223 Chapter 222 Astronaut

"Stepping out of the Earth!"

Sir Stoker's voice became slightly agitated.

"They created a machine structure called Rocket, through the power generated by the burning of the material, they got free from the ground and flew upwards until they flew completely out of the earth and went to the starry sky that has always been looked up to by wizards, and never been reached by any of us!"

Neville and Ron, who were obviously both learning about this for the first time, couldn't understand the previous discussion between Jon and Sir Stoker about philosophy, but they could understand what Sir was talking about now in this sentence.

"They've gone to other stars?" Ron asked, wide-eyed.

"They've had people land on the moon, and the machines they've created have even reached Mars."

Sir Stoker said with glowing eyes, he looked like he could not wait to break away from his wizard status and join the muggle space crew as an astronaut.

"But the wizard in the magical world never had such an idea, so the study of astronomy researchers has always been the way of observation, still just using a telescope placed on the ground."

Jon said with relief.

"Magic gives wizards convenience, but also limits some ideas, and it's not a question of whether wizards want to or not."

"I have always believed that after all this time, the main theme of the magical world is still always revolving around lineage, and it's a shame that there are disputes over status."

Sir Stoker said without mercy.

"The mystery of magic should not be limited to this, this ability we are born with should not be wasted on how to kill our own kind, but to seek progress and explore the world, not just the ground we are on, but the truth of all things."

From the time he had known this Sir until now, he had struck Jon as more of a cynical academic than some noble wizard.

Such people are really rare in the magical world because magic is the core of wizards, so what the vast majority of wizard experts study is mainly related to spells, transfiguration, potions or magic herbs and creatures, and few of them focus on the so-called truth of the world.

In fact, it is also due to the fact that wizards can influence matter through their own 'will', which leads them to be less interested in the matter and their motivation to explore is lacking.

Sir Stoker is clearly the "weirdo" among wizards.

He obviously grew up in a wizard family, but he is more like a muggle scientist who studied natural science first and then came into contact with magic halfway.

And Sir Stoker continued to chat further on the topic of Muggle philosophy and scientific development at the table, and then Rabier led Jon, Neville, and the others to the floor where the rooms prepared for them are in the tower.

And after taking them to this place, the elf Rabier did not stay much, this tower is so big, and he is responsible for a lot of work, so he has no time to follow Jon and them all the time.

After he left, Jon gathered Neville and co. to his room, and first checked the room all up and down to make sure there was nothing capable of monitoring and listening, such as active portraits or other surveillance means here, then asked in a serious tone.

"What did you guys find this morning?"

Before lunch, the girls who had explored the lower half of the tower separately had shared their results with the boys who had explored the upper half, so Neville shook his head and said.

"We basically went through all the floors of the tower, but did not find anything special, if we have to mention something odd, it is the black cats in this tower, which are especially numerous, we encountered no less than seven in total."

Jon pondered and rubbed his chin.

"Did those black cats display any special behaviour?"

Ron shook his head.

"No, these cats except for not purring much, and often staring at people from the corner without making a sound somewhat creepily, they're just like any other ordinary cats, and did not behave in any special way."

Hermione's face showed hesitation, but eventually, she spoke.

"I was with Luna when we went down to the foyer on the ground floor again, suspecting that there is actually a floor under the surface, and just as we were trying to find the passage, the house elf suddenly came over. We questioned him about this, and he told us that the parts of the tower under the seawater are all solid, there is no floor, and people can't get in."

Hearing Hermione's words, Jon frowned slightly.

"Did the elf have any reaction on his face when he found out that you were looking for a passage to the floor below?"

Luna replied.

"No, he didn't seem to be lying, nor was he purposely trying to stop us."

Luna's feelings should be accurate, but despite this, Hermione's speculation still made Jon suspicious.

They are now in the depths of the Norwegian Sea, the average depth of this sea is more than fifteen hundred meters, and if you want to firmly anchor the tower at the bottom of the sea, a very long part of it is bound to be hidden in the sea.

Thinking of it, Jon looked up and said to Lee.

"Now, you claim to substitute me to return to the ship to hand over some things, and then go back to find Nick, let him help us dive into the sea, to go underwater to see, what the tower looks like in the part under the sea."

Lee nodded with a serious look on his face and then left the room.

Neville said tentatively.

"Actually, I don't think this Sir looks like a bad guy, and it feels like he's actually-"

"A bit simple?" Jon filled in the words that Neville hadn't said on his behalf.


"This Sir is definitely a bit simple, since we visited him yesterday evening, we've known each other for barely a day combined, yet he's already talked to us so much."

Jon said.

"For all the good feelings he just expressed about muggles, if I had been a wizard who insisted on pureblood philosophy, then maybe I would have already clashed with him."

Neville looked like he was feeling a little guilty.

"He trusts us so much, it's not good for us to carry out these small activities in his house."

Jon patted his shoulder.

"I can understand where you're coming from, Neville, but it's because Sir has treated us well that we should find out exactly what's wrong with this tower, it's not just helping us it's helping him too."

He enlightened Neville, but in fact, there was an inexplicable wave of doubt inside Jon.

So far, the information they had found since arriving at the tower had been simple, yet equally straightforward and useful.

Like the stone slab at the top of the tower, as long as it is cracked open, then you can get the answer to what Voldemort left on this tower.

But the more it is like this, the more it makes people feel that something is wrong.

Will the dark lord will truly simply hide something here, taking such great lengths to come to this tower to write down those ancient runes?


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