Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

An Apocalypse descends as awakened humans rise to defend their world! In the blooming chaotic Era, Mana reigns supreme. But even the strongest beings...have limited reserves of Mana. A weak F Rank Hunter awakens with the lowest tier [Fireball] skill in a desolate City as he finds out...Mana is not a limitation for him! Have you seen countless fireballs stretch across the blue skies? Have you seen endless dwarf stars and black holes conjured against insurmountable Dragons and other mythical creatures?! With Infinite Mana, anything is possible! --- "What you are is a blip on a glorious path. An extra that isn't even all that well developed. You'll appear and make some inconsequential waves, and then you'll disappear just as quickly. Only to be forgotten a few pages later."- Noah Osmont, Chapter 2188 --- The concepts appearing in this story are those of pure fantasy and fiction, they are not reflective of the real world. Everything is based on pure imagination. Discord server is with illustrations and Status Panel is here! -https://discord.gg/KwatGcE

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3060 Chs

Catastrophic Consequences! II

While the battle was concluding in the snowy mountains between a Demon Legion and the forces of the Frozen Kingdom, a world shocking notice passed through the minds of every Demon King in existence!

Whether they were the highest-ranked Demon Lords carrying out conquest in large worlds, or the Demon Kings currently invading the beast world, a singular message passed through their minds.

Something that rarely occurred and has not come to pass in the last hundreds of years, had now taken place.

A Demon King had faced True Death!




Lines of communication that went across the worlds were sent out as the Demon Kings looked for answers. Who had died? Which world were they in? And the most important thing, which powerhouse had they offended that they faced True Death?!

To understand the shock of these Demon Kings, one would have to first know just how hard it was to actually kill one.