4 Oh God… I Swear I Wasn’t Trying to Cross the Border! IV

I choose to place three levels into Magicka and one in health to balance out my stats and ponder my racial abilities.

"Huh, this is definitely different from base game Skyrim... Wait, I think I remember this being a part of some mods I downloaded a ways back... Fuck! If this is the set I think it is... I downloaded over 200 mods, some of which I didn't even read the description!" I begin to panic before a calm washes over me.

"Calm down man, you've played Skyrim hundreds of times, you know this world inside and out, so what if there's new content? I still know a ton of the tricks and plot points to make myself a godly being in this world... Speaking of... I should look into the dawn guard's quest and get Serana, if this is really hardcore, I'd prefer to have a taste of immortality on my side... And I wonder what else I can do? If this is real... Will I be censured if I try to have sex?! Quick I need an amulet of Mara! I can't die a virgin twice!" I prepare to leave the dreamscape before I remember I have perk points to spend. Peering at the sky I realize there are a lot more perks than I'm used to... Hundreds more even... I scan through them before one catches my eye.

"Pickpocket huh? Wait... Dragon Hoard?! I can buy perk points! I think I need to grind my thief's skills in the early game to get up some solid wealth so I won't have to worry about the perk point bottleneck… Hold on, this means I could max out every skill if I get rich enough?! That's settled, I'm heading to Riften once I've built myself up in Riverwood. Don't want to die to a random thief now... I'll place my points in a few branches for now, since it will be a minute before I can get the 100 pickpocketing skill I need. Though, I should make sure I set aside the 5 points to rush it... Well, 4 since I'm going to take a level in pickpocketing... Let's see, I'll take, pickpocket, sneak, smithing, and... Speechcraft."

Character Info

Name: Silvantus Malborne

Level: 4

Race: Orsimer

Standing Stone: n/a

Health: 115

Magicka: 110

Stamina: 115

Health regen: 1.0%

Magicka regen: 2.75%

Stamina regen: 5.5%

Carry weight: 400

Racial Abilities

Mind of the Gamer: This allows you to rationalize all your actions from a detached perspective. Suffering little to no mental degradation from poor morality.

Body of the Gamer: Your body suffers no I'll effects from damage, instead a health, mana, exposure, wetness, hunger, thrist, and stamina bars represents your durability, available mana pool, degree of exposure to the elements, degree of wetness in your clothes, your level of hunger, your level of thirst, and your remaining stamina respectively.

Bonus Experience: Through selecting a random race at the start of the adventure, the individual will receive a 15% to experience when performing related tasks.

Bloodlust: When entering combat, gain 25% movement speed and 300% Magicka and Stamina regeneration. Bonuses gradually decay to zero over 20 seconds.

Shockwave: Once per battle, jump to cause a tremor that staggers opponents and may knock them off their feet.

Strength of Steel: Weapons and armor are 20% stronger, but enchantments on them are 20% weaker.

Quest reward - Stagger 150 enemies with Shockwave to unlock...

Berserk: 1/day - Doubles attack damage and critical strike damage and halves spell costs for 15 seconds. While off cooldown, may activate randomly in combat.

Perk List: 4 Skill Levels

Alchemy- 0 15

Alteration- 0 15

Archery- 0 16

Block- 0 15

Conjuration- 0 15

Destruction- 0 18

Enchanting- 0 15

Heavy Armor- 0 15

Illusion- 0 15

Light Armor- 0 15

Lock Picking - 0 19

One Handed- 0 17

Pickpocket- 1 15

>Pickpocket Mastery (1): Increase pickpocket chance by 20% and carry weight by 50.

Restoration- 0 15

Smithing- 1 15

>Smithing Mastery (1): You can create steel items at an anvil or forge and improve them twice as much.

Sneak- 1 15

> Sneak Mastery (1): Sneaking is 20% more effective.

Speechcraft- 1 23

>Speech Mastery (1): Sell items for 10% more. Your intimidation attempts are twice as likely to succeed.

Two Handed- 0 15

"And all set... Seems I got some interesting racial abilities for being an orc, I'll have to keep that in mind when I get into fights. So, I guess I just wake up?" As I think that I'm taken from my slumber and awaken in a strange bed. It take a moment to process everything before I finally come to.

"Huh, I guess that wasn't a dream seems lik-" I begin to say when a searing pain floods across my body like I'm being roasted alive by liquid lighting.

Making me bellow in orcish rage, severely frightening all who were staying in the house and possibly those deeper within the village.

A young boy, Frodnar, cowers behind Gerdur, her son. She wields a kitchen knife while hiding Frodnar behind her in the corner of the hovel.

As my vision clears and my senses return to myself, the door is busted open by Ralof and her husband, Hod I think it was. Their weapons drawn...

