Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

An Apocalypse descends as awakened humans rise to defend their world! In the blooming chaotic Era, Mana reigns supreme. But even the strongest beings...have limited reserves of Mana. A weak F Rank Hunter awakens with the lowest tier [Fireball] skill in a desolate City as he finds out...Mana is not a limitation for him! Have you seen countless fireballs stretch across the blue skies? Have you seen endless dwarf stars and black holes conjured against insurmountable Dragons and other mythical creatures?! With Infinite Mana, anything is possible! --- "What you are is a blip on a glorious path. An extra that isn't even all that well developed. You'll appear and make some inconsequential waves, and then you'll disappear just as quickly. Only to be forgotten a few pages later."- Noah Osmont, Chapter 2188 --- The concepts appearing in this story are those of pure fantasy and fiction, they are not reflective of the real world. Everything is based on pure imagination. Discord server is with illustrations and Status Panel is here! -https://discord.gg/KwatGcE

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3044 Chs

The Abyssal Zone

Noah spent the next day in Atlantis as he toured even more exclusive locations after gaining his new title. Before he finished his meeting with the Ocean Master, he was taken to the Armory where shining piles of weapons and armors were beautifully placed.

He found himself a powerful [Plasma Gun] that could convert the water around him to shoot out blasts of plasma, its damage powerful enough to even injure someone at the Legendary rank were they to take it head-on. 

The other thing that was of use that he received was the Golden Battle Suit that Atlanteans and Merfolk in the Mythical rank usually wore. It had golden runic lines traveling all over the battle suit, making it release a pulse of gold every few seconds. The suit was even better than the [Deep Sea Armor] that dropped as loot from the Anglerfish as it provided a more robust defense.