Isekai From Hell: Modded Skyrim

Author: Lemon_Square
Video Games
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What is Isekai From Hell: Modded Skyrim

Read ‘Isekai From Hell: Modded Skyrim’ Online for Free, written by the author Lemon_Square, This book is a Video Games Fanfic, covering ADVENTURE Fanfiction, REINCARNATION Fan Fiction, R18 Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: What... What's going? I was watching a video while crossing the street... Did someone hit me? I feel so light... What's ...


What... What's going? I was watching a video while crossing the street... Did someone hit me? I feel so light... What's that sound? Follow my adventures as I live my new life in a beloved game that has aged perfectly due to a wonderful and dedicated modding community.

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I wanted to like this one, but the consistency of the plotting is weak and the MC is largely unlikable. Not to say he's completely unlikable, and he certainly has moments of awesome, but his characterization is subject to abrupt 180s whenever the author wants to farce some drama.


It has its own charm compared to the popular novel going around. I enjoy the fact that it's modded Skyrim so MC may not know or remember everything but knows a good amount of stuff like how he exploits his knowledge in the very beginning. I think it's interesting that the MC is also an Orc The dialogue could be better at times, maybe not even that but the formatting, it feels like there are too many blocks of text/paragraphs where as you you'll see frequent line breaks in other popular novels which make it more pleasant to the eyes Events seem to pass fairly quickly, I like that and it's great to get the plot moving though I hope we have slower points in the future. I haven't read extremely far since I like to let things build up but it has been on my mind to keep reading this. I deal very poorly with suspense and when I feel a novel is good, I want to let it build up more before I get. very invested into it. The release schedule is fairly spaced which I don't blame the author for, everyone needs their own inspiration and writes at a different space. I personally cannot imagine writing a novel so I'm not going to be unreasonable but getting to the point of a daily release schedule if possible, would be amazing. Again, I don't know what author has going on in his life and this could just be a minor hobby. I hope this novel overtakes the other Dragonborn one, I think you could really make this into something special that stays at the top of the "all-time" if you keep at it Praise the lemon square


Play Skyrim, you will get better experience. That is all im gonna say. WORD COUNT WORD COUNT WORD COUNT WORD COUNT WORD COUNT WORD COUNT WORD COUNT.[img=faceslap]


Very enjoyable so far. It’s difficult to find a good Skyrim ff nowadays. Keep up the good work author 👍🏻.


Bruh it is a modded Skyrim you know it's going to be bloody awesome. also I found this picture which has nothing to do with this story just thought it was funny because of the talks about mods 😂.20/10 would recommend...... now time to go back to..... certain chapters.....😂


I'm definitely not leaving another review because I want this to get more views thereby encouraging the author to write more, so I can read more...no, this is definitely not my plan. Author should definitely not give up everything he believes in, lock himself in a room and focus solely on this novel, definitely not


3/1/1/3/5 After reading a bit and then letting it sit for chapters I finally came back to this. Had to delete my previous top review because it doesn't deserve a full 5 stars from me for quite a few reasons. There's yuri for one and werewolf mc for another. Can't recommend this to anyone with taste or who enjoys nirn and/or skyrim.


decent story with good arcs and good writing quality, but it is a pokemon harem, so I don't recommend it if, like me, you don't like pokemon harems


You get five stars for makeing a skyrhim Fic and the fact its a harem im hella hyped now im Tempted to Do anouther playfthough just got a ram upgrade so i can probably get some bigger texture mods and ill need to figure out how to make the physics mod Work never could Get em to work if you know what i mean XD Im finna have 200 Mods lol Just wish some of the older mods were updated lol


Could someone please enlighten me as to if this is a harem or not because honestly I love a good skyrim harem fanfic… so much potential .




A rather well written novel. I kinda dislike all the perv bait in the book, but it can be ignored. You can, and should, skip all the NSFW chapters. The book is definitely going down the Harem route. The MC does not care about preserving the original timeline at all which results in significant changes from the games timelines. Join our combat loving main character as he founds a faction to take over Skyrim. The characters are well written. True to the game but with twists. LOTS of modded characters. So you WILL meet characters which are brand new.


I had some hope when reading this but there are several things I didn't like, one of them is his group, I feel like he takes everyone by the hand, that's necessary in real life but it's very boring to read, I don't like the mc personality but maybe this is not my cup of tea.


im enjoying the quality the story and I definitely loved the games please keep writing I'll be waiting for more chapters to enjoy and immerse myself into


A skyrim fanfic were the mc is an orc! That deserves a 5 stars review. Please don’t drop this!




noharem or harem !!!! noharem pls


I am a elder scrolls lore and game nut I have read every elder scrolls fanfic I can get my hands on and this is one of my top 5. Most elder scrolls fanfics either stick to closely to canon or stray so far that the mc meta knowledge becomes useless. this is one of 5 fanfics on elder scrolls that I can remember that does both very well. And please never make this a premium story. Keep up the fantastic work.


i love the story one of few good skyrim fics i read and i reccomend it.... just a question for author will mc harem sleep together without him like yuri???


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