2610 As Above, So Below! I

The last Haven to undergo Extremity Sanctification.

A natural process that had been occurring since the conception of the First Haven of Extremity!

It began with Genesis, and now it was ending with the Haven of Dissolution.

Many powerful existences knew that the last Extremity Sanctification was going to be a grand one.

They knew, but they didn't know exactly to what extent!

At this moment, within the Haven of Dissolution. 

The obsidian Extremity Vein that seemed to stretch out endlessly- the vein that had risen from below the stellar black earth! The vein whose ends seemed to disappear below the Walls between the Havens.

At this moment, it acted like all the energy within it had been building up and reached a critical threshold as like a coiled spring, it erupted upwards.


It felt as if the Havens were splitting apart.

It was the beginning of a shocking and permanent change!


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