2732 An Unchangeable Destiny! I

The landscape of the war was entirely about to be altered by a single decision that was brought forward in time.

It was all because of an action done by a single being against 100 Tier 2 Hyperversal Extremities!

This single action had great significance as it expressed many truths for those paying attention.

One of these major truths remained what was happening around and within the Avernus Clan as at this moment, the woes of the Avernus Clan once more rose to the surface.

The Advent of the Unrecorded Havenly Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Soul was bathing and transforming all parts of Noah's existence.

And this…included his lineage.

His Havenly Quintessential Hyperversal Emperor Lineage that nearly all forces of the Nether Havens of Extremity were trying to get their hands on in abundance.


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