2357 Save Her II

<If you win, I'll give back the cluster of planes below and even follow you. Isn't it nice? You'd get everything more.>

The devilish smile on Noah's face caused Caesar to be distrustful, and this Mad Apex Emperor thought back to the power Noah showed before as well as his confidence that he would be able to get past the Haven Disciples unscathed to even be able to continue forward towards the Vein of Dissolution.

With all of this and many more things considered, Caesar nodded with consideration as a burst of light shot forth from his Will and floated towards Noah.

<I managed to make the others use their Apex Aeonic Soul Totems it easier on you. So just get past them and attain Extremity Panaceas as soon possible. Here are coordinates authority for you into Plane my daughter is in, well what should be mindful of. Contact this quasarian signature here if need help can't me...>


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