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The Spider


Oscorp Building 

Peter Parker was walking with his friends towards the next location where their guide was bringing them. 

Unknown to him, a spider was crawling out of the vent and following the same direction he went. But unknown to the spider, someone was observing it carefully.

Victor, who was behind all of the students, kept his eyes closely on the spider.

Today was the fateful day Peter Parker would be bitten by the spider and Spider-man would be born. And Victor knew it very well and the significance this day poses.

He was no longer confused on what to do and decided to let the spider bite Peter. But at the same time, he didn't not want to interfere either and decided to power up the spider with his cosmic energy before it bit him.

It's been a day since he powered up Fubuki using his cosmic energy and from how much her power developed, he wanted to test it even more by testing it on Peter.

-Victor Bane-

When the hell is it gonna bite?

I've been looking at the spider for the past 20 minutes and it's just hanging from the sky without moving an inch and I have to listen to this braindead lecture for an hour more.

The one who's giving the lecture is none other than the Superior Spider himself, Dr. Otto. He was giving his lecture on how organic mechanisms are the future of this world and showing off his pathetic metal limbs. Even without needing to see the code I could say it was faulty.

The arms weren't coordinated and some moved on their own though Otto acted like it wasn't the AI acting on his own.

'Cortana' I called her.


'Hack his arms and correct that AI] I told her to fix him.

If he doesn't become a villain then that's one less thing for me to worry about in the future.

Now back to the spider, that thing really is taking its sweet time coming down from the ceiling. Sadly Peter wasn't standing still and went along with Gwen to another place.

And Flash of all people was standing on the place where Peter stood, making the spider come towards him.

No way I'm dealing with a Blonde spider man. I created a small portal under the spider to catch it and walk towards where Gwen and Peter went.

"You almost gave me a heart attack there lil guy." I told him while observing his body.

This guy was fully red with some blue marks, his body was covered with tiny hair which tickled my hand a bit. He seemed smart too, and wasn't scared by me at all.

"Do you by chance understand me?" I tried to see if it was intelligent.

It just stared at me the same way, guess it was just not scared of me. Maybe the spider-sense helps with that.

Well, now to charge it up.

"Hang on for a second little guy." I closed my palms so that it wouldn't escape and started charging it with cosmic energy.

Not to the same-level as Fubuki whom I charged with enough cosmic energy to vaporise a continent. This spider is maybe getting about 1% of that, and it probably couldn't handle more than that.

When I finished and opened my palms, the spider was now slightly glowing with golden cosmic energy surrounding it. It still wasn't scary though.

'Cortana, turn off all the cameras on this buildining' I ordered Cortana.

[Done Victor]

Fast as ever/

Now, to test the theory. 

I walked out of the corner and searched for Peter and have to say, the guy is not denser than a diamond.

Both him and Gwen were making out in the corner of the room

Did I miss an important arc or something? What happened here?

Can't believe both of them finally took the step. From what, this is how the amazing spider-man went on didn't it? So who'll be the first villain? The lizard? Otto?

Anway I have something to test now.

I crunched the spider, killing it quickly.

I dropped its corpse on my shadow and let it reincarnate as a part of my shadow-kin. 

Its corpse transformed, but unlike endermen, it adopted a black-gold appearance. The whole body being black and having some gold markings all over its body and eyes.

"Go bite him on his neck." I ordered my new shadow, wanting to know if this will work. If it does, I have a living moving super soldier serum. If it doesn't… I'll just have to go in and get another spider to bite this guy.

It crawled towards the kissing couple and crawled up Peter, who was too busy to even notice the spider. It crawled up to his neck and bit him.

"Ah!" Peter reacted instantly and tried to squash the spider but it already came running back inside my shadow. He scrunched his face in pain and covered the bitten part.

"What happened Peter?" Gwen asked concerned. Her lips were puffy from all the smooches.

"Ahh… something bit me."

"Should we go tell the guid? Let me see" Gwen asked, pulling him down to see the bitten area.

