1984 Insula Avallonis II

"Outsider, I hope you can at least survive the entry into Insula Avallonis...otherwise I won't even get the chance to extinguish you."


Upfront, the Enchantress Morgana spoke words of brutality and truth as not just anyone could enter Insula Avallonis.

They had to have a deep connection with the very core of Avalon as it couldn't just be a mere Bloodline- they had to have some distinguished attainments in the Decretum of Avalon or have something truly unique!

Otherwise, one's Aspects of Existence would be entirely crushed the moment they even tried to enter this holy place- much less even get near the Sword in the Stone!

Her figure and the figure of Dimensional Ruler Arthus were distinguished up ahead as the Cloud Dragon neared the periphery of Insula Avallonis that had tendrils of chaotic purple essence surging in the atmosphere.


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