4 Ch-4

POV Rose

June 18th, 1994

She had more family, extended family but family and they were magical like her, she was conflicted had always wanted family that cared for her and she felt that connection somewhat with Sirius but he needed medical help to deal with all of his trauma. He had offered to take her to mundane (She was going to steal that) London as a place that was public to make her more comfortable since he was a perfect stranger, he even told her she was more than welcome to bring a friend with her but she wanted to meet him one on one.

When she told the Dursleys they had this weird look in their eyes and told her to go, but she wasn't one to question.

So she wrote him back saying that she will meet him of the 20th as it was a Saturday and head to central London to eat and see the sights.



June 20th, 1994

I felt my charges build up again while I was getting in the car that was on the property, I put the magical charge in into *DND Wizard 2* and chose my arcane tradition which I chose order of scribes as it allowed me to use my spell book as a wand and the wizardry quill which I can use to write out all the spells in my head without having to focus on it.

For the mundane I put another charge in chemistry as it would help me work on potions and alchemy in the future, since just that charge alone would cut my potion making time in half.

I then made my way to Rose to enjoy the day.

Rose and I decided to meet at park on the outer edges of London, she looked rough while she was a rather pretty girl with bright red hair but her cheeks were a little sunken.

Dan-"Hi I'm your cousin Daniel or Dan it's great to meet you Rose."

Rose gave me thousand watt smile and shook my hand. "Him I'm Rose."

We then began to walk the park, the occasional look from the Elderly who remembered their own youth.

Rose-"The Bank said we were second cousins through the Black family, so I want to know if I have any other Wizards or other family members out their."

Dan-"We have a few relatives out their most you wouldn't want to meet as they are assholes. So from greatest asshole to least; The Malfoy's through Narsscia Malfoy Neé Black and her son, Sirius Black, and the Tonks family who are quite nice from what little I remember of them and learned.

The Tonks I plan on meeting next as they have a daughter who is a little older than me and are know for being great lawyers."

Rose-"Wait I'm related to Draco….. that is disgusting. Wait you would have been in Hogwarts my First and second Year why haven't we met before then."

Dan-"Ah yes this is a sensitive subject for me, I am a very rare case of when a magical has their awakening past the age of 11 so they do not attend school.

I was cast out from my parents when my letter didn't arrive and I have been on my own since. I have worked hard and with quite a bit of luck I have the equivalent of graduating Hogwarts and have begun studying in mundane subjects.

Rose-"Oh I'm sorry I brought that up Dan." We walking in silence for a little while, enjoy the nice summers day and stopped at a secluded spot along the path.

Dan-"Speaking of school, what classes did you take for your third year. I have a passion of Runes and Arithmacy since I like to develop my own spell and enchanting."

Rose-"...…divination and animals." Said in a very quite/embarrassed voice

Dan-"Oh, so what did you think of your first scrying spell it left me a little nauseated for awhile, and do you plan on going into a career in magical animal study or care?"

Rose-"I don't know what scrying is but we just look at tea leafs and listen to a drunk, i just liked the professor for Animal Studies I also have no idea what kind of job I want."

Dan-"Christ okay, I knew Hogwarts education was a little behind the times but how in the world are you going to be ready for living in the real world or even the mundane one at that." I did quick look around and didn't see anyone and pulled out my spell book.

"Here let's do a Scrying spell it is pretty easy to cast with two people, this was once using to scout locations for battle before the Statute came into being. Now this version of the spell (they're are many) can only be used on a specific location like this park or The Whitehouse, when cast it will provide a Birds Eye view for 1 minute then the spell will stop.

Now watch closely this is what your divination professor should be teaching you."

I placed my Spell Book on the ground and began. I clasp my hand together and began tracing out a series of complex Arcane equations that translated into the coordinates of Edinburgh Castle.

With a flourish and speaking out in Irish "taispeáin dom an bealach" above the book the equations begin to glow and "screen" appears showing the entirety of the castle.

Dan-"This Edinburgh Castle, one of the oldest castle in Scotland and quite a sight or behold in person. As I said this spell went out of fashion when the Statute came into effect and *most* Magical area are supposed to be warded to prevent this but from my practice the newer the home the less likely they are to have protections."

Rose-"I've never seen magic like this, all they teach us at Schools I'll never uses except in very specific circumstances. Could you teach how to do magic like that and how did you cast with out a wand?"

Dan-"If be glad to reach you how, now I cast through...."

We would spend way longer than we meant to in the park as before we realized it was nearing sundown. During that I walked her through the basics of HP-magic from the Renaissance, and the beings of DND magic.

When we noticed the time we both realized the time I had to drive her back home, when we arrived the light were off but all of her school supplies were just sitting on the step with Hedwig and a letter in her mouth.

The Dursleys had ran, they had been waiting for her to head to school but when she was heading into town they sped up the process and left the country from what I guessed.

Rose had gone into shock, so I had her sit in the car and sled Hedwig to comfort her while I packed her things away into the car and made my way to the Farm.

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