"No. It's probably just a mosquito or something." Peter shrugged, and stopped touching his neck. Probably not wanting to be seen in pain by Gwen. "Is it swollen?"

"No, but the skin is red on that area." Gwen said after seeing the bitten area.

"It should be fine." Peter shrugged and pinned Gwen to the wall, pushing his head on her neck, "Should we continue where we left?"


I just walked away, not wanting to see a guy make out with his girl.

I'll tell Cortana to keep an eye on the cameras around his house. If the spider bite did work, we'd know when this guy inevitably jumps out of his window in a spandex.

While walking back I bumped into someone famous.

"Sorry Mr. Osborn" I helped him get up. 

"It's fine" He denied my hold and stood up himself and looked at me with a calculative eye, "You are?"

"I'm Victor Bane, a student from midtown high." I told him while placing some nano microphones Cortana made on him using telekinesis.

"My son's school huh? So you're here for the science trip?" He asked while signalling a nearby security guard.

"Yeah" I nodded.

"I don't see other students around you?"

"I got lost" I replied back,

He looked at me suspiciously, "Oh really?"

"On god" I smiled back.

"Young kids nowadays honestly…." He sighed and turned to the guard who walked towards us, "You, take him to his classmates" He turned back to me, "And you, don't get lost again and start thinking about your future more"

So he's a boomer huh? Instead of giving advice to a stranger like me, it would do him more good if he cuts his son's allowance.

"Come with me kid." The guard nodded to Osborn and signalled me to follow him.



"How to use this?" Fubuki asked me, not knowing how to use the food maker.

Currently I'm on my base, working with Cortana to send multiple satellites around the planet to monitor it continuously.

I ignored her and continued to pick the candidates that I should classify as Class-S threat.

"HEY I ASKED YOU!!" She yelled, stomping on the ground.

I rotated the rolling chair and looked back to see her pout like a baby. I didn't laugh and just said, "I have a name."

For some reason she refuses to call me by name, classic anime Tsundere.

"Hmph. Then I don't need this!" She turned her head away and started to walk away.

Well her loss anyway.

I just turned back and stared at the screen in front of me.

This classification isn't based on their affinity to good or bad, everyone who could destroy a building 'accidentally' is a threat. A fact drilled into Nightwing's head by Batman.

And he's absolutely right.

Almost all of the extinction-level events are made by some smartass in this world.

Untron, Civil War, Secret War, Clone War and many others, all of them are indirectly because of some smartass. Be it Hank Pym, Tony Stark or Reed Richards.

All of them may be good in this world, but their reputation in some comics isn't the best. Tony being a dictator, Reed trying to become MegaMind and Hank the wife beater.

That's why I plan to keep them at an arm's length, though now I don't have any connection with them. In future I'll definitely make connections with them. But I'm gonna start monitoring them now.

Tony and Hank are Class-A therats, though they could turn bad, currently they are good. One of them is in a cave and another is a professor in MIT. 

But Reed on the other hand is definitely a Class-S threat. Not because of his intelligence. It actually dosen't mean shit and he can go fuck his 20-something phds.

But his sperm, aka Franklin Richards on the other hand is scary. I don't wanna be in the same universe, hell even multiverse if I had a choice with the guy who in all means is a god. Even me with access to all energies can't mess with time, reality, life and death while that guy created a mini galaxy when he was 12.

So I have two choices, either perform vasectomy on Reed or separate him and Susan. Knowing Reed, he'd find a way to impregnate Susan even with no balls. And separating them is the only thing which reduces the chance of a child satan forming.

Currently Reed, Ben and Susan are just college graduates so acting now is just stupid. I can stop them even now, but I need to know the secret behind their powers.

So I'll let them alone and just observe them till they do whatever experiment that will give them their power. And then interfere afterwards.

"I'm slowly becoming a villain." I chuckled and closed the window after assigning the threats for Cortana to keep an eye on.

"Ahhhhh… even after becoming this strong I have to work" I leaned back on the chair and stretched my back.

I kinda like this life though. 

