242 Chapter 241 Two Meetings (2 in 1)

All the members of the council who were in the room with ulterior motives, when they saw the male wizard who was panicking about how to explain in one second, had turned into a cold corpse in the next second, caused their bodies to tremble sharply, but no one dared to express the fear in their hearts with their voices.

The entire meeting room fell silent, the man standing in the middle although looking incomparably wretched, yet no one dared to rise a hint of defiance in their hearts.

"This time there was a little accident that I did not anticipate."

Voldemort's cold and emotionless voice echoed throughout the room.

"The re-educational camp has fallen, and we have suffered some setbacks that we hadn't originally anticipated, but I don't want anyone to have doubts about the future of Pureblood. That makes you look short-sighted, sickening, stupid and incompetent, and when dealing with such people, I usually only treat them in one way, and that way you should have seen just now."

The councillors were obedient, and no one dared to be the second to die.

The meeting room was quiet, only the sound of sticky blood "tick-tick" falling on the floor heard from time to time.

After sweeping the room with a cold gaze, not seeing anyone dare to raise their heads and look directly at him, Voldemort spoke again.

"Failure is a failure, I will not deny my own failure. Next, Adele will replace me to be in charge of all the duties of the Ministry of Magic for the time being, everyone should face her as they face me, I have to deal with some other matters. The mudbloods are bound to rebel in the meantime, and I don't care what kind of efforts you might put in, my last bottom line is to keep Paris!"

His voice returned to calm, but that calmness held a chilling note in it.

"If you can't even defend Paris, then when I return, there will be no need for the French Magical Council to exist."

Nobody failed to understand the horror behind Voldemort's words, if the French magical council did not need to exist, what about them, the councillors?

Would simply be dismissed from office and sent home?

The councillors' faces were pale, but everyone did not dare to show half a look of frustration, and there were voices everywhere making oaths, and everyone sitting here expressed their determination to live and die with Paris.

In the face of their statements, Voldemort simply looked with a cold stiff face and finally said.

"I hope that in the end, you will not let me down."

Then, his whole figure disappeared from the meeting room.

In the next second, in a pitch-black room, Voldemort's figure suddenly appeared.

After returning to this private and secretive room, he was finally able to remove all his disguises and curled up on the ground like a boiled prawn!

Then he went crazy and used his right hand, which was still bleeding, to pound on his left hand!

"Give up those illusions! These are mine! You're mine too! It's all mine! Don't you dare think of stealing it from me!!!"

He hissed and roared, his distorted face no longer able to return to its previous coldness and calmness.

The next moment, his neck suddenly twisted to one side, that bloodied left hand raised uncontrollably, and soon half of his body once again underwent that bizarre loss of control!

"It was you who first reneged on the agreement we made at the beginning! I helped you! After helping you so much! You tricked me like this! And you sneakily signed that pact! I won't trust you anymore! Absolutely not!!!"

"There can only be one me in this world! There will never be another Tom Riddle! There will never be another Voldemort!"

"So let me eat you! If we become one, then we are truly invincible! Come on! Come on!"

"You are the one who should be eaten!"

In the space filled with boundless darkness, where there was nothing but dead silence, Voldemort bickered in two very different tones, his two hands seemed to belong to two different minds, and his body rolled on the ground struggling to the death

On the other hand, the last muggle-born wizard who had been freed from the dungeon was also taken away from the already empty re-educational camp.

At Lyon's headquarters, all the wizards were celebrating this unprecedented victory achieved during tonight's operation.

Dumbledore did not hide the fact that Voldemort was not dead, but no one was dissatisfied with the result, except for the slight regret expressed by some people.

Everyone believed that since Dumbledore can now defeat Voldemort once, there will certainly be a second and third time in the future.

That falling black meteor, lets people really see that the dark lord who has been invincible in the magical world for nearly a decade, is not exactly invincible.

It was like removing a huge mountain from everyone's heart. In the beginning, joining the Witching Horizon and deciding to resist was just an act of desperation, as the only option available was to fight to the death.

But now, everyone could truly see the hope.

Similarly, due to this, Dumbledore was finally seated in the leadership position in the Witching Horizon this time thoroughly and firmly.

In the magical world, the strength of the individual is still the basis of all the right to speak, and Dumbledore who originally began to lose the right to speak as a leader due to his defeat at the hands of Voldemort, once again regained his place at the top tonight, and even to a higher level than before his defeat under Voldemort.

This is beneficial to Dumbledore, the Order of the Phoenix and even the entire Witching Horizon.

After dealing with the casualties overnight, the wizards who survived and were rescued were having a party to celebrate the night that will surely go down in magical history.

After the meeting of the top management of the Witching Horizon, an internal meeting was held within the Order of the Phoenix.

After sending off the French wizards who were still full of excitement and a part of the people who came from Northern Europe to support them, those who were left behind were the ones who truly trusted each other.

Dumbledore looked tired, he leaned back in his chair, his eyes were not overly excited and joyful, while others were happy and joyful, but it was very clear that the things he would be happy about, and others were not quite the same.

McGonagall wore her long hair loose, a spell had nearly grazed her scalp during the battle at the re-educational camp, scattering her hair bun, and she hadn't had time to fix it until now.

Lily's face is still as cold as ever, as though only the death of her few enemies in this world could touch her heart, and the tattered robes she is wearing look like they have endured a very gruesome battle.

