In this world my sister and I are the first Human

WARNING: This is the most degenerate novel you have ever seen. Read at your own risk. The main character and his sister are transported to a different world by a god. They are the only human there, and even though they are blood-related brothers and sisters they have a big task at hand given by the god of this world. Which is to make babies and increase the number of the human in this world. For that, they got a system as an assistant from the god. This novel has every fetish in the world. From lolicon to necrophile and many more. Here are some tags: Loli, milf, shota, yaoi, gay, bisexual, lesbian, yuri, harem, reverse harem, shemale, threesome, foursome, orgy, swinging, ntr, netorare, netori, netorase and netoshare, incest, childbirth, pregnant, impregnate, milk, lactation, big breasts, huge breasts, gigantic breasts, small breasts, big ass, big dick, trans, futanari, scat, urinating, human toilet, cumdum, necrophile, fantasy, op system, boy cunt, traps, men with big Breasts, monster sex, interspecies sex, monster childbirth, mother-son, father-son, mother-daughter, father-daughter, kingdom building, huge harem, world harem, immoral sex, rape, gangbang, double penetration, three-ple penetration, sperm drinking, ebony, gal, etc and many more.

Legends124 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
2 Chs


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1. Shino

Description: The first male human in another world and the main character of this novel.

Age: 18

2. Shina

Description: The first female human in another world and the main heroin of this novel, MC's (Shino's) twin sister.

Age: 18

3. System- named Systa

Description: A system gifted by the god to main leads as an assistant for them.