I got off my chair and looked around the room to see if Fubuki was still there. She wasn't.

"Maybe I was too mean to her," I muttered to myself.

Picking up the food maker from the floor, I went out of the room in search of her. I walked around for a minute before finding her outside the surveillance room, speaking with Cortana.

"Can you at least tell me how to use it then?" She asked Cortana.

"No. if Victor refuses to tell you, I won't either." She flatly refused.

Fubuki suddenly looked around so just absorbed the light falling on me to go invincible. 

After making sure I wasn't there she looked at Cortana, blushing a bit.

"Please… I'm hungry and wanna make my own food" She said shyly.

Awww… what a tsundere.

"No" Cortana said no again.

"You…" Being even more embarrassed, Fubuki got angry. Feeling humiliated now. Golden wisps of cosmic-powered Psionic energy surrounded her body as she slowly floated above from the ground.

Knowing how much destruction the current Fubuki could cause I shot past to their location.

"Ayaa~" I put Fubuki on my shoulder.

"I'd ask you to stop Fubuki, I don't want my base to be destroyed within a week." I said as I nullified the energy on her.

"You! So you heard it all!!?" Her face went red in realisation. "You bastard!!"

She started yelling and moving her body around.

"Hey hey, don't kick or I'll drop you" I told her while signalling Cortana to carry on.

She went silent and I walked away a bit to not disturb Cortana anymore.

"If you were hungry you should've just told me that." I told her as she slowly calmed down.

I didn't receive any reply so I turned back to see her. She was hiding her face with her palms.

"Why are you embarrassed about this? Nobody here cares" I tried to cheer her up.

"I know," Came her reply in a quivering voice.

Is she crying?

"Hey are you crying?" I asked, confused, why she's crying.

"None of you are taking me seriously!! Both you and that robo! Both of you are just seeing me as a nuisance!" She yelled while straight up weeping.

What's with this?

"Hey what-"

"Don't talk now! You only talk when I talk first right? You even let me starve!" She punched my back, which did nothing.

Thinking back, I did neglect her and left her alone. But I did it so she has some time alone to get used to this world.

"Hey, I was just giving you some time." I tried to tell my point.

"Did I ask for time!? You brought me here and left me alone with that robo bitch who doesn't even talk to me!!" She complained. Now weeping on my back, "You're just bullying me! Even now, you're handling me like I'm some nuisance."

"Haaa…" I sighed and lifted her off my shoulders and carried her in a princess carry.

She hid her face with her psalm while still crying.

"Hey, look at me." I tried saying.


Well that was an instant reply.

"If you don't want to then fine." I sighed and walked inside another room and sat on the couch, with her still on my lap.

"I know how I treated you wasn't the best. And I apologise for that, as the one who brought you here it should've been my responsibility to help you." I apologised to her.

Seeing her cry really made me feel bad.

She didn't reply and still hid her face.

"And about not talking unless talked to, it's not me avoiding you but just basically my character." I chuckled seeing her face and fingers getting red. "And I'm trying to change that."

I took the food maker from my shadow and asked her, "Open up, I'll show you how to use this."

"Noo…" She turned away, hiding her face on the couch, "I'll look all puffy and ugly."

Is she finally opening up?

"I honestly don't think that's possible, now turn around." I told and turned her around.

"Promise you won't laugh." 

"I promise."

She slowly removed her hands and avoided eye contact with me, looking away.

Her puffy eyes and red cheeks were just cute.

"Haha, you just got cuter." I laughed, helping her sit.

"Stopp… and can you let me go?" She asked, while looking down, blushing. She's so fun to tease.

"Nah, sit tight." I pulled her even closer, making her lean on my chest.

"Yo-" She wanted to say, but the loud growl from her stomach made her stop and blush even more.

"You're really hungry huh?" I smiled and placed the food maker in front of us.

"Hmm" She nodded and leaned her head back on my chest, it made me feel some funny emotions after a long time and I have to say, it felt good.

"Place your hand on the monitor." I instructed her.

