2183 The True Throne of Quintessence! III

True Emperors chose to use their True Authority of an Age carefully during their reign before another Age began.

After attaining it through years of battle and proving themselves, this was a reward that they utilized to the fullest!

And it was a reward that came with immense power.


Noah stared at the glimmering multicolored throne that seemed to be carved out of the fabric of Reality itself, its stellar makeup inducing just as much awe as the solidified crown floating above it.

He had continued to exceed all others and prove himself Quintessential in this Age to the point that this throne called out to him and even now appeared before him! It was done in such a unique way as the enthronement of any True Emperor varied, but none was as peaceful as this!

Noah reflected back to where he came from and where he now was even as other prompts were slowly passing in the back of his mind.


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