The wound on Lupin's arm has been bandaged with the help of Tonks, his face is as pale as ever, but there is a smile at the corners of his mouth the whole time.

There is no visible injury on Flitwick's body, but his cherished wand was cut in two during the fierce battle, so his original high mood slightly carried a trace of regret.

On both sides of the long table, there are Moody, Kingsley, Tonks and so on, most of them carrying varying degrees of injury, but there was no semblance of depression and gloom felt in this room.

They were waiting for Dumbledore to tell them in detail, how in the end he defeated the invincible Dark Lord, however, when Dumbledore opened his mouth and said the first sentence, it let everyone's expression freeze.

"The person who really defeated him is not me." Dumbledore smiled and bluntly stated this fact, "From the words he said and his performance at that time, the person who defeated him should be Jon Green."

The meeting room fell into a pin-drop-dead silence.

This silence lasted for a full ten seconds or so before a clamour that seemed to topple the roof resumed!

"Do not joke like this, Albus, although it is okay for you to joke now, Jon is still a child, after all, the fact that he caught two Aurors before is enough to shock us."

McGonagall thought of Dumbledore's eccentric character again, trying to give everyone a big laugh here, so she wanted to maintain the seriousness of the occasion and spoke out to stop.

Everyone else also laughed and felt it was a bit more credible that Dumbledore was just joking, everyone present knew Jon and had a good impression of the boy.

But this does not mean that they will simply believe such a ridiculous statement.

After all, not to mention the fact that Jon could not join Dumbledore and Voldemort's battle, he did not even here tonight, so how could it be possible to defeat Voldemort from thousands of miles away?

However, Dumbledore personally did not laugh with them, his expression was very serious, not a bit like trying to joke about it.

"You should all remember what Jon's other purpose was when they went to sea, other than to avoid the scourge of war."

His face brought the scene back to silence once again, everyone could see that Dumbledore was serious, he would not joke with such an attitude, but the words coming from his mouth, it is more incredible than the majority of jokes.

"It is to find the reason why the Dark Lord became this strong."

Compared to the others, Lily is undoubtedly the one who keeps the calmest thinking among these people.

Through Dumbledore's words, in fact, as long as their thinking became free without a prejudice for a second, they could roughly guess the key to the matter.

"He took the students and found the critical thing at sea that can affect the strength that the Dark Lord can exert?"

Everyone held their breath and looked at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore nodded.

"I guess this is the biggest possibility, exactly what happened, still need to wait for Fawkes Nirvana to complete, he was hit by a killing curse, and needs time to grow again."

His words made the people in the room for the first time unsure of what to say, even if such an explanation is reasonable enough, but no one can ignore the significance of what this matter itself represents.

How old Jon is, everyone here knows very well.

A 14-year-old boy who should only be in his third year this academic year, captured two Aurors with another student not long ago, as well as breaking into Azkaban has been enough to make people feel shocked.

Now, even the defeat of Voldemort also has a lot to do with him or can be said to be directly related.

This further made the people unable to use words to describe the feeling in their hearts, at the same time it intertwined with some emotions similar to embarrassment.

They have always considered themselves as protectors, wanting to protect the future hopes of the magical world, but in the end, it is a child who is trying to solve the problem that they were all unable to solve.

At this time Dumbledore continued to speak.

"But there is also another thing in front of us, as the most directly affected person, the dark lord understands exactly what has gone wrong in this matter more than we do. The previous incident in Azkaban had raised his alarm and he sent someone to pursue this matter, only at that time the object of his suspicion was the Durmstrang Headmaster."

"This means that the students are in a dangerous predicament, and the Dark Lord was bound to have handled them with the same standard as he treated that person, and now something like this has happened which might even cause him to personally block the path ahead of Jon and the others."

His words drew everyone's attention to this matter.

The situation certainly would be like this, after such a defeat, Voldemort will certainly do everything possible to find the person who caused him to meet such a heavy setback, and the current trajectory of the Hogwarts voyage is in accordance with the original route Voldemort took when he went to sea, so as long as he wanted, he would be able to find some traces.

Of course, this is also given Voldemort's current condition, in the premise that he still has the strength to personally intervene in this matter.

What kind of state Voldemort is in now, no one knows except himself.

"Do we need to send someone over to protect them? If the Dark Lord really goes after them, then they simply have no way to resist." Flitwick said gloomily.

Sirius, on the other hand, made a different suggestion.

"Now is the perfect time for us to grasp the fruits of this victory to expand, if we divide the manpower out again, it will not play any role at all if we have fewer people, and there will definitely be a shortage of personnel on this side. What I think is that since they have found the key to influence the strength of the dark lord, we should just pick them up and settle them in the rear side, which will not only be more convenient for us to protect them but also will relieve the pressure of shortage of manpower."

In this regard, many of those present were moved, But Dumbledore shook his head to deny it.

"It's precisely because it comes to this, their voyage can not be abandoned halfway. We also won't have to send more people on board to protect them, that ship was originally transformed from the wagon, and later it was patched up by me with extremely perfect age restriction magic, as long as they don't leave the ship, then their safety can be temporarily guaranteed."

"Only the route afterwards will require some changes, no longer following the same path that the dark lord has taken before to repeat, now that we've determined the ultimate destination, we can choose a safe path again."

"At the same time for the sake of final insurance, I will let Fawkes stay there, if there is any further accident that they can not solve, we can also timely be informed."


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