27 The Simple Consequences

"Hyaaaa!" Lili calls out loudly as she puts strength in her thrust and stabs her spear forward with a monumental force that pierces the head of the targeted goblin true while Jackal... just goes through the motion.

He can utilize his mind now. Although the 'Deity' inside of him spoke a lot of things, Jackal has yet to experience these other changes that the mysterious being informed him of.

'Three souls... into one,' he continues keeping watch while learning various things about the 'phantoms' on top of his head.

He has experimented a little and he feels he has a proficient grasp of what this is.

A secondary effect.

Traits usually are a bundle of tasks that can be initiated with a trigger. Jackal's humble store is triggered by the words— "I want..."

But it also has other sub-triggers which allow him to search through products, enter his filter, and whatnot.

The Death Eater is similar.

Digestion of energy has a secondary effect.

'I always thought... that was it. I reached for a soft cap... no, wait, I thought wrong. I have never reached the soft cap for Blue Papilio but then again, my body was already strong...'

'So,' he assumes, 'As long as my body is strong enough, I can bring the 'effects' of the digested beasts... not to mention... I killed a human. I wonder what I will get from that. I'll check that tonight. Onto more important things...'

Jackal continues to screw around with things on the first floor to understand the limits of this ability and they are rather easy to find.

This ability is triggered with the use of his mind. No, not just thoughts but the flow of energy cultivated in the mind. This means this is an active skill that consumes his mind but this is just the beginning.

Jackal found that the purpose of this skill is to enhance Jackal's body in a manner befitting the said beast. A kobold's phantom lets him roar louder. A war shadow's phantom lets him move in a more agile fashion. A silent goblin lets him move like an owl which produces no sound. A frog shooter lets Jackal jab a similar thrust it would spear out its tongue.

There are restrictions, however. Jackal is not granted War Shadow's shadowy properties. He is not granted dungeon lizard suction cups that let him climb the wall. He is not granted a tough exoskeleton of a Killer Ant.

But... in cases like Blue Papilio, if he has an item bound to the monster's existence, then the item consumes next to nothing when used. That's why, with Blue Papilio's phantom, Jackal could spam Butterfree Era and continue to abuse the Soma Familia.

Jackal can call multiple phantoms at once. He tried six of them and had a nosebleed with his head throbbing like it wanted to bust its grey nut. Right now, Jackal's body is comfortable with two phantoms. And this brings Jackal to the final point.

His body needs to be durable.

His max raw potential is slightly above War Shadow, Killer Ant, Frog Shooter, and Dungeon Lizard combined. But, let's say, if he hits the peak of a stronger monster like a silverback then he is well aware that he can only handle another phantom of a silverback or a greater number of weaker phantoms. Simply put, it's a tradeoff and Jackal can use the phantoms as he sees fit.

'If digestion of energy has this secondary effect... I wonder how I can trigger the secondary effects of consumption and excretion...'

Jackal stops and huffs a soft sigh. He barely feels spent at this moment. Clearly, this trait is extremely beneficial. Not only does it support passive growth but this growth is directly used for active skills!

"Lili, take a break," Jackal calls out calmly as the girl nods and engages the last two goblins with her spear before winning against them and returning with a wide smile. She could easily go for more goblins but rest is necessary.

"You're on support duty now, I want to check something," she smiles and pats the girl since she likes it a lot and unstraps his ax from his waist.

"Of course, Jackal-sama!"

He nods as they begin to walk to find another group of goblins. He won't stay on the first floor for long. Training Lili is a short segment of this dungeon prowl, after half an hour, he intended to get to the 8th floor, even the 9th. His phantoms boost his combat prowess by a lot and he can even use magic items now!

"Oh, yeah, Lili," Jackal smiles as he keeps on looking ahead, "I got us and the kids at Maria's place a skilled teacher. Take is a good fighter. He dusted the floor with my ass easily when you were chatting with Soma. So, we'll leave an hour earlier in the morning. Instead, you get a break for three hours in the afternoon. You can bunk in Maria's place or upstairs and rest."

