably the kindest of us all. He used all his powers, sacrificing everything he had, even the memories others had of him in the world except us forty four and his own memories too, to make a place which everyone of our lost brethren would be able to find. A restaurant connecting several worlds. A place which can only be opened in worlds with the souls of the Supreme Beings. For you see while our brethren died, he believed that their souls must have reincarnated somewhere… and he was right."

He could hear the sounds of each person's breath in the room and the heartbeats of the ones who were alive.

A history which none of them knew of. A hero among Supreme Beings, their sacrifices…

"What was the name of the Supreme One?"




"He doesn't remember any of his past memories or has any of his past powers as do several others. But they are regaining their powers slowly. If and when you meet them, do not treat them with disrespect. Anyone in the restaurant can be people with the souls of former Supreme Beings, even the most common looking humans. They might look simple but one day they will all return to their own form. You are not to interfere with it in any way, nor talk about what you have heard about today lest it affects the Spell cast by Silas."

"Yes, Ainz-sama."

"Rimuru is one of those people. He had reincarnated as a human but later on reincarnated as a Slime. His personality is very similar to Touch Me-san. A very kind and heroic person. He was and is one of my best friends. In future you all will be acting together with his subordinates."

"We will not let the name of the Great Tomb of Nazarick down."

"Now, I believe that you both encountered these names from the memories of some of the Paleadis, correct."

Four of the combat maids bowed before confirming.

"We have memories that we are to serve them but we didn't know their faces or even who they were so we thought that someone might be trying to control us somehow."

"Umu. A very reasonable and wise choice. Caution is the better part of safety. You have those names in your memories because they were unlocked when I came in contact with them. They were the superiors of your creators and saved their lives several times. You were made as a memoir for them in hopes that they will one day reunite with us… and that day has come."

"We will be honoured to fulfil the wishes of the Supreme Beings."

How lucky are they to be allowed such an honour?

"Ainz-sama, you didn't tell us what race Silas-sama is?"

"A Devil."

As expected of a Supreme Being.

– Ainz–

They bought that?

Well obviously they would. It took him a month to come up with that pile of bull crap and practice in front of the mirror. Now, he just needs to inform Rimuru and Silas of this.

They will not complain.

They will be getting two hot maids each after all. How can they complain?

– Silas –

I opened my eyes to find myself in Shuna's lap. "How many days was I out this time? I asked, not even trying to get up. "What about the guests?"

"Eight hours. We closed the shop for the day. We didn't have many guests after that. Only Saitama-sama came and he was happy with the Udon I made."

"Thank you for taking care of the situation, Shuna."

"It's my job."

I just laid there, closing my eyes.

I was having money problems.

Surprisingly, even with my world breaking powers, I was having money problems. Obviously I could easily solve it but it was still surprising that I even had this problem.

I only bought and sold things from the system and while the income was decent, I haven't had too many guests from other worlds. Even in the worlds which my restaurant opened to, only a select few people could even find the door.

Ainz and Rimuru could literally crash the economy of the place and shower me with Gold coins but I didn't want that.

Ainz was reading a magazine for otakus while Saitama was playing on a console with Milim.

"You could always start another business on the side, you know." Rimuru offered.

"I am always busy with the restaurant. Moreover, the last mess makes it difficult for me to go around. People are on the lookout for some Devil from what Lavinia has told me about. Me suddenly appearing in the area would cause many eyes to turn in my direction."

"Hmm, that's indeed a problem." Ainz turned a page of the magazine.

"You could always get someone to manage the business for you. Maybe, have Lavinia do it for you. As for the staff. I think this area is controlled by the Youkai."

"The nearby area. This one is neutral but yes."

"I can send some Kijin under your command. They can set up a territory in this area. In this way, this will be established as a territory of the youkai and people wouldn't try to look for a Devil here. Oni are a type of Youkai, right?"

"They are." I answered, thinking about the plan.

"The Youkai can act as a cover for your business. As for what business you can do? Hmm, how about getting manga, anime and games from other worlds and selling them here. You can easily make a successful entertainment business. It wouldn't even be that hard. And both worlds will get amazing sources of entertainment too. A win for everyone."

"Moreover, it's not a business relating to supernatural things so it will be relatively safe."

"I have no idea how to set it all up."

"That's fine. We can figure things out."

"That would be taking advantage of you all. You have already done too much for me."

"Don't mind it. This will also help us considering that some of the things from the modern world will be very convenient for our worlds. And without you, it wouldn't have been possible anyways. You help just by existing. To be honest, this was our original plan and it would be kinda sad to not see it fulfilled."

"Hmm. I wouldn't mind some funds to buy games and other stuff from the modern world. If you are worried about taking advantage of us, we could always become shareholders. For example, there is a comic convention in two weeks. We can lay a foundation for our business there." Ainz pointed out in the magazine.

The idea did sound good.

At this time, the door to the restaurant opened and a little girl who looked around ten walked in. She was wearing a military cosplay uniform and had blonde hair and blue eyes. Now, the military cosplay part might have been a bit doubtful because of the all too real rifle she was carrying. To be honest, she looked like a fantasy nazi.

I noticed that her steps were measured and too much like a real soldier.