"Hmm" She placed her hand on the monitor.

"Now close your eyes and think of the food you want and the amount you want."

She followed my instructions and did so, the food maker is basically like a microwave which can make food. It took about 20 seconds for the food to be made and it was just some curry rice.

"Two plates?" I asked as I took them out.

"One for you." She said while still avoiding eye contact with me.

How thoughtful of her… it has been a while since I had japanese curry.

"Thanks" I thanked her and took a plate. "So you like curry?"

"Yes" She nodded and started eating, her eyes widening in surprise, "The taste is the same as I remember!"

"Well, it is made from your thoughts so yeah." I stated the obvious, "And it tastes good by the way. I like the stubble flavourings"

"Thanks Victor '' She smiled for the first time and even said my name.

I just smiled back, happy that she finally opened up to me. Having a beautiful woman eating while sitting on his lap will make any man happy.

We finished eating but stayed in the same position, looking at the space outside through the windows.

"Tell me honestly, do you miss your world?" I asked her.

"Yes," She nodded.

"I'm sor-" 

"But I think I'm starting to like it here." She smiled as she looked at me and snuggled closer to me. 

I hit the jackpot bois. And forgive me aunt cass and Nico Robin, you lost your place in my heart.

"Wanna talk to me about it?"

She closed her eyes and laid on my chest,



-3rd Person's POV-

Peter Parker is Scared.

He woke up this morning after experiencing a nightmare, remembering the last moments with his parents before they died in a plane crash.

He tried to carry on the rest of the day normally, but when he opened the door, it came along with him. The same happened with anything he touched.

Panicking he tried to pull them off, only to break each and everyone of them.

But soon when he tried relaxing his nerves, everything fell down from being stuck to his skin. He subconsciously touched the bite mark on the back of his neck.

"Is this the reason?" He wondered while looking around.

Every one of his senses were heightened and he felt like he had a sixth sense which was active all the time, constantly sending his brain information of the surroundings, like the temperature and air pressure around him. It made him constantly aware of his surroundings.

"What's happening to me?" He wondered while walking towards his mirror, as slowly and gently as he could. To not break any more things.

He saw himself in the mirror.

He recognised his changes immediately, his muscles were well-defined like an athlete and his face was a bit less chubby as it used to. It would take someone a close look to notice, but it was noticeable. 

"Woah…" Peter muttered in awe while flexing his bicep and touching it to feel it out. Confused if it was all real.

*Knocks* "Peter? Are you alright? I heard loud noises" Aunt May asked concerned, after hearing loud noises from his room.

"Uhh… Yeah" Peter lied after taking a good look in his messed room. 

"Are you alright now? Any change with the fever?" May asked about his fever. When he came home last evening, he had a high fever.

"Change?" Peter smiled, " Big change."

He suddenly looked at his window instinctively as he felt someone was there.

"Ready for breakfast?"

"Uhh… yeah." Peter started on with his daily routine after finding nobody outside.

-Victor Bane's POV-

My head buzzed the moment I got close to Peter and he turned back at the same time.

Spider sense is fucking bullshit man.

I was absorbing every light that fell on me and letting them pass through and even then this guy somehow felt me. Maybe it was because I got bit by the spider too.

No way it works on the principle of spiders feeling the wind pressure around. If so, no way he'd feel me appearing here on a portal.

It's most likely some form of Cosmic.. Sense or awareness. Cosmic awareness sounds much better too.

It's a pity I didn't get to see any changes that my cosmic energy made. Still it's no biggie, I at least know now that I have a super soldier serum lying around.

I got bit by the spider last night too, but it didn't do much to me who is more Viltrumite than human other than giving spider-sense, the ability to stick to stuff and shoot webs out of my wrists.

But since I already had cosmic energy in the first place, I don't know what difference it made to the original spider.

From Cortana's predictions it is supposed to either make him be able to produce his own cosmic energy or enhance it in some way. Speaking of Cortana, I told her to consider Fubiki as a friend.