"You found us a teacher?" She squeaks, "And... I thought I had a better surprise..."

Jackal looks back at her, "What do you mean?"

"Well, Jackal-sama... I didn't want to waste your hardship by just forgiving Soma-sama simply. Even if he wants to change... as hypocritical as it is of me to say this... his feelings will never change the past. So... I emotionally blackmailed him to sign our shop as the only exclusive distributor of all his wines..."

Jackal stops and stares at the girl.


Lili looks up inquisitively, "That's what Ariana did to us by saying she has no mate and stitching is the only thing that gives her a similar joy... right? And I know Zanis used Soma-sama's products to earn a lot of money! Ah! Yes! I also forced him to sell us everything at a 30% discount!"

She smiles widely.

Jackal stares at the girl before muttering, "Fuck... if we weren't in the dungeon, I would have tossed you up and down the air! You're amazing!" He gazes at her unblinkingly, "Truly! You did well! If Soma shows weakness again, bleed him dry!"

"Yes! Jackal-sama!" She grins happily and a bit foolishly one might say as she continues to giggle sporadically.

This news truly is an unexpected stroke of fortune.

'Things are looking up for the store~' He grins happily, too, and thinks about the true purpose of his visit once again.

'Focus... if Mind is used to trigger the secondary of digestion, maybe consumption and excretion has a similar need. But it also needs intent. My body did think for itself reflexively back then and choose the monsters I can call upon.'



The soft echoes of a Goblin's mind-numbing chatter echo through the hall of the dungeon before Jackal and Lili hear the Goblin's dying screech.

'Another adventurer...' he sighs and gives Lili a look before they turn around and choose another direction. Their approach to the dungeon is rather simple— trust no one until supremely stronger than them.

Taking a different direction, Jackal thinks for a moment and decides to try the simplest approach.

'Let your mind flow... man, I also need to try the stuff from Two Piece and see if I can get their cool shit, no, focus! Let the mind flow and focus the intent on the consumption of Death Eater.'

He stares at the group of four goblins who begin to charge in his and Lili's direction the moment they discover the duo and his ax slices forward.

Landing truly to the mark, the ax splits the goblin's head and stabs into the ground as Jackal feels the familiar force of Death Eater slipping inside of him, barely filling the gaps inside of him that needs strengthening and nurturing for his vassal has grown quite a bit. Yet, just when he almost gave up hope...

He looks at the Goblins again with a hazy golden flicker around the rims of his red irides.


He sees... loose strands of threads emerging from the goblin's body and fading into nothingness just a few inches away from its body. All the goblins have these white strands of thread and one... one conspicuously colored red strand of thread.

Jackal stops the flow of his Mind to his eyes and finds the strands disappearing altogether.

And then he reactivates his mind and finds the thread emerging once again.

"Jackal-sama! I should take care of them! I'm completely recovered now!" Lili smiles as Jackal looks at her and then at the cautious goblins surrounding them.

"Fine... aim right here," Jackal points at a spot on his collarbone as Lili tilts her head slightly and then nods.

'That's the spot they have their magic stones in,' Jackal narrows his eyes, 'One crack and they're dead. Thus... their weakest spot. Other white threads are attached to the joints of their limbs and even their eyes... their other weak spots. It doesn't a genius to understand what it means,' sniffing and raising his head proudly, he smiles, 'Thankfully, I'm a genius!'

{Press X for doubt.}

The secondary effect of consumption seems fairly obvious. It shows the weak spots of the species he devours. He tried this on every other monster except Blue Papilio and a Jack Bird which are simply harder to find before delving into the floors beyond 7th and 8th.

Nothing really changes on the ninth floor aside from their first horde of needle rabbits— Cute little cretins with tiny horns on their heads that shriek bloody murder and try to nibble their way into the flesh of adventurers. Even if they are barely stronger than goblins, their agile and jumpy movements make it harder for most, including Lili, to target them but she has experience with this floor like many other supporters and reorients herself to use her crossbow instead of her spear and support Jackal to the best of her ability.

