In the Academy as Sukuna

He got transported into an academy game with Sukuna's powers, and now, he aims for the top. His power keeps growing, but he never forgets to have fun. But this world seems to be different from the one he remembers, how will he survive uncharted territory with his newfound powers? The first few chapters are actual crap, it gets better later though, I think Cover image from Pinterest by 'stefani' My first work, I hope I do well :))))

ImaMelonFarm · Fantasy
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30 Chs

Awakening of Cursed Potential


My Cursed Energy Proficiency is at 18.9% and I still have 10 days till the entrance exam, I mean, I probably could have gotten close to 35% if I actually trained, but this [Sloth] effect doesn't let me, I just fall asleep standing after training for 2 hours at most.

Why does that happen? I'll tell you later.

Anyhow, there were also some surprises here and there, like at 10% proficiency, I got some observational skills. Although, they probably get better with my experience, so I will have to train them.

I also accidentally created divergent first while punching a tree, now I can do it freely.

That will probably last as long as my cursed energy control is complete crap, which it will be for long, as I plan to train that after unlocking some important abilities.

My parents wanted me to go into the intelligence branch of the academy, but I firmly told them that I will be going into the combat sector, as obviously, all the main characters were there. They reluctantly agreed after me dropping 3% of my cursed energy pressure on them.




I went to my training ground and started punching trees with divergent fist until they exploded for an hour, then for another hour I tried to maintain a steady flow of cursed energy while watching movies.

Now, to make it clear, [Unshakable Heart] isn't like the thing in Overlord, it doesn't suppress my emotions, I still feel them fine, it just lets me control my emotions, so I show only something that I want to show, it also makes me immune to all status effects, except [Sloth], of course.

Although, sometimes those emotions still leak out, I'm not sure why though.

I was a little anxious because I was cutting it close to the deadline of the quest, I predicted that I'd have 20% proficiency 1 day before the exam if I go at the same pace.


I did a little testing with the mana system of this world, and how my cursed energy would react to it, and it yielded some interesting results.

I half-expected my cursed energy to be some sort of anti-mana, but that's not it.

Some things I observed are that most of the medical devices make mana flow into you and detect the changes in the mana when it comes back to detect, identify and measure various stuff.

For example, there is a full body scanner, which outputs mana in a straight line less than 0.1 millimeter thick, which scans all the body parts in a horizontal plane.

There is a sensor on the other side, which detects the change in the line of mana and tries to identify some injuries by comparing it to that of a normal person.

The technology of this world has evolved in a way different to my previous one, as it is heavily dependent on mana.

Well, sadly, I can't use mana, but in the same way, mana can't use me.

Okay that sounded edgy, but what I meant was that no such devices work on me as my cursed energy interferes with the flow of mana.

In the same way, mana interferes with my cursed energy.

For example, if one uses a fire spell on me, then it will be a normal fire, obviously.

But if I make some cursed energy flow into its surroundings, then it might gain some inconsistencies, such as being shaped weirdly, or having its trajectory slightly altered, or maybe decreasing its heat energy.

I have also been told that no medical devices worked on me since birth, so that means that I had cursed energy since birth.

But I do not remember ever using it, except one time maybe.

So there are two possibilities: One, I have always had cursed energy, but never used it, or Two, I had some sort of 'Dormant' cursed energy.

Well, after all this I can conclude that I will need to control my emission because even some normal stuff, like vehicles, work on mana, so if I'm constantly emitting cursed energy . . . well, it won't end well.

Also, since cursed energy disrupts the flow of mana, it also disrupts the flow of mana INSIDE someone's body.

So if I emit cursed energy near someone, they start feeling dizzy, a little sick, and all such symptoms.

I don't have information about if this can be lethal of not, it probably can, but I will have to perform a few tests to figure that out.




Two days before the exam, I was at 19.95% completion and was just finishing up the 0.05% by causing deforestation with my fists.

With the last divergent fist . . .

[Unlocking Technique {Dismantle}]


I unintentionally let out a grin.

The current objective was complete, this will allow me to excel at the Academy before the power level shoots up, which it will not for some time.

Well whatever, the next goal is to meet the main cast and COMPLETELY FLEX ON THEM.

Anyhow . . . 







. . . who's pointing a sniper at me?