2405 Armaments of Extremity! II

A proposal that could be taken in different ways!

As Noah began to speak about this, a billowing obsidian shadow came to cover this region and envelop the area they were in- making it seem like a dark sun had appeared in the skies as Roan and any other prying eyes would not be able to hear what happened next.

Silas seemed to take this situation seriously as he didn't wish for Roan or any others to glimpse at the possibilities that may bloom here, his gaze maintaining his calmness as he nodded.

Two paths were laid out by the True Emperor of Quintessence as before he stated his proposal, he asked a question!

"Let me get this clear first. You came to assimilate the Lernaean Lineage into your folds due to Extremity Sanctification- mainly seeking the strength of its Apex Aeonic Lifeforms after the Initiation Step of the Extremity Vein of Dissolution ends, and to raise more powerful Shadowlings into your folds?"


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