All in all, the night was well-spent, and after they returned and Jackal tucked a reluctant Lili into the bed, he began to cook with a happy hum. Time waits for no man.

Let him cook!


"Lili... you should maybe stay out..." Jackal smiles kindly at her as he pats her head warmly, "This is my tribulation. I shall accept all the responsibility. All the punishments. I promised you, didn't I?"

"Jackal-sama..." Lili looks at him with watery eyes as her small pouty lips part before...

She scowls!

"I'm not leaving you alone with a half-naked Eina-sama!"

Unbothered by their antics and not really half-naked but certainly in a provocative brown gown over her underwear, Eina continues to observe the two with her arms crossed.

"Who said Lili could stay out? Both of you! In!"

"Hey, if you insist—" Jackal chuckles but he is held by his collars and dragged inside while a worried Lili fearing all sorts of 'punishments' follows inside and closes the door behind her.

Waiting for them to set their backpacks down, Eina gazes down at them critically.

"I heard most of it from the team supervisor after Ganesha and Loki Familia submitted their reports on the incident. You... did you really have to go in all alone?" She begins in a softer, inquisitive tone as Lili lowers her head.

Adjusting her glasses, Eina sighs softly, "I'm sorry... I shouldn't be the one to put the two of you down but what you did, for whatever reason, was dangerous. Worrying, no doubt. And you are the one who taught me to remain level-headed... Jackal-san... what happened to you?"

His previous 'host' was calm, truly. But Jackal is far from it. He has his moments but he simply doesn't know how else to live. And... not the kind to lie about what he's feeling, he quietly looks at Eina.

'No doubt... I made her worry. She's very kind... too kind for the current me even but...'

"If I had waited... if I had waited for even a single moment after seeing Lili break down like that and tried to come up with all sorts of excuses or justifications that stopped me from my fist rearranging Soma's face... I would have felt disgusted by myself."

His words silence both of them as he grins, "But hey, I remember what I taught you. That one's on me, no doubt. But I'm really happy you care for me just enough to get angry, too."

Eina stares at Jackal before taking a seat in front of them and letting out an exhausted grunt.

"Jackal-san... you're simply horrible," she looks at the duo gloomily, "I expect Lili hid nothing else from you."

"Did you?" Jackal looks at the pallum who shakes her head sideways quickly.

"So... was that it?" Jackal cocks his head sideways, "I thought you'd tear up a little. Would have made me feel a lot better."

His carefree grin is met with a scoff. Not that Eina would admit she shed tears last night once she had the time to process all of it. Instead, she stares at Jackal calculatingly, "Since you are relieved by my anger, I should truly present some consequences, no? Only because YOU like it so much. Hmm... your four-day break starts tomorrow, right, with the month ending and all. I'll have you chauffeur me and a very peeved Rose-san tomorrow until we are satisfied. This means no dungeon unless we both agree!"

Jackal blinks while the hair on Lili's neck stands erect as she glares at the tough... no, larger and softer competition warily.

"That's all?" Jackal voices in a confused tone.

That doesn't sound like punishment in any manner.

'Oh well, some girls just pose to act smart, I guess...'

"Sure, why not?" Jackal agrees without any qualms as Eina leans forward, "Remember, Jackal-san... you won't be let off until both of us are satisfied with your repentance." This act of bending forward slightly attracts Jackal's gaze down at her fear cleavage for just a moment before he remembers the enemy and looks back into Eina's focused green eyes.

"Yep, got it," Jackal grins.

'No... Jackal-sama... you womanizer...' Lili deflates, 'Don't just fall for obvious traps... wait... does that mean I can use such obvious traps, too? There is hope after all!'

Eina nods and leans back, "Oh, by the way, expect some heavy restrictions on your products from now on. There is a reason why many concoctions from the entertainment district never reach the open side of Orario... you gave the guild those reasons again."

"Eh, I was already thinking of making Butterfree Era my brand. That's no issue," Jackal smiles. These are simply the consequences.

You act up, and you'll get pushed down. That's a simple truth and Jackal accepts it ironically. True strength matters in every world!