Her eyes turned around the place, widening as she looked at us. She immediately jumped back and brought out her gun and light flashed on the tip of her gun but before she could fire, the shop neutralised the magic.

She looked with shock at her rifle and shot from her place with the knife on the rifle raised towards us but Rimuru shot a string of spider silk, tying her to the spot.

She struggled, even when she was bound on the ground.

"So, what's the case with her?" Rimuru asked.

"Ah, Ainz must have scared her." Out of all us Saitama replied, making the skeleton look abashed, if skeletons could even look like that.

"I forgot to wear the mask. Wasn't expecting anyone to come at this late hour."

I got down in front of the girl. "I will remove the cover from your mouth but I need you to be quiet and listen to me, alright? Nod if you understand."

She looked at me with anger enough to burn a hole through my skull but nodded nonetheless.

"This place is a restaurant between worlds. Not exactly a part of any world but a space connecting them. Do you understand?"

She looked unimpressed but nodded nonetheless.

"This guy might look like a skeleton from a B Grade horror movie." "HEY!" "But, he is not a bad guy. He is a human or rather was a human who got transferred to a different word but got stuck in a skeleton body. Reincarnation if you will call it or in this case, transmigration."

"I was reincarnated in a slime body. I was dying and heard a voice which asked me questions and the next thing I knew, I was in a cave with a giant dragon." Rimuru raised a hand and offered.

"Well yeah." I shrugged. I did notice the widening of her eyes at this point. "So, before you start trying to kill anyone, do understand that I will kick you out of the restaurant and ban you forever if you do so. Are we clear till here?"

She nodded.

"Good." I removed the string covering her mouth and she became relaxed or rather composed herself better than before.

"Now, who are you and would you like to eat something?" I smiled.

She however sat down on a chair and stared at us for a while and then picked up the menu. "A Ramen."


I went inside to make a bowl of ramen while keeping an ear out to listen in on the conversation.

"So, why did you attack us, kid? Was big bad Ainz really that scary?"

"You say that you were reincarnated, what did you do before that? What kind of voices did you hear?" She asked, I assume Rimuru.

"I was a salaryman. Had a run in with a mugger and got killed. The voice was asking what I wished for."

"Hmm, it does sound like him. Did he appear in front of you? I mean, did he talk through other people?"

"Don't know, I was blacking out so I could only hear voices. Wait, are you?"

"Tanya Degurechaff. Former Japanese resident, a salaryman. Do you think I can go back home from this world?" She introduced herself, although I could still hear a tinge of suspicion in her voice.

Another isekai character.

What's my shop? A gathering place of isekai characters?

"Well… there are several Japan's in the world. Ainz was from a far future version of Japan, another guy Hayato comes from a completely different version of Japan. In fact, Silas, the owner, is also from a different version of Japan. So, I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you."

"Hmm, thought so. It really isn't easy."

"Wait, you said him. Do you know the guy who reincarnates people?" Ainz asked.

"Really? Do you think he can be the same guy who reincarnated me?" Rimuru asked.

Even my ears perked up at this. I mean I was reincarnated as well.

"I call him Being X. He's…"

We didn't get to listen to anything else as I felt a presence enter the shop, I left the ramen and came out quickly to see the figure of a man walking in, almost like a zombie. That said, the aura around the zombie was strong.

"So your faithlessness has even attracted the attention of devils and monsters? Are you still going to oppose me even at the cost of condemning your soul to demons?" A voice, completely foreign to the one expected of a zombie, sounded as it started at Tanya.

Seriously, what's up with today?

"You wanna bet against it?" The girl mocked.

I mean the guy was supposedly a God or something similar, right?

Stop mocking it.

"It is all futile. You must be guided towards the path of a believer. Let me show you how even demons or monsters cannot help you with this."

The aura thickened and I sensed Milim getting up.

Okay, time to stop this.

The restaurant crushed the aura in the very next moment and Milim sat down, huffing and going back to her console.

The Zombie looked confused.

"Guest, what would you like to eat? If you don't have anything to order, I suggest that you leave and not cause trouble within the premises. This is private property and I will be forced to take action if you do so."

"A creature seeped in demonic power. Your soul is irredeemable. I feel sorry for you."


"Oi, are you the guy who reincarnates people in different worlds?" Rimuru got up from the seat and asked the zombie but I don't know why a very strange silence fell over the room.

"It is but a mere part of my power. Rejoice at being able to witness my presence monster. Do not fear for I shall grant mercy to your souls and purge you right now."

The next moment, the zombie was blasted to the side of the restaurant, against a wall. "RETURN MY DICK, YOU CRAZY BASTARD!"


I don't think anyone expected that. Not even the zombie guy. Not even when he was devoured by Rimuru.

It was only after a minute that he stopped. "Oh!"


He looked around sheepishly. "According to Great Sage, it was not this guy."


Did you just accidentally kill the wrong guy? Also, don't act like you don't remember what you just shouted. I thought to myself but didn't say out loud.

"Also, it was only a possession. The one it was possessing was already dead. I got some Skills from devouring it."

I let out a sigh and just went back to finish cooking the Ramen. I should have accepted such a life when I got this System in the first place.

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