15 Serial murderer, joint pursuit by the Three Countries

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Cui Enxi's narration began, and there was no other sound in the conference room.

Zhang Zhi tapped on his computer and entered the information into the database, trying to find more information.

Jiang Qing quickly recorded what Cui Enxi was saying.

"Li Chunzai, male, 40 years old, from the Great Han City."

"Started killing people in Great Han City twenty years ago. Killed 23 women in eight years."

"The age range of the victims is very broad. The youngest is only 13 years old, and the oldest is 71 years old. All the victims were raped and killed, and they were brutally sexually abused before they died."

As Chui Enxi explained, the entire conference room fell silent, and everyone's faces turned grim.

Li Chunzai's cruelty far exceeded the standard of ordinary serial murderers.

Han Ning felt that this person was somewhat similar to the serial murders cases he had worked on in his previous life.

The murderers in both cases only targeted women, and they had the habit of covering the victim's face when they committed crimes.

A murderer who was also a rapist was usually calmer, more meticulous, and more thorough than a murderer who only killed for pleasure. It was also not easy to track their traces.

Li Chunzai, for example, had committed crimes for eight consecutive years without being caught once. He had even gotten married and had children like a normal person during these seven years. There was no doubt about his mental strength.

Han Ning even felt that he was deliberately giving the police clues in the last act. If he wanted, he could have probably continued hiding.

If Li Chunzai did not expose himself, this serial murder case would most likely become an unsolved case.

Furthermore, this person had hidden himself too well. In the eyes of his friends and neighbors, he had always been a gentle, kind and successful man. During the investigation, the police did not hear anyone say anything bad about him.

The last victim was killed five years ago. It was Li Chunzai's sister-in-law.

It was also because of this case that the Great Han City police locked the suspect onto Li Chunzai, who was the victim's brother-in-law, and linked him to the serial killer of the city.

This led to a follow-up investigation and allowed this killer to finally surface.

Li Chunzai was prepared to be exposed after the crime and had already set up a smuggling route before the police found him.

Five years ago, after he had smuggled himself out of the country, the Korean police had lost all clues and could no longer find any information related to him.

Until now.

"It wasn't until Li Chunzai killed someone in Thailand that we discovered his tracks again. It has been five years since he secretly left Grand Han City."

Chui Enxi paused for a moment to let everyone digest the information.

Han Ning and Zhang Zhi looked at each other. Then, Zhang Zhi nodded, indicating that he had found Li Chunzai's information in the database.

After a while, Cui Enxi continued.

"Li Chunzai killed a local tycoon in Thailand this time. The Thai police are very concerned about him. They contacted us when they tracked down Li Chunzai and formed this international homicide investigation team."

Cui Enxi's face darkened as she spoke.

"When our men arrived in Thailand, this guy was like a mouse. We were always one step too slow in our pursuit. In the end, we found out that Li Chunzai was planning to sneak into Hong Kong."

"Moreover, we discovered that there seemed to be a hidden faction behind him. This faction would constantly help him escape and would even send him information about his victims.

Another hidden faction!?

When Han Ning heard this, he frowned and looked disgusted.

Be it Butterfly or this new hidden faction, he was very resistant to these rats hidden underground.

"Regarding this hidden faction… I'm sorry, we didn't manage to find any effective clues. We only know that they are rather rich and powerful. They are well hidden."

Han Ning ignored Chui Enxi's apology.

He noticed that before the other party said her last sentence, she gave Division Chief Park a very obscure look.

Han Ning's lips curled into a half-smile as he stared straight at Chui Enxi.

Chui Enxi, who was still standing in front of the stage, felt the pressure again.

After keeping it together for a while, she started to sweat.

Division Chief Park kept winking at her.

Han Ning was even more certain now. What important information were they hiding? What else did they find out about this mysterious faction?

Zhou Zhan looked at Han Ning with confusion.

"Since we will be working on this case together, I think it's best if everyone can be as honest as possible."

Han Ning spoke slowly. The expressions of the three police officers from Thailand changed slightly. They were in disbelief.

It was likely that the Korean side and the Thai side had already planned to hide this hidden organization's information before coming to Hong Kong. As for their motive, it was easy to guess.

They wanted to use the advantage of information to catch the culprit before Han Ning did.

Division Chief Park didn't understand Chinese, so he didn't know what Han Ning was talking about. He turned to Chui Enxi and waited for her to explain.

As she explained, Division Chief Park's expression changed.

After a long silence, he shook his head at Cui Enxi.

Although Han Ning already found out that they were hiding something, he still didn't want to give up the information.

"Team Leader Han, I'm sorry. We really don't have any more information to give you."

Cui Enxi nervously watched as she relayed Division Chief Park's message.

Han Ning tapped his left index finger on the table. This was a habit he had when he was thinking.

Zhou Zhan finally understood what Han Ning meant.

"Since that's the case, let's end today's meeting here. Since you guys have nothing else to say, then I can only wish everyone here the best of luck."

Han Ning smiled brightly as he asked them to leave.

"Division Chief Han, we will need your cooperation for the next investigation."

Chui Enxi became anxious when Han Ning asked them to leave. They had yet to discuss their next plan.

"We understand the case now. The information we have is enough for us to carry out the follow-up," Han Ning insisted.

"As for cooperation, I think it's unnecessary. Since you're not willing to cooperate with us by sharing the information, then you can work on the case yourself."

Han Ning finished his last sentence coldly and left the conference room.

The three people from his team followed behind him and left quickly.

They left the conference room before Chui Enxi could even ask them to stay.

Since they were already gone, they couldn't see Division Chief Park's furious expression. He only stopped cursing after being comforted by Chui Enxi.

"Brother Han, are we going to leave just like that?" Jiang Qing asked softly from behind.

"What's there to be afraid of? They were the ones who didn't cooperate first. We're just giving them an eye for an eye." Zhou Zhan was the least afraid of trouble and said nonchalantly.

"It's fine. Don't worry about them. I think Zhang Zhi probably found some information on that mysterious organization. We'll take care of the rest ourselves," Han Ning said calmly.

"Well, we only have a bit of their traces, so we'll still need some time to analyze it more carefully."

Zhang Zhi's words stunned Jiang Qing. After all, Jiang Qing didn't see any communication between the two of them in the conference room just now. Why did it seem like Han Ning knew about this?

Zhou Zhan wasn't surprised at all. He continued to walk leisurely towards the office.

Only Jiang Qing was perplexed.

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