The chiding he thought Eina would batter him with was interesting and so was her outfit but Jackal needed to move. Bento's daddy needs to deliver on his promises.

So, setting six bentos on Eina's table, double the usual to appreciate her, Rose, and Misha worrying for him, Jackal leaves with Lili in a jogging pace to their next destination— The Blue Pharmacy.


"Oh, sorry for being late," Jackal enters the room with Miach already present as he met Take and his familia in the storefront already waiting for him, "Let's get this done~! I want to introduce Take and his familia to the kids!"

"But Jackal-sama, they won't be awake this early..." Lili looks up and still tries to dissuade him as he chuckles, "So? The punks want to enter the dungeon, right? It won't have any mercy on them. I got none either... aside from gemlings, of course!"

Now, he couldn't possibly cut the supply of the high-quality crystals that keep the children hooked, right?

"Anything new?" Miach inquires with a smile.

"Hmm, well... there is something new," Jackal takes a seat alongside Lili and nods at Naaza who successfully reverted to her resting face as she nods back calmly.

Shuffling his hand into a frollet, Jackal pulls out an index-finger-length grey spike as he chuckles, "It's another material like the one I made from War Shadow. Anyway, the usual order?"

Naaza nods quietly and the whole exchange happens pleasantly as the group finally gets down to actual business.

"You look well," Naaza smiles shortly as Jackal begins sliding boxes of bento toward her side of the table.

"I think sleeping here in our familia did you two good," she affirms again with a kind nod as Jackal sets the fourth box on her stack.

"But I do remember how inconvenient it was for me to have a clingy Jackal latch onto my right side which almost... sigh... no worries, right? My arm didn't fall off."

Lili holds back a smirk. If she laughs, she loses and the pallum knows it while Miach watches the exchange with an amused expression as Jackal sets the fifth box on the stack.

"And I used a lot of healing potions to recover the pound of flesh taken out from your shoulder but I can't hold you for it, right? You have been very kind to our familia..."

The sixth bento box creates a dignified tower of bento.

"But... sigh, I shouldn't mention this... it was raining then, right? I almost got a cold... but it's fine," Naaza tilts her head and smiles casually, her furry cream-brown tail shuffles a bit and her ears twitch cutely, "I couldn't take my eyes off you. I'm sorry about your uniform but you look better without it."

'Jackal-sama won't fall for it, Naaza-sama!' Lili smirks smugly as Jackal grows silent and then takes out four more boxes and even the tower with a stack of ten bento!

Lili looks at the prominent tower with a blank gaze.

So big...

So wide...

All for Naaza.

Gleefully but hiding her expression well, Naaza begins to stuff the food into her frollet, "Are you sure about this? I can't accept this much kindness..."

Slightly blushing, which surprises the others more, Jackal leans back into the couch weakly, "Just... take it..."

'So... he truly is weak to honest praises and compliments...'

Naaza smiles to herself while Lili whines internally.

Why did her savior have to be so damn EASY!

"We'll swing by after closing the store to supply you with a bit more products. The store will be closing off tomorrow for four days after all."

"Oh, that reminds me," Miach looks at Jackal, "A few gods and goddesses have contacted me and Loki asking if your patron deity would be joining us in Denatus at the end of the month... by the way, you did level up, right?"

"No, not really, still level 1. Just the most badass breed, I guess," Jackal shrugs as Naaza hums, "Indeed. You showed them, didn't you?"

He takes a deep breath and puckers his lips while fighting back the red dusting on his cheeks. He could face insults and monsters but an honest-to-a-god flirting? Now that shit's crazy!

"Anyway!" Jackal redirects the conversation while making up his mind to draw up even better cheesier one-liners that leave the girls speechless so none dare teases him again, "My patron deity won't be joining."

He keeps it simple.

He has no god or goddess, so, they cannot join.

"Really?" Miach hums and sighs, "Well, Denatus can be brutal in a way. Go on, don't keep Take and his familia waiting."

Jackal nods while tossing Naaza a sidelined stare which she matches with an equally stoic look as if silently jeering— I got your lunch, bitch, what now?

