61 An upgrade

The world retained its calmness.

I didn't know how much time had passed, but I came to with my body feeling somewhat lighter than it was before.

I wondered what had changed as I looked around me and saw hunters looking around in a confused manner while my summon continued its rampage.

 I observed the blue boxed panel in the corner of my eye to see if there were any changes there. Nearly everything seemed the same, with exactly one simple change that was shining blue at the bottom of the panel

[Skill Combination- Combine skills of the same rank to bring out unknown power. Compatibility is the key. Limited to skills at 100 proficiency.]

I blanked out for a second after reading the description of this newly appearing function. I then looked at the multitude of skills in my panel that had all reached 100 as I began to feel excited

I thought I had grown powerful enough, but with this, I can go even further.


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