58 Inundation I

The scene in front of me was so messy I couldn't even begin to describe it.

The battlefield coming to my view was ten times as deadlier as the one I just rushed from. An entire half a day was spent with me speeding through the skies atop my first summon

The summon was truly great, as it didn't tire at all these past 12 hours. Thats right, 12 hours I had been riding the beast across the skies. Every part of my body felt tired and cramped. I passed through the entirety of the empire and entered the border between the two countries more than four hours ago

After that I passed by the new lands in the United Federation. They were only blurry lines that I passed by, so I didn't get to enjoy any new sights or see how the people here were living

I only pulled out my phone after every hour to check how much closer I was to the coordinates

I had gained another level of confidence after learning these two new rank S skills, especially this summon that I didn't fully know the bounds of its strength yet.

With its rapid flying speed, we reached the battlefield where forces of the united federation were battling with thousands of beasts

The first scene that I saw was a humungous transparent spear rushing down towards a figure on the ground that was actually laughing at the incoming strike.

His body seemed heavily injured and he couldn't move, but I still felt amazed at the man's attitude as death neared him

I recalled the words of the mysterious being that pulled me into that space while feeling the strength of the humanoid figure that was standing in the air. It was the most powerful thing I could sense in this field, so it made me wonder if it was the target I was looking for

I would put all that aside and act first though, as I moved to save the man that was actually laughing at the face of death. He seemed to fit the description of reckless that the mysterious being mentioned

I detached myself from the body of my summon as I commanded it to block the spear with its full strength while I casted [Guardian's Light] towards the injured figure on the ground


A loud impact resounded as we fully appeared in the battlefield, grabbing the attention of most of the stronger forces as the five meter abomination came into view

Its steeled green muscles were shining in the light as it completely dispersed the heavy spear that was rushing down.

The hunter on the ground let his laughs out easier as he stopped bleeding from the advent of [Guardian's Light] and looked at my summon and I with great interest

I looked back at his figure that was standing up and asked just to be sure, "Is that thing up there the Black Dragon?"

There was a pause as he seemed shocked at my nonchalant tone, before he answered and said, "Yeah, that's him"

I nodded as I placed my full attention towards the humanoid figure in the skies that was letting out ferocious power without even moving

My summon had come back to my side in case I was to meet another beast that was too fast for me to notice. I was becoming confident, but I didn't want to be hit with deadly attacks that I could prevent

The figure in the sky looked to me as it spoke

"More and more of you just come out like cockroaches"

It had a furious expression as it said this, and I wondered just what had the man below done to anger the beast this much

"Yeah sorry about that, I had an aim to save somebody and stop the rampage of a dragon, and it seems like I've completed one and now I have to move on to the other"

Silence prevailed as my words seemed to have hit a nerve. The humanoid figure didn't reply as it used a skill and multiple transparent weapons began appearing in the air.

The weapons ranged from spears, swords, hammers, and even...fly swatters? They continued forming until they blocked the sky

I was amazed at this type of skill as I sent a command to my summon and used [War Cry] towards the surrounding hunters

"Move away from this area immediately, or you might lose your life!"

My voice thundered throughout the area as hunters scrambled away at the sight of the numerous sizable weapons that appeared in the sky

My Virulent Abomination spread its wings out wide as it disappeared and flew towards the dragon.

A noxious blast erupted from it the moment it neared, dying the transparent weapons green. The weapons still in the air began to crack and disappear at a speed visible to the naked eye as the dragon was pushed back from the blast and looked over at my summon in shock

I was expectantly watching as I waited to see the power of this rank S summon, and how it fared against a genuine rank S monster.


A loud howl resounded from the figure as black smoke roiled out and it quickly changed into the form of a huge Black Dragon.

I looked at this figure in awe as the spiked hand of the Virulent Abomination neared and smashed into it, pushing the figure towards the ground.

It really was a beast that was at another level, as it fell down briefly before rough winds flew out and it rushed in the skies towards the summon

Its wide jaws opened as a jet of flames colored the sky crimson, the fast strike directly impacting the Virulent Abomination. When the flames ended, the summon in the sky had its wings torn but still as lively as ever

Without the support of wings, it began falling until it smashed into the ground, releasing a howl towards the dragon in the air as noxious gas erupted all around it

Watching the summon withstand the extreme heat of a rank S beast's attack, a smile bloomed on my face. I watched its ruptured wings and raised my hands towards it, causing it to explode in a puddle of venomous blast as everything around it melted

The hunters had long since disappeared from the nearby area, only the stupidly courageous hunter that was laughing on the face of death being visible not to far off

He was holding tight a sharp katana in his hands as his eyes watched the ongoing battle with rapt attention

The moment the Virulent Abomination on the ground exploded, a malachite runic circle appeared in the skies as I casted [Summon Virulent Abomination] once more

A second passed as a brand new beast appeared from the runic circle, its wide bat wings and large green body as good as new. This confirmed the conjecture that only one could be summoned at a time, and I found another useful method of attacking as I recalled the dangerous blast the old abomination released as it exploded when I summoned another one

The dragon looked at our two figures with a deadly glare as it spoke

"I've played around with you fools long enough."

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