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Instantly My Boyfriend


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[COMPLETED, ALL FREE] “Buns, we should just expose our relationship. Why are you so set on keeping it a secret?” ---- Upon her parents' suggestion, Zurich had accepted Johann as her boyfriend, even though she likes someone else. But one day, Johann went abroad, without ending their relationship! When Johann suddenly returned, Zurich became confused, whether he still considers her as his girlfriend or not! But what exactly is their relationship status, when Zurich still likes the other guy? Will she learn to like Johann too, or will Johann stop liking her? ---- PREVIEW: "What do you want from me?" I asked them, pretending to be naive. They all glared at me, and one of them stepped forward, "You're awfully very close with Johann," she said as she crossed her arms, "What's your real relationship with him?" "I…" I was speechless. What were these girls trying to do? "Answer," she said in a cold tone, "I asked you… What is your real relationship with Johann?!" "I… We're-" Johann suddenly came rushing from the cafeteria and cut me off, "Why do you want to know our real relationship?" he stood in front of me. The group of girls panicked a little, but the one who was asking me a question was the most courageous one, and so she responded, "Johann, we were just curious. That's all." "Hmm? Curious?" Johann uttered. He grinned as if excited to speak up, "Then... I'll tell you my real relationship with Zurich. She's my-" ---- BOOK COVER: Commissioned! Art by @omichiart on IG ---- AUTHOR's NOTE: This is one of my stories which I made during my highschool days, so this is special for me~ The original story had only 2,500 words in total and I have expanded it and revised it to more than 4,000 words! There are some deviations from the original in terms of pacing and I have omitted some scenes, but the sequence of events and the ending is still the same. This is a short story! I hope you'll like it! ---- [Part of my personal project "Revisions of my Highschool Novels"] ---- Official Instagram: @ainawang.official Official Discord: https://discord.gg/HYkU3Rr Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ainawang


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