Is it Wrong to Put Skyrim in Danmachi

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What is Is it Wrong to Put Skyrim in Danmachi

Read ‘Is it Wrong to Put Skyrim in Danmachi’ Online for Free, written by the author One_Fall_Leaf, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ADVENTURE Fanfiction, ISEKAI Fan Fiction, DANMACHI Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Danmachi is a world where it's far too easy to butterfly effect the apocalypse into existence. Sadly our protagonist doe...


Danmachi is a world where it's far too easy to butterfly effect the apocalypse into existence. Sadly our protagonist doesn't have the patience or sense to stay away, so he's now trying to game his way into murdering said apocalypse

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I'd say just taking a peek at the first chapter should get you interested. Let's get to the review. Writing Quality: 5 I can easily tell that the author puts effort into his grammar and presentation not even mentioning how he corrects almost everything that's pointed out at QQ. Long chapters with very little to zero filler and fresh writing style. Story Development: 5 Fast, feels natural, detailed and there's even a good sprinkle of foreshadowing done tastefully. I can see for some it being a bit fast but I'm a guy who likes slow burn and fast paced storys. Overall, top notch stuff. It is early on though it could change, but if it continues to be of this quality it will be worthy of a five star even if it is bit fast. Character Design: 5 Characters aren't ooc and are quite spot on even expanding on what the anime missed on when adapting it. I really enjoyed it a whole lot. Updating Stability: 5 Seems to be 1 chapter every 2 days really crazy for the amount of quality each chapter has. World Background: it's danmachi's world the light novel version of it aka the better one. Always been a big fan of danmachi's dungeon myself though so, I'm a little biased.


5/5/5/4/5 as of ch.4 you are doing well, I would like unique interactions between the magic of skyrim and danmachi to exist in both directions as in good or bad. if MC is dragonborn then there should be interactions between MC and the dragons that he kills even if they only give minor boosts given that they are made by the dungeon and not children of Akatosh like in Skyrim.


Good story so far


very good .


Absolutely amazing. I feel like this fan fiction is quite underrated Grammar is near flawless. But the most impressive thing is that the characters actually stick to their canon self- it is amazing how the author can flawlessly write character interactions who stay true to their personality. They also get expanded upon, but it just feels so natural that it makes them have more depth, without sacrifcing anything or making a character OOC even in the slightest I honestly have nothing much to say. The MC uses his powers quite well. In fact, he took advantage of Alchemy as soon as he learned what his powers were, and he also plans to take advantage of forging. It is great that the MC utilises his 'system' to the fullest potential- though I suppose he could also buy a lot of staff and then sell them, repeat the process and reach max level speech skill, but that is a bit unrealistic as he has just started. Of course, there is also the romance aspect- but not much is currently going on. His interactions with Hestia are great. But as my personal preference, I would hope this is a harem, as Danmachi is a harem anime and well... We have to stay true to the theme of this world, don't we? Anyway, just from what was shown- I believe in the author, and I have faith that whatever romance is written by him will be amazing.... Although I hope it will be a harem, it would be better to let nature take its course. If the MC has multiple partners interested in him, then the next course of action is obvious. And if not... well, as long as it seemed natural and not forced by any external circumstances, then that is fine too


Quite like this so far. Hopefully it will remain entertaining to read in the future too.


Well written and a pretty interesting fic, hope it won't get dropped


What a cool story idea! I really wish to see more of this. The MC feels real, and the characters actions also feel alive rather than an object.


great book unique story with interesting take on characters, make you really think of the world differently.


great story so far 😁.............................




w book, I will read with great interest.


well written, lot of character interactions, not a power trip.


The writing quality and story pacing is great as of chapter 5 with ths main character not being needlessly powerful whule still having potential. The only thing there is to be said negatively is I have no clue how the mc is meant to look.


This is actually amazing. The grammer is superb and the storytelling is phenomenal. Keep going good sir!


Por ahora está muy bien. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] ...............................................................


It's Peak, just happy that there are actually good Danmachi fanfics l.




I'm really loving this fic makes me wanna play skyrim again keep up the good work


Good novel, it's a shame that it updates so slowly.........................................................................................................


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