213 Chapter 212 The Beauty of Nature

The whole tower is indeed very big.

According to Rabier's introduction to Neville, the living room they were in is on the 52nd floor, while the whole tower has 77 floors, each floor is about 4 to 5 meters high.

That is to say, if the floor height is not extended using the Undetectable Extension Charm, then this tower above the surface of the sea must be at least 300 meters high.

Of course, there are not many buildings on land that exceed 300 meters, but there are certainly no less either, but it is important to know that this tower is built on the surface of the sea, or the depths of the Norwegian Sea.

People who know a little bit about architecture know that the foundation of a 300-meter-tall tower in such an environment is basically not something possible to do.

But in the magical world, there is always magic to solve these problems.

The task left by Jon to Neville and the group is actually nothing too dangerous, he just simply asked them to stroll through the general rooms of the tower as much as possible to see if there is any questionable place within the tower.

Unlike the situation in Azkaban, where Nick had already explored part of the prison, and they had a clear goal when they entered the island.

But this time when they came to this place, it can be said that they know absolutely nothing, about what Voldemort did when he stayed here, they must find out on their own.

Neville and the group wandered a few floors down and saw the vegetable garden and pasture used for self-sufficiency that Sir Stoker had introduced to them at breakfast. They also entered a study full of books on the 36th floor.

Rabier did not stop them from leafing through the books in the study, which are basically some magic books related to astronomy, and nothing more.

Just while they were in the study, Luna spotted another black cat nestled on top of the bookshelf.

"How did this cat get here ahead of us?" Ron, who was standing nearby, asked curiously.

Luna said softly.

"It's not the one we saw before."

Ron observed the lazy, motionless black cat with wide eyes for a good long while, but could not tell the difference.

"What evidence do you have to prove it?"

"This one's whiskers are only as long as my thumb." Luna held up her thumb to compare, and said in a serious manner, "But the one we saw before had whiskers similar to my index finger."

Ron looked at Luna with a weird look on his face.

He had heard of this girl who was known as a "crazy or weird girl", his own sister is in the same dormitory with her, and have a good relationship, but Ron did not expect her to be weird to this extent.

Which normal person would be so concerned about the length of the whiskers of the first cat they saw?

Rabier, who was following them, overheard the conversation and explained without being condescending.

"My lord originally raised two black cats, but they are ordinary cats, not a cat with magic lineage, so they have long since died, and now all those still living in the tower are their offspring, though there is no detailed number of how many are in the tower, which has not been investigated for the time being."

Hermione was a little curious why Luna would be so interested in the black cat they saw today.

"Are you interested in keeping a cat?"

Luna shook her head and spoke somewhat baffling words.

"I find unique creatures interesting."


After Sir Stoker led Jon out of the living room, he stepped directly on the staircase that moved on its own and kept going up.

They soon came to the very top of the whole tower.

"This tower used to have no name, and it was only after I came here and took up residence that I gave it the name [Starr]."

When the word star is used in some human family names, it is dubbed as [Starr], so this tower is known as the [Starr Tower] now.

From the way the name was chosen, it could be seen that Sir Stoker was indeed not lying about his love for astronomy, and he did have an extraordinary love for the starry sky above his head.

He guided Jon to a wooden door on the top floor.

"This is the best place to observe the sky and the place where I usually spend most of my time."

They walked inside, and within there is a modest circular room, at most 13 or 14 square feet by visual estimation, surrounded by a circle of bookshelves full of documentation notes and books placed neatly on them.

In the centre of the room, there is a set of tables and chairs, and on the table-top, there is a lot of parchment painted with star charts, this place is also very neat and tidy, it is just unknown whether it is the personal habits of this Sir, or the elf Rabier is diligent enough.

Next to the table and chairs there is a wooden ladder leading to the ceiling, and right above the ladder is a flap door.

Sir Stoker invited Jon, and they climbed up the wooden ladder together, then pushed open the flap door to the rooftop at the top of the tower.

It was cold here.

After walking up, Jon subconsciously wrapped his body in a thick robe that Sir Stoker had reminded him to put on before going upstairs.

In the deep sea, near the North Pole, in such a high place as this, all the cold elements are simply gathered up.

The wind around should have been strong as well, but apparently, the same wind protection magic on the flying broom was placed here, so that the cold was barely less harsh.

Likewise, what one could clearly perceive along with the cold was a breathtaking view.

Undetectable Extension Charm is obviously not used in this open space, so the space is very small, only seven or eight square feet at most, which is also occupied mostly by an astronomical telescope-like thing in the middle.

The moment when he first came up here, Jon could feel the mind-blowing experience brought by the openness of the visual landscape.

The sky and the sea have been connected into a line, both azure, just seems to be able to make people feel soothed.

In the distance sea, there are sea serpents that have thick and long bodies snaking up and down through the clear seawater, and somehow vaguely, several ant-sized merpeople are seen hunting an unknown sea creature jointly on the surface of the sea.

The Hogwarts is docked next to the high tower, and from Jon's current perspective, it looks like a big model.

Jon keenly noticed that after arriving here, Sir Stoker's emotions became much more unconcealed and agitated.

He opened his arms wide and squinted his eyes to meet the soft sea breeze that had been mitigated, his silver-grey hair was flying wildly, and the hem of his well-fitting trench coat was blowing in the wind.

"There are endless mysteries and knowledge to be explored in the magical world, but there are times when it's not just magic that's wonderful, isn't there, Professor Johnson?"

Jon looked puzzled at the old man in front of him, who obviously came from a pureblood wizard family but carried the title of Muggle noble title, and nodded in agreement.

"The wonders of nature are indeed fascinating."


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