All Perks and Level Ups Applied Successfully… You don't fucking say!!!

"What in Talos's name was that?!" Hod curses while brandishing his firewood ax.

"Silvantus! What's wrong, comrade?!" Ralof shouts trying to draw my gaze, while I hadn't realized the terrifying aura that surrounded me was oppressing those in the room as Ralof slowly approached hand resting on his ax's handle, cautiously awaiting my response.

Finally getting ahold of my faculties, my pounding heart and raging desire for combat finally subsiding as sense returns to me... Shit, who knew orcish blood is so potent, felt like I downed a dozen Red Bull and twice as many painkillers, I just wanted to lunge at Ralof and slam my fist into him…

Taking a breath to center myself, I begin to apologize and bullshit an excuse, "I'm sorry my friend... You remember my history from the travel out of Helgen, yes?" Slowly raising my hands up in a surrender motion while slowly moving to stand.

Ralof turns to Hod, "I think it's best if you and Frodnar get outside and calm down while me and Gerdur speak with Silvantis."

"Yes, I think that's for the best... Come, son!" Hod shouts, jarring Fordnar from his panic causing him to quickly flee the house.

With her son safely out of the house, Gerdur breathes a sigh of relief before taking a seat and lowering her kitchen knife, "What's this about your history?"

I sigh once more while putting my arms down and letting a look of deep depression seep across my face, "My meeting with Ralof and Ulfric was no accident... I'm the sole survivor of a far-off nomadic clan of divinators... I was blessed with future sight greater than that of my kinsmen. I told them of Ulfric's ambush and the greater plights of Skyrim and how they could direct the fate of Tamriel… We fought our way from distant lands, until finally, I had reached the border... But I was the last of my clan, the rest are dead or scattered to the winds... I'm sorry if I scared you and your family Gerdur, but you don't live through the death of your clan without scars. I understand if you need me to leave your home and seek lodging at the inn, thank you for your hospitality so far." I say making my way towards the door with a stoic expression.

"Wait... You need not leave, we were just frightened is all... You can stay as long as you need before heading out to inform the Jarl." Gerdur relents.

Speechcraft Increased to Level 24

Level Increased to 5

Nice, time to begin level and skill grinding here in the safety of the starter village, "Thank you Gerdur, while I appreciate your generosity and understanding I recently heard... What was his name? Sven I think it was? Was shirking his duties at the mill? I would appreciate the employment as I prefer to earn my coin instead of relying on the charity of others." I ask, bowing my head to her.

After pondering for a moment she finally responds, "We're always in need of strong capable hands in the mill, I'd be happy to spare some coin for a competent worker."

"Thank you, I'll wash up in the river and get to work. I'm going to need some supplies and coin as well as some time to train up Lokir to be a competent shield brother and probably help around the village while sticking around to keep it safe until I depart for Whiterun." I say standing up straight and leaving for a dip in the river.

Gerdur sighs before turning to Ralof, "That's one weird Orc... Would almost seem too civil if not for that night terror earlier. He must have suffered a great loss trying to warn Ulfric of the ambush." A look of maternal concern spreading across her face.

Ralof goes to the table and takes a swig of a bottle of mead before continuing, "The horrors he must have witnessed to get all those scars... I'm amazed, lesser men would have surely broken under the burden Silvantus carries... To see the future and to lose all your kin... I can't even fathom it." Ralof downs the mead before laying down to rest.

I make my way to the river and take stock of my new form, stripping away my pilfered armor and other items I finally get a good look at myself in the water's reflection... And I must say... I'm fucking hot!

My body is packed with powerful muscles almost like steel, and there are hundreds of scars across my new body, proving this guy was definitely a warrior before I took over. After my rippling muscles, my next greatest feature would have to be my rugged good looks, I'm definitely a solid 6'7 or 6'8, and aside from my very prominent tusks that almost reach up to my repeatedly broken and reset nose, my eyes are shockingly a piercing purple color, unlike any orcs I have seen before.

Lastly, I have some minor horns from my brow up to my forehead, with a black mohawk of dreads going down to my shoulders and a decent five o'clock shadow growing in. Despite that, I think I still look relatively young, hard to tell with all these fight wounds, I'd say I'm probably in my early twenties? How old do orcs live to be? Shit, should probably head to the strongholds to find out some more info about my race.

"Not bad if I do say so myself, though got to get rid of this mohawk, I'd prefer to let it all grow out." I mumble to myself as I take a sharp rock from the riverside and cut away the hair until I'm completely bald, after washing it all downstream I then do the most important check of all...

Pulling up my loincloth to the side I'm greeted by quite an impressive sight, "That will definitely do quite nicely."

And with that I'll begin my week of tutorial village grinding.

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