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This is a DxD Au There will be many changes , dont want to hear anyone crying over them. Vali Lucifer is a character I dislike , like I would one shot that mf if I had the strength , like I don't want an edge lord emo with daddy issues barking after my ass looking for a fight just cuz he is a fighting maniac. But...... what if Vali isn't Vali but Valina Lucifer, a girl with daddy issues ? a fighting maniac girl ? kinda wifu material not gonna lie. So if there are snowflakes who get offended by the slightest bit of change in a fanfic , then please don't read because I will lose my braincells reading your dumb comments about gender swap and how I changed the gender of the orginal character in a 'fanfic'. It's called a fanfic , and I'll do what I want with my version. Slow pace Check the tags before reading , I don't want anyone complaining about mindless things. Warning Tags Incest. Netori (MC will cuck others) Expect smut. ....... Pat**on: patreon.com/Life_Sa_Beach

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4. Revelations II

Venelana's gaze was serious as she gazed at the blue dragon in front of her. She could see the rage emanating out of it as its gigantic blue eyes gazed at her.

She knew who this was, and that made her depressed even more. Of all the dragons she had to encounter, why did she have to meet one of the strongest?

'Chaos Karma Dragon'


Venelana thought gravely in her mind. She didn't sign up for this shit!


A small shockwave was produced as the dragon landed in front of them causing their clothes and hair to flutter.

Tiamat didn't say anything but just glared at the people in front of her. She was filled with rage, nearly making her go berserk.

The reason for this was in front of her...


Venelana was tense as she stared at the dragon in front of her who just glared at her without doing anything.

Suddenly she tensed when she saw Tiamat slowly leaning down toward her, Venelana didn't try to make any unnecessary moves but just held Vivian a little tighter. But she failed to notice the sparkling eyes of the one she held in her arms...

Venelana gazed at Tiamat who was just a few centimetres away from her body, she could clearly see the steam coming out of her mouth, both Venelana and Grayfia stayed put but they were alert all the time.


'Oh Shit!'


Venelana's eyes suddenly widened in horror as she stared at her little baby who suddenly slapped the dragon on the face.

She turned to gaze at him with a smile uglier than crying but gazing at his innocent eyes she just took a deep breath, jumped back a little, and prepared for battle.

But the dragon seemed out of it as it just stayed there petrified...

Tiamat, who was known as Chaos Karma Dragon, wasn't exactly a simple dragon.

She could be said to be the reincarnation of the Primordial Babylonian goddess or at least what was left of her after her so-called children killed her.

Tiamat like every dragon was lazy by nature because dragons from their time of birth were forces of nature, just simply existing makes them stronger. Thus they like to sleep a lot.

Tiamat in particular liked to hoard treasures and would rather die than give up her treasures. If you can beat her in combat, that is another story.

Ddraig that stupid dragon! He borrowed her treasures to fight against his so-called stupid rival.

She believed in Ddraig because he was a dragon but who thought this idiot would go ahead and die, losing her treasures in the process!

Although she was a little salty about it, she was just too lazy to go out of her way to find Ddraig who was now sealed in sacred gear. Isn't it better to take a nap?

Even Ajuka couldn't beat her, but she couldn't beat him either. Thus she had to begrudgingly agree to be the referee for any of the top rating games where the players are above Mid Ultimate class.

With her attainments in space magic, she could easily hold the Rating dimension together.

In return, Ajuka would make sure no devils would disturb her. Acceptable, she was a lazy dragon anyway, going out once or twice a decade to be a referee isn't that bad. She will get paid too!

Today was also such a day for her, lazing around admiring her treasures, cursing Ddraig's nine generations for losing her treasures.

Or at least it should have been like that until she felt that aura. Even if she was in another plane she would sense it.

After sensing it, she only felt unbridled rage. Her dragon heart was working overtime as she started to lose control.

But Tiamat held back her anger and thought about it, the aura she sensed was just like her own.

Tiamat never had any children, and her previous reincarnation did not count as she was no longer the same person. So the only possibility was some worm dared to clone her.

Tiamat may be a bit muscle-headed, but can you blame her? Why do you need strategies when you can brute force anything and everything?

She didn't know how they got hold of her genes but over the countless centuries, she had fought with countless beings and may have shed some blood. Who would have thought somebody would use that?


Tiamat let out a roar filled with fury, whoever this was, they were pushing it.

You do not step on a dragon's pride.

And trying to use her genes to clone her certainly doesn't make her pleased.



Tiamat was stunned because that touch seemed to have sent a jolt of electricity through her.

Dragons are fiercely protective of their young ones and right now it seemed as if Tiamat's instincts were being awakened.

She could feel the unmistakable connection, she didn't show any reaction… but this wasn't just some no-name clone...

It was no doubt…

Her child.


Venelana was gazing warily at the dragon who seemed to not be moving. But she won't let her guard down, Tiamat had just been slapped in the face, a child or not she didn't think a dragon would take kindly to being slapped in the face.

But while she was in her thoughts she suddenly was surprised when she saw the light covering Tiamat's body as she started to shrink slowly, while her form started to shift.

After the flash of light what was in front of her was a voluptuous woman with pale blue hair and dark blue eyes wearing a blue dress with an icy demeanour surrounding her.

Venelana was dumbfounded when she saw the woman, not because of her beauty but because of the bomb dropped in her mind.

Now she knows...

Who 'Subject Y' is…


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