Which led to a long conversation between me and her about the true meaning of a friend. So in the end I just said to consider Fubuki as someone below me in authority.

I hope that won't bite my ass in the back.

It is hard to be certain because cosmic energy is wired, for people like me it just acts as a form of energy and I'm able to produce it endlessly. But it works differently for others. 

For example, the fantastic four who got their unique abilities through it and even Fubuki who can't manipulate cosmic energy like me and just enhances her original power to a continental-level. Making her basically her sister.

Speaking of Fubuki, I have to say. After opening up to me, she's been a lot clingy not that I complain, in fact I like it very much. And the feeling of her cuddling with me made me feel butterflies in my stomach.

I'm not scared of forming a relationship with her, because I know she's not like the women of this world and is a loyal girl. Though I'm thinking too much, we haven't even officially gone out yet but I hope we soon will.

I'm obviously attracted to her and I think she is attracted to me too, hopefully romantically and sexually. Having a relationship with a girl whom I don't need to like about 90% of the stuff will make me not feel bad all the time.

Still I'm not going to be 100% honest with her, I can be 100% honest with anyone with the knowledge I have.

The fact that I'm this strong and have a potential hottie who'll be with me and still can't really be honest is sad.

"Haaa… suffering with success" I chucked at the thought and teleported back to my room.

I got back to my normal school clothes and had a quick breakfast with my parents and rode my bike back to school like usual.

-3rd Person's POV-

"Hey there Ned." Victor greeted Ned as he sat on his seat which was before him.

Hearing Victor talk to him out of nowhere, Ned was shocked.

"You actually talked to me? Am I tripping?" He asked in total shock.

"Is it that shocking that I talked?" Victor asked back, totally unaware that the only time he talked to Ned was at the gym.

"The first and last time I saw you talk to someone in school was when you trashed Andre" Ned answered.

"Didn't we talk recently at the Gym?"

"I don't consider 2 weeks recently." 

That made Victor realise his own para social relationships in life.

'Maybe I should actually talk to people'

"Right…" he just nodded and turned back, "Sorry for disturbing you."

"Wait wait! I was just surprised. In fact, I'm happy you talked to me of all the people here." Ned stopped him. It was the first time Victor actually talked to him, and he wanted to develop their friendship.

"What?" Victor stared at him weirdly, that his talking made Ned happy.

"Wait! I didn't mean it that way!" Ned corrected himself.

"It's fine bro. I don't judge, you can be gay, but I'm not and I have a potential girlfriend." Victor just moved his chair away a bit.

"I'm straight as fuck!" 

"Prove it," Victor smiled.

Ned stopped, realising Victor was just making fun of him, "Fuck you".

"That just proved my point." Victor smirked even more.

"You cunt…" Ned too smiled, even though he was annoyed, "Anyway, what about you almost having a girlfriend? Is she from our school?"

"Nah, she's not from any high school" Victor denied.

"Any school? You're dating a university girl!?" Ned asked in shock. For him even highschool girls are hard to ask out, just thinking of a university girl made his head dizzy.


Hearing the answer, Ned's eyes widened in shock as he asked in fear, "Then is she from middle school!?"

"FUCK NO!!" Victor immediately denied with a disgusted look, "She's older than that! That's what I meant!"

"Just how older is she then?"


"Uhhh… aren't you too young?" Ned asked unsure.

"Meh, I consent and I'll be 18 in a few months." Victor just shrugged.

"That's still grooming" 

"In this country. And it's ok as long as it's not the other way around right?" Victor asked back.

"Well… you're right. As a collective society our views on sexual crimes are warped when the victim is a boy and the criminal is a woman." Ned nodded, getting a bit philosophical 

"Exactly." Victor too nodded, he too knows his view on sexual crimes was twisted. The anger he'd feel when the criminal is a female is much less than when the criminal is a male. Though he'd be angry none the less.

"Hey Ned." Peter, who just came into the class, greeted Ned and sat on his seat, which was on the side of Ned's.

"Hey Peter