241 Chapter 240 Dawn

Voldemort gasped violently as he pulled out the short knife that was stuck to the bone of his hand with great force!

Blood spurted out, and the knife body dripping with blood was thrown to the ground.

Dumbledore silently appeared in front of him, the wand in his hand lit up with a luminous light blue light, a makeshift Anti-Apparition Charm, which can temporarily block the space around the user.

Voldemort's bloodshot eyes looked at him with resentment, and his voice had become hoarse and shaky with exhaustion.

"It's not Grindelwald! He has no way to get that pact from that old waste! Even if he found it, there's no way to destroy it! Who did you send to that tower! Who was it!"

Dumbledore had a smile on his face as he looked straight at Voldemort in the eyes.

"A man countless times better than you, Riddle."

Blood kept dripping from his palm down his fingers to the ground, but Voldemort seemed to be in no mood to care about the damage caused by this little self-inflicted injury.

His pupils shone with the light of hatred.

"Infiltrating Hogwarts Castle to save those students, going to Azkaban Island and catching those two losers, and now tearing up that pact on the Starr Tower, it's all the same person, isn't it!"

Under Voldemort's feet, those plain gravel noiselessly scattered, they gradually linked together, and Dumbledore has not spared a glance at these stones, just stared unblinkingly at Voldemort.

"I can tell you the answer, but this is obviously not a suitable place, Riddle, are you interested in a walk with me?"

In fact, even though Dumbledore said this, he did not have any interest in capturing Voldemort alive, Dumbledore would not kill in most cases, but it does not mean that he would suddenly show mercy in such a great opportunity, and would leave Voldemort alive.

Under Voldemort's feet, those stones linked together and enclosed walls have grown to the position of his calf in a silent manner.

Just after Dumbledore's words fell, the stone blocks rose abruptly! Surrounding Voldemort's body, as if to wrap him in it, turning him into a "stone man"!

High-end transfiguration spells are the fastest spell in terms of casting speed, and also the most inconspicuous magic, for normal wizards, there simply won't be enough time to react!

However, just when the blocks of stone were about to wrap around Voldemort's whole body, the black robe on his body suddenly fell down softly, and under the robe, there is no trace of his physical body!

Just a seemingly murderous statement, but in fact more like a loser fleeing words to save his reputation still lingered in place.

"Don't be complacent for too long! Dumbledore! Tell that man! I remember him! I will make him pay! Pay a price that will strike fear into the hearts of all!!!"

At the moment of seeing the black robe fall, the voice sounded, Dumbledore abruptly moved forward and grabbed the black robe that was about to fall to the ground within the stone enclosure.

He frowned tightly and saw the ground where Voldemort originally stood, a few still faintly flickering ancient runes made of blood remained.

While Dumbledore was attracting his attention to kill him, he was also secretly planning his escape route, even if the problem of the soul in the body is temporarily solved because of the life and death situation, the chaotic magic can't be calmed down overnight.

Therefore, even if Voldemort's hatred for the person who secretly destroyed his hard work one after another is incomparable, he was also rational enough to know that Dumbledore simply will not reveal the identity of this person.

He must first escape from here, the impact of his defeat at the hands of Dumbledore tonight alone is already bad enough, so it is absolutely essential not to let the situation deteriorate any more.

Holding the black robe, Dumbledore raised his wand, and lightly tapped it in various locations, trying to find Voldemort's escape point, but no matter which way there was no trace to explore.

This situation is totally unexpected, even Dumbledore himself never thought things would develop to this point, so from the beginning he was not prepared to keep Voldemort behind; from the beginning what he had been planning was how to leave under the entanglement of the other side after the wizards of the Witching Horizon had successfully liberated the muggle wizards from the imprisonment.

Inside the re-educational camp, under the leadership of Iniesta, the wizards of the Witching Horizon had found the floor where the muggle wizards were imprisoned and released all their compatriots by unlocking the magical bindings there.

The faces of the rescued muggle wizards, which had already become numb, showed their bewilderment and confusion, and only after they were actually brought out of this "prison" did they show their dream-like joy of being free!

The atmosphere of enthusiasm soon swept everyone, the sea breeze still blowing waves lapping the shore reef, the dark clouds covering the sky without knowing when it has dissipated, revealing a bright and shining starry sky.

No matter who it is, they are cheering, no one knows whether Voldemort is dead or alive, but everyone knows exactly what this victory means for them.

It was like a dawn in the darkness, although it only illuminated a corner, countless people believed that it is the dawn before the sun rises!


In The French Ministry of Magic, less than three minutes after the failure to defend the re-educational camp, nearly two-thirds of the council members received the stone-cold news.

Coincidentally, everyone returned to the most centre of authority in the French magical world late at night, and a temporary and urgent meeting was held.

The whispers in the meeting room were like flies chirping, filling the entire meeting room.

Sitting at the forefront, Bella, who was not only the wizard chancellor but also the deputy minister, continued to wear the appearance of Adele Roland, who was a nail buried by Voldemort within the French wizard community, a nail that no one had ever shaken.

But at the moment, this nail is obviously starting to loosen, because the survival of the Lord who personally hammered her into this part of France is now unknown!

"You want to betray the Minister!"

Her shrill and grim voice silenced the whispers of everyone present.

Faced with her questioning, without knowing exactly in what condition Voldemort is now, no one dared to be the one to take the lead and bluntly say what is on their mind, in the end, someone stepped forward and said politely.

"Our loyalty to the Minister will never change, ma'am, but that's exactly why it's important to make sure he's safe and sound."

Suddenly, a voice that was cold to the core rang out.

"And if I die?"

In response to this voice, there was only silence, and everyone looked in the direction where the voice had sounded.

A man wearing nothing but a tattered robe and with blood dripping from his palms appeared in the meeting room without a sound, his face was expressionless as he looked at everyone, holding his wand in his other intact hand.


The councilman who was frozen by Voldemort's sudden appearance was just about to explain in a panic that he had absolutely no other bad intentions just now, was greeted by a deadly green light!

"Avada Kedavra!"


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