Is it Wrong to Employ Cute Girls in a Store?

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What is Is it Wrong to Employ Cute Girls in a Store?

Read Is it Wrong to Employ Cute Girls in a Store? fanfiction written by the author FanHarem on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, r18, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Is it wrong to employ cute girls? As a slave, yes. In Orario? No. As store employees? Definitely No. The man lives his new life in peace while being a store owner that is intent on breaking the market while also being a part-time hero. His sense of equality and density is feared and admired by women of all nature. He slaps a face just as hard as he spanks an ass. Wait, no, they like it? Abort the mission, soldier! This city is filled with thirst deeper than the folds of the Dungeon! And Loki, get your flat ass off the counter! No... I don't find your qualities admirable as a god or... my landlord. *Hate Boner Goes Brrrrrrrrr*

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Finding a captivating novel on this platform can be a challenge, given the countless options available, especially when the quality of the novels leaves much to be desired. FanHarem, the author of this novel, can be trusted to write good novels that fully explore the personalities of his characters. Although the author's previous works may have garnered a loyal following, it's important to review this new novel objectively, without simply relying on the author's reputation. As such, the novel in question is not without its flaws, but it is an enjoyable read overall. Admittedly, the first chapter is a major stumbling block that may discourage some readers from continuing with the story. The lack of clear explanations in the first chapter can be frustrating and confusing, especially for those who are not familiar with the author's previous works. The main character's ramblings and constant references to things the reader doesn't understand can be off-putting, and the sudden shifts in the storyline, from the main character's death to meeting a random being to suddenly existing in a different world, feel disjointed and abrupt. However, once you get past this hurdle, the story really takes off. The main character is interesting and well-developed, with a unique trait that sets him apart from other protagonists in the genre. He's an orphan who was picked up by a rich, "evil" family in his original world, and he possesses a trait that allows him to create duplicates of any item he pays for, essentially giving him an infinite supply of items, granted someone in the world had sold that item at one point in time. Having died, he gains a new trait similar to gluttony, allowing him to kill things and gain strength like falna. Now he finds himself in the world of Danmachi, where he becomes embroiled in a new set of adventures. The dialogue is well-written and flows smoothly, and the supporting characters are equally well thought-out. Even minor characters add depth and dimension to the story. The author's writing style is engaging and immersive, making it easy for readers to become fully invested in the story. Furthermore, the dialogue helps to flesh out the main character as a kind, yet somewhat annoying character, similar to Loki. This helps to create a more well-rounded and relatable protagonist, with whom readers can empathize and root for throughout the story. One area where the novel falls short is in its portrayal of romance. The romantic relationships seem to be based solely on the main character's looks, and the female characters are often only interested in him because of his appearance. It's worth noting that these characters have only known his soul-less robot version until now when he ‘woke up’, so the sudden attraction to his new joyful and annoying personality can be confusing. Additionally, the fact that the main character lacks a god supplying falna, despite him frequently traveling to the dungeon, is often ignored by other characters, which can also be frustrating. However, these issues are not enough to detract from the overall quality of the story. Overall, while the first chapter is a significant hurdle to overcome, the novel is definitely worth reading. The story is well-crafted, the characters are interesting, and the dialogue is engaging. If you can get past the initial confusion, you will likely find yourself drawn into the world of the novel and eager to see where the story goes next. So, if you're looking for a well-written story, you have found it.


Honestly, I never watched a single episode of the show, but knowing the author's other works, assures me that this right here, will be another masterpiece, just like all his other works


Although the description is a bit strange, I think I've gotten used to this author's peculiar humor... you see his other works, and they're good, so I recommend that you give him a chance at least.


Good story about a mentally impaired child who thinks he's a dog. his name is Jackie the jackal. at least that's what I call him. Not a fan of danmachi fanfics that don't join familias. its the literal foundation of the story but authors on here get desperate to be different. I guess his power helps with that but regardless. unneeded, as the last ten danmachi fanfics have followed the same pattern. None have been impressive so far but we will see how this turns out. Idk how I feel about a mentally impaired guy getting the attention of women who ignore his brand of crazy but I do find the story overall decently humorous with its unique MC and perspective. story takes some getting use to but it smooths out and feels natural after a few chapters. overall an odd but entertaining story.


Yes yes it is you idiot to only hire cute female employees.


come on man.. Reverend Insanity when? 😭😭


This is a great read........I have read your previous work and loved them so I gonna give this a try..........but please don't drop this please.......................


It's actually really, really, really sad that this is on hiatus. Easily one of my favorites on WN. Really well written, fun story, with the right amount of combat mixed in.


Another novel from my favorite fanfic author. What else to say? Pinned review says judge objectively but I'll just say...


Finally, after a long time, I found a Fanfiction with an interesting idea and good implementation. To be honest, I don't even know what to complain about. It is interesting to read, gives positive emotions, is updated frequently, the grammar is normal, and what else do you like from fanfiction? I recommend to everyone.


truly captivating story and amazing character


Sé que no eres de escribir NTR, pero debo asegurarme, ¿Habrá NTR? espero que no... lo odio.


One of if not the best I’ve read please continue bro🙏


Did you drop this? .


Love the story, keep up with the great work.



a good novel...............................




This may be my new favorite work by this author. the humor is on point. characters seem believable. just needs a touch more relationship progression.




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