'My vengeance will be just as terrifying...' Jackal looks away with a pout.

Who knew women can be shameless, right?

Roberta never was...


'Naaza is a veteran Saleswoman. She's got the experience... first Syr and now this Chienthrope. Building a harem out of honest women will be so damn hard...'


She has been feeling anxious since that night. Oh, she heard about three men going down on each other in reckless abandon the next morning alongside someone storming the Soma Familia and decimating it literally from Syr.

Not knowing what to say and a little surprised that Syr even visited them with a basket of food the next day since she had chosen to stick to the weekend visits, Maria felt extremely guilty about not telling her the truth...

But it wasn't Maria's place to speak about it and the matron knew that well.

Still, even with a surprise visit from Syr, she could not feel her stress loosening one bit.

His expression... the sheer rage in his eyes continues to resurface in her mind like a constant reminder of what is to come should someone make Lili, or anyone close to him for that matter, cry out of malice.

For once in her life, besides constant worry, Maria experienced a tinge of envy. It's a sick emotion that bloomed within her that day which only stoked the flames of her anxiousness further.

Unknowingly, she observed Syr. Young, beautiful, and kind. More than helpful and playful. A perfect package that any man would be lucky to have. But this bred a bit of bitterness in her.

Her husband never returned... what if he, too, doesn't return?

Yes, she heard what happened to Soma Familia...

But what about him?

Is he hurt?

Even alive.

The children around her could sense her mood, too. She was snappier than usual and felt every bit as guilty as she felt annoyed at barking at the children to not do something stupid. Anything.

She felt sick. Syr's kind gesture of hugging her goodbye relieved a bit of anxiousness within Maria but that was it.

She was alone again.

She has her children, yes, but they grow. They will live beyond her. But... yesterday night, she wanted someone close. Someone that would hold her in a kind embrace and warm her up during the utter downpour that Orario faced.

Oh, and look at that.

She still feels sick this morning.

Although it's only been a few weeks at best, she looked forward to opening the door for a grinning Jackal as he would present her with food. Again, the food from Hostess of Fertility is still better but... Maria would choose his bento over any other's outlet anytime. She feels even she can cook better but just for the morning... she feels reluctant.

She wants to receive his cooking. His smile always brightens her day and her afternoon is always great as she looks forward to eating lunch with him... and his other friends.

Despite her... indignation, she stills when she hears a familiar knock.

She'd almost lost hope for today, too. After all, he is late.

But deep down, she prays that he is without any injuries, and if he isn't... she prays for the strength to do what's right— pull him into the orphanage, clean his wounds all over again, and bandage him by herself because she won't be reassured any other way.

Taking a deep breath, she cleans her hands with her apron and twists the knob of the door before pulling it open.


The bright grin greets her again, announcing the break of the dawn. Her body and mind pay no heed to the group around him that follows behind him as she leaps forward with a wide grin of her own decorating her face.

Her tackle is just and harsh.

He shall face her embrace with all his might.

His face shall endure the bundled knot of anxiety stuck in her chest as she pulls him in with tears flickering from the corner of her eyes.

A hero who rages for another?

He deserves a lashing and a warm welcome to make her worry like this.

It's a sick emotion, truly.

And it never was envy.

Far worse from it, truly.

"Took you long enough!" He lets them fall back as she continues to nuzzle her face against his head as he spasms on the ground.

"A- Aghhh! Jackal-sama! Don't lose for the third time!" Maria hears Lili's yelp, "Fight back with all you got!"

And feeling the rapidly hardening spare handle of his ax strapped under his trousers, Maria could verify that Jackal IS fighting for his life and honor as his hand slowly coils around her back gently, letting her sigh in relief.

'He wins again...' She sighs as she closes her eyes, 'It's only appropriate to spoil him a little after he has spoiled me rotten for weeks...'


