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On the night when the saviour of the wizarding world was supposed to be born, Harry Potter the saviour was killed by the Unforgivable Curse. The man who had made almost all wizards in Britain fear to call him by his name, regained the intelligence and ambition that had been rightfully his from the Horcruxes. Darkness completely enveloped the island of Great Britain. Wizards were divided by bloodlines, with purebloods firmly holding the power that belonged to those at the top, and those who were known as mudbloods were left to spend their lives as humble as mud to be trampled on. The Ministry of Magic, where justice should be served, is filled with evil villains, and the castle, where knowledge should be taught, is filled with oppression. It was in this grim time. Jon Green, who has transmigrated, is brought into the fugitive carriage that carries on the true spirit of Hogwarts....... === Author: sea ship === *Disclaimer* Other than translation, everything belong to the original creator. If the original creator wants to take it down, pls leave a review below, just found the CN novel and translate it here to increase my vocabulary, English and to earn some coffee change. If you have some extra pocket money, Support me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/Crazy_Cat. This is where I read it- https://www.69shu.com/txt/44408.htm This is ongoing fanfic with more than 150+ chapters, so you can support original author in Chinese site.

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Chapter 5 Half-bloods

After spending the afternoon in the wooden hut, Lily pulled a pocket watch out of her robe pocket, checked the time on it, then stood up and led Jon out of the safe house.

The area outside is densely packed with trees, and it seems like a very secluded place in the middle of some off-the-beaten-track mountain range.

"Are we going to Hogwarts now?"

Even though Lily had deliberately slowed her pace, Jon, whose body that is still in a rapid growth spurt, needed to pick up his pace to keep up with her.


"Then why don't we just go over there with that magic you used to bring me to escape?"

"The Ministry of Magic can tell where the Apparition will descend through the starting point of the Apparition. This safe house will help us conceal the location of the drop point for a short time, but we won't be able to use that kind of magic when we travel to Hogwarts."

Jon looked up puzzledly and continued to ask.

"So are we going to walk to Hogwarts like this? Or have you prepared some sort of transport?"

Lily said with a calm face

"We just need to walk a little further first, then Hogwarts will come to us on its own."

Just half an hour after they had left, Barty Crouch Jr. arrived at this safe house in the woods with a group of Aurors.

As he looked inside at the extinguished fire and the teacups with chocolate traces in them, the Professor of another Hogwarts charms class flushed furiously.

"Very well, it happens, quite literally, every year, again and again. Once again we let that woman slip away with a mudblood right under our noses."

The Aurors bowed their heads submissively, no one daring to meet the eyes of the young man in front of them who is favoured by that man.

Barty Jr.'s eyes went icy cold, a far cry from his previous gentle display in front of Jon.

"I would love to know why, after all this time, the Auror office has not yet studied a way to deal with this safe house magic!"

A young male wizard among the Aurors gulped, his voice trembling, as he gritted his teeth and explained.

"Professor Crouch, a large part of the manpower in command has been put into cracking this magic, if it had been the kind of magic these fugitives used a year ago we would have been able to crack it at the first opportunity, but the concealment magic they cast on the safe houses keeps changing, and this one this year has a new spell being put on it, that's why all the previous research went to nought."

Barty Jr. stared at the male wizard who had spoken, the coldness in his face fading and the corners of his mouth rising into a smile.

"What's your name?"

The young male wizard acted as if he sensed friendliness in his smile, without noticing how the old Aurors around him all secretly looked at him with pitying eyes.

With a smile on his face, he stammered.

"I... My name is Andrew Williams, Professor. I also took your charms class during, during my last two years at Hogwarts."

Barty Jr. gently twirled the wand in his hand with three fingers, his voice sounding gentle.

"I don't seem to recall the family name Williams in pureblood families, and the Ministry of Magic would never recruit a mudblood as an employee, so, you're a half-blood?"

"Yes, yes, Professor."


That gentle smiling face one second before transformed into an incomparably hideous one the next moment.

The young male wizard's body curled up like a boiled prawn and wriggled violently on the ground under the tip of Barty's wand, the pain from the depths of his soul came out of his mouth with a wail that startled a large flock of birds in the woods.


"What are you, some bastard with dirty and impure blood in the body!"

He stomped his leather boot heavily on the young Auror's body again and again, as if he was venting the anger that he had been holding all day long today.

"The only person in the entire Auror command who is qualified to give me these words of explanation is your Head Lucius Malfoy, do you understand that?! Son of a whore!"

Half of the sun had already set below the horizon, and the afterglow of the setting sun draped the surrounding houses with a thin orange veil.

Lily led Jon out of the woods, and they soon arrived at a nearby muggle town.

After leaving the woods, she took off the grey robe she was wearing, a plain top and jeans worn inside, the dark red hair also turned dark brown with her spell.

The two walked together in the streets of the town, just like a pair of mother and son out for a walk, without drawing any attention to themselves.

Jon has been walking for two or three hours after following Lily out of the safe house.

He is now, after all, still in a child's body, after walking for so long, the body has long felt exhausted.

The good thing is that after coming to this town, Lily did not intend to continue walking, and led Jon on a secluded path to find a bench to sit and rest.

Jon is still very curious about the sentence "Hogwarts will come to us".

The castle, which was built by the four founders, has apparently been taken over by Voldemort.

So, under the state of being wanted at all times, what kind of place will Hogwarts led by Dumbledore for teaching would be like?

He didn't rush to ask Lily, it wouldn't take long for him to know the answer to that question on his own anyway, but he raised a question on something different.

"Professor Potter, am I the only one coming to Hogwarts today?"

Lily's right hand remained in her jeans pocket at all times, as a way to hide her wand while also being able to make a counter-move at the first sign of an unforeseen situation.

"I am not the only professor who heads out from the school to guide Muggle students through their initial orientation. And you weren't the only student I was responsible to bring back today."

When she said that, her face became visibly a bit dull.

"Before I went to meet you, I also went to the home of another girl named Hermione Granger, and by the time I got there, the girl's parents could no longer remember that they had a daughter."

Jon froze on the spot.

Hermione Granger, this name is naturally more than familiar to him as a person who has read the original story!

This is also the first time he heard about the situation of the people in the protagonist's team, but the implication of Lily's words.

Jon took a deep breath and looked at the witch beside him with a complicated face.

"You said that if a student like me got taken to another Hogwarts, those people would erase the memories of all those who knew them. This girl named Hermione Granger."

Lily's voice was calm, but the anger, remorse and powerlessness hidden under that calmness could not be hidden at all.

"That's right, she signed the acceptance notice and was taken away by a professor like Barty Crouch Jr., to another Hogwarts."


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#Mathias Zink, Thanks for all your love and support.

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