Incomplete System in Marvel

A man wakes up in the body of Peter Parker with almost no memories of his previous life. How will he survive in a Marvel Universe that is much more different and dangerous than just the movie universe? A system, of course! But what’s up with this system being in version 0.1 and having almost no features? ------------ Turn off your brain and don't put too much thought into things. I certainly didn't.

Chaostic · Anime & Comics
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75 Chs

Unfinished System

After opening my eyes, the first thing I notice is that the ceiling above me is definitely not mine. The second thing is that I don't actually remember what my ceiling looks like, actually, I don't remember much of anything, even my own name.

A curious predicament I find myself in, isn't it?

Did someone kidnap me? That wouldn't explain my missing memories unless maybe I got drugged?

Pushing off the blanket and getting up into a sitting position, I look around the room, which appears surprisingly homely.

Other than the bed I am currently in, there is a dresser, bookcase full of books, and a table with a dual monitor computer setup and numerous scattered papers on it. The walls are covered in various posters, some of which I recognize are from Star Wars.

Wait a second. A nice-looking, unfamiliar room and missing memories. Did some lovestruck yandere abduct and drug me? I guess it wouldn't be the worst possible fate I can imagine.

Before I am able to fall further into my delusions, a sudden, intense headache hits me, making me hold my head with both hands and shove it right back into the pillow, which muffles my screams of agony.


[System version 0.1 has been activated!]

Ow… that hurt like a motherfucker. I don't remember system activations being that painful in novels. At least it only took a few seconds to complete.

The headache leaves me just as suddenly as it came, leaving me sorting through the memories that belong to the previous owner of this body.

That's right. I have transmigrated into another universe, marvel universe, to be exact.

My first reaction after realizing this is pure joy. I mean, who wouldn't want to go to a universe much more interesting than our boring old earth.

I will tell you who, sane people.

My joy quickly turns into panic, understanding the situation I am in right now.

If it's the MCU I'm in, then things are manageable, with the biggest threat I know of being Thanos. If it's one of the comic's universes, however… I'm probably fucked.

Well, I did get a system, so I should check that out first. "System, hello?"

Several seconds go by with no reply to be heard. Okay, so it doesn't seem to be a sentient system. Not sure whether to be happy or disappointed.

Also, it just occurred to me that I probably don't have to call things out. Taking that into account, I think out 'status' and a floating screen opens in front of me.


Name - Peter Parker

Race - Human

Level - 0

Class - Classless (0 / 0)

XP - (0 / 0)

HP - 100 / 100 (10 per minute)

SP - 250 / 250 (25 per minute)

MP - 250 / 250 (25 per minute)

STR - 10

VIT - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 10

WIS - 10

LCK - 10

CHA - 10

Free Stat Points - 0


As I had already picked out from the memories, I had taken over the body of Peter Parker, and looking at the stats, it seems like it happened before a radioactive spider bit him.

Seeing that I don't have a class, I start mulling over what path I should go down, and it is pretty apparent to me. Magic is lame, swords are the best.

Having made my decision, I think out 'class' but nothing happens.

Maybe I have to click it? I press on the class button on the floating screen but still nothing. Starting to think that something is bugged, I get a message from the system.


[This feature has yet to be implemented into the system.]

What? Que? Nani? How exactly am I supposed to level up like this? It clearly says classless cant be leveled up.

Getting no further notices from the system, I temporarily turn my attention to my stats, which I can get specifics on by clicking on them.


Strength - Increases the physical strength of the user.

Vitality - Each point of vitality increases maximum health by 10 points and health regeneration by 1 point per minute.

Endurance - Reduces damage taken. Each point of endurance increases maximum stamina by 25 points and stamina regeneration by 2.5 points per minute.

Dexterity - Increases movement speed and reaction speed. Increases the balance and coordination of the body.

Intelligence - Each point of intelligence increases maximum mana by 25 points and the leveling speed of classes by 1%. Increases the power of magic.

Wisdom - Each point of wisdom increases mana regeneration by 2.5 points per minute and the leveling speed of skills by 1%. Increases magic defense.

Luck - This stat has not yet been implemented.

Charm - This stat has not yet been implemented.


My eye twitches looking at these descriptions, several things pop out right away, like the fact that two of the stats have no use.

What the hell is this unfinished piece of crap? Don't get me wrong, I am just as happy as the next guy to get a system, but what is the point when I can't even use most of it?

My plans to be a pure melee fighter also flew out the window. Any gamer will tell you that these increases to XP gain are too good to pass up.

At the same time, I can't really ignore other stats since I would have no health or stamina. I guess being a jack of all trades is the answer here.

Moving on, I open the 'skills' tab and see that I start off with two skills.


[Gamer's Body - Passive] (Max Level)

Grants the user a body that allows them to live their life like a game.


This seems to be the general gamer skill that keeps me alive unless I drop to 0 health. I will have to do some testing to see if it prevents the need for sleep and food.


[Gamer's Mind - Passive] (Max Level)

Grants immunity to illusions.

Grants immunity to psychological status effects.

Allows the user to logically think things through under high pressure situations.


This is extremely useful considering there are people like Charles Xavier in this world. Wouldn't want the existence of the system to be known by other people after all.

The last part seems to be a nerfed version of removing emotions which I am thankful for. Still very useful. In fact, I think that's what has allowed me to stay as calm as I am right now.

Usually, there is also some sort of starter package, right? Looking for mine, I call out 'Inventory.'


[This feature has yet to be implemented into the system.]

Okay, well how about 'shop'?


[This feature has yet to be implemented into the system.]



[This feature has yet to be implemented into the system.]

This ding noise is annoyingly loud, can I at least turn that off in the settings or something?


[This feature has yet to be implemented into the system.]

"God fucking damn it!" I yell out, getting more frustrated by the second. How exactly are you expecting me to survive in this universe?

Not one to stay discouraged for long, I get up and start putting on my clothes as I hear a knock on the door.

"Peter? I heard a scream, are you okay in there?" A woman's voice calls out to me, sounding worried. That's probably my aunt May not the yandere I suspected to have kidnapped me.

I pause briefly while pulling up my pants. I probably don't want to let her know I took over the body of her nephew, right? That would never end well for me.

"Oh, I'm fine, just stubbed my toe," I answer to my relief she doesn't seem to suspect anything.

"Oh, alright then, keep in mind you have the class trip to Oscorp today, so don't be late." After saying that, she leaves, and from the footsteps, it sounds like she went back downstairs.

Wait, did she just say Oscorp?

Time to go get bitten by a radioactive spider!