"Oh, please to meet you, Takemikazuchi-sama," Maria smiles as she serves the group tea and sits at the table, too. As if oblivious to how others keep staring at her, Maria looks at the god in front of her and nods, "I feel like I'm constantly just helped by Jackal and Syr in various manners and that's true..." she chuckles, "But I cannot just say that this is not beneficial for the children. They... they will have a higher chance of survival in the dungeon with better training," as Takemikazuchi assures her, "Not just training. If they are serious about improving themselves and understand the meaning of safety..."

Saying this, Take glances at Jackal who puffs his chest out with a wide grin as if claiming the title of the safest adventurer pridefully.

"I will make sure none turn out like Jackal."

"And to think we shared that night with Miach... tch," Jackal shakes his head as the members of his familia and Maria cough out their tea in an instant!

"The truth is," Takemikazuchi laughs in an honest manner, "We can really use the money. If possible, I would teach the children of this orphanage for free should they ask but... there are times when I have to let go of my pride and empathize with the beauty of mortality. It goes without saying that I will not pamper any children during the training. In matters of life and death, stone-cold discipline and the ability to make tough decisions triumph above all."

"And while your familia members are out trying to find new opportunities, Lili and I will have our training sessions, too during any break time we get so Maria, I got you a very capable nanny in the package of a trainer!"

Maria purses her lips and then smiles, "Could I learn a little about self-defense, too? If it's not a lot to ask?"

Takemikazuchi looks at his familia before Asuka grins, "Sure thing! I and Chigusa started with simple sessions due to our weaker strength compared to the rest in the beginning. We can help you around if we don't have anything to do. Since our main objective is to earn money, it matters not if it is sourced from the Dungeon or employment."

Knowing that all these children are orphans, too, Maria instantly developed a sense of maternal bond with them which made the six of them very happy.

But Jackal quietly looks around.

'Damn... I pull all sorts of Orphans, don't I? I don't think I ever heard about Naaza's parents, too... oh, wait, Eina's got them. Good for her.'

"Lili, why don't you start with lessons now?" Jackal looks at her, "I'll open the shop and deal with a few troublesome early customers... if what you said about Soma is true then... She's going to be an uncontrollable bitch again..."

"Who?" Take looks at Jackal curiously as stands to prepare for another battle. He may have almost been defeated by Maria... but his day has not ended just yet. It's only the morning.

"Loki, who else?" Jackal groans before snickering, "I'll enjoy this, hehehe~!" He walks away while snickering to himself all sorts of things.

"Loki... THAT Loki?" Mikoto looks at Lili as the pallum sighs, "She is like a flatter Jackal-sama... no class and all evil!"

Lili is learning truly well under Jackal.

"Alright, I'll wake the children—" Maria begins when Take smiles. Every bit of kindness in his expression recedes as all six of his children shiver.

"Martel-san," Takemikazuchi smiles formally, "Let us. The training begins now."

The man stands and his children simply cannot sit because of this and they, too, get up before marching to the upper floor.

"Well, it's alright~ I'm feeling very lazy today," Maria giggles and sprawls against the table.

"Nnghh! Maria-sama! What is your game here?! You just hugged Jackal-sama alone!"

"Ara? How forgetful of me. Come here, Lili!"

"Agh! No, get away! Your hugs feel evil now! They are large and deceitful ploys!"

"You don't get to resist the punishment either~!"

"Noooooooo— pompfh!"


She will wait. Unlike that fool who has yet to cherish her presence, she has come to enjoy each insult she hurls at him. With Ais and others gone, he shall be the release she desires... especially after seeing the events of that night.


It is loved by all gods. They want their children to rise, carve their names into the annals of history, and leave a resounding legend. Above all, this is the true high the divine seeks in Gekai and that night... when his fists and words crushed Soma's will, she saw a flicker of that glory birth into him.

Legends... Manifests.

That's the truth, plain and simple. Legends are carved into one's soul and even if someone doesn't have falna does not mean these legends do not affect a mortal. They do. They impact a mortal in mysterious ways that attract lust, envy, and admiration of the divine.

And some legends refuse to pass away. They return. They always do.

Silently, with a wide smirk, Loki lets others enter with the guild officer being the first. It doesn't take a moment for Loki to deduce that given Jackal's nature, he may have opted to let his shop function as a private enterprise.

This has its own merits and demerits.

Yes, the guild cannot MAKE you take quests in times of emergencies however they deem fit in this case. But his products need to be handled to a more recognized and controlled route as a private enterprise, as long as he is in Orario.

Of course, the underlying hint of strength is not lost. His actions of beating Soma... ruffled some feathers, to say the least. It even had her own ichor boiling in excitement!

As the last customer, another amazoness leaves in disappointment, Loki puts her game face on and barges in.

He shall get no rest!

"Yo! Attracted quite a group of amazoness did you?"

He looks at her with a scowl but the excitement seeping through his gaze is hard to cover.

She knows in an instant that the 'boy' knows how to appreciate chaos given class and the best divine ass.

"They just wanted more Lust Potion. Guild just handed me a list of vendors to who I can sell Lust and Lazy Potions but then again, they can only control the distribution, not the price. All those ladies have bordellos under Ishtar's name."

"Hoh, I could smell it," Loki snickers and unruly sits on a chair with the spine of the chair facing forward.

"So? Enjoying the fame? You sold out all the Butterfree Eras, too. Where's Lili? The source of your troubles?"

Loki adopts a pleasant expression as she pokes where it hurts.

"I don't know," He replies with a smirk, an equally disastrous set of words rolling off the tip of his tongue.

"Where's Soma? Oh, that's right. Busting his ass to prepare wine only for me."

This hurt.

This hurt a lot.

Her precious Soma, too, is held under Jackal like all her children in her imagination.

"Hngh!" She snorts, "I hear you're switching sides. Spiking men to have their way with each other and even letting Miach and Take strip search you... hmm, always knew you had it in you!"

"You know what? I'm damn proud it's hunks like Miach and Take who saw my divine form, too. That's the first step towards being divine bros... and better be gay than a cuck. How is it? Am I still fucking Riveria in your mind right enough to fill her with new elven heritage?"

"You bastard!"

"Says the bitch!"

They curse, they swat hands, they share bento in time of respite, and by the end of it, both feel their throats sore.

Panting, they glare at each other for a while before deflating.

"Let me reach rank 6," He huffs, "I'm gonna raid your mansion and curb-stomp you one of these days!"

"That's before Finn skewers you! Or worse, kek, Tione!"

"That reminds me, I'll have a chat with Tione about your imagination. I hear that she is fiercely loyal to Finn and doesn't like anyone discrediting her integrity... heh," he laughs as he sees her pale slightly.

"You wouldn't!"

"Try me!"

"Don't tempt me!"

He scoffs and crosses his arm in contempt, "You don't have what it takes. You wish I'd let you be the first goddess I sleep with! It's gotta be a hottie... heh... like Demeter~!"

Her lips twitch, "Demeter's the Goddess of harvest and agriculture! A pinky-sized carrot or a radish has a better chance than you!"

"I'll paint it, dumbass!"

"Dumbasses are the ones who paint their dicks, moron!"

"You don't know that!"

"I'm looking at one!"

They continue until a tired Lili returns from her spar with Mikoto and Ouka after training a few basic stances of spear under Takemikazuchi's tutelage alongside other children.

Without a doubt, Loki and Jackal enter into a staring contest and silently understand the rule.

The first one to blink loses.

But Loki has eyes that can barely register blinks.

So, Jackal tosses a gemling at her which she catches promptly and blinks in surprise...

She blinks.

"You lose." His lips stretch into a smug, shit-eating grin!

"Damn you, Jaaccckkkkkkk!"


Alternate Title: Threads of Fatality; Death Perception; Jackal is Ready for a Sacrifice to Eina; Eina's Understanding; The Capital Punishment; Let him Cook!; Naaza's Gentle Exploitation; A Wide and Thick Present for Naaza; Maria's Day Brigtens; Jackal Fights for his Life; The Club Awakens; Take in Military Mode!; Lili Falls into Large Traps of Flesh; Jackal's True Weakness... Girls *Ironic*; The True Hate Boner Legend; Bordello's Go To Daddy; Jackal Wins... but at What Cost?


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