9 Ch-8

August 1st, 1994

Daniel-"You must be the Grangers it is wonderful to meet you all, my name is Daniel Armstrong welcome to my home please come in."

Mr.Granger-"It's our pleasure thank you for the invitation we haven't been able to see Magic since the Professor came and visited us."

I motioned them to follow and had the UnS take their bags up to one of the guest chambers which they gave me a look as did Hermione as they had not seen anyone us Magic without a wand.

The girls were already whispering back and forth about something while I give a tour of the Estate grounds.

Our last stop in the library where I expected Hermione to spend most of her time here as it hold the entirely of the Armstrong Library which hold times from production magic to enchanting.

Even a couple of books written by me about DND magic and it's infraction with HP-Wizards.

Daniel-"This my Library you are all welcome to use it, Hermione you should find a number of these books are older than Hogwarts itself so so be careful and mindful that they were written in a very different time.

Rose, if you do not mind I have some things to take care of till mid day so if you excuse me I have a meeting with a very stubborn blacksmith and a metal Press."


While Rose was interrogated by her friend I made my way to the side building where my personal forge had been set up with it a weird mix of mundane and magical materials and Custom made equipment that allowed me to cut the cost and speed that I took to enchant items.

An older man by the name of Alan MacCormack who was a Squib from Ireland that had "borrowed" a number of books from his family before being exiled.

We where here to conduct two experiments, one to see if a squib could make wards or enchant items as their had been a variety of conflicting reports on the subject. Two if using machine or automatic tools damage the enchanting process as in theory neither should impact as the runes are what channels the ambient magic.

The first test was just Alan who was doing everything by hand, we decided to make something easy so a enchant so a simple standing lighter that was enchanted to have a never ending flame.

It started out normal hammering and fusing the metal into shape till the final process where Alan began etching the runes in by hand. As he did this the magic in the room began to shift, when normally it would be flowing into the item through the wizard.

Instead the magic entered the lighter unevenly causing the the runes to flair and to heat, till I had to cast cooling charms on Alan.

When he finally finished we examined lighter it resembled a DND magic item than a HP one as it had "charges" like a dnd item if used by a non wizard as it could be used only 10 times a day before it needed to be recharged at the next dawn.

But in the hands of a wizard or high concentration of magic it could be used as many times as they wanted.

While disappointing it was a huge breakthrough as it proves Squibs could use some form of magic, I decided to handle the mechanized experiment.

It proceeded like the previous but at a way higher speed with mechanized hammers and a caution press that inscribed runes.

With myself acting as a regulator for the magic it allowed the enchantment to preform as normal and allowed Alan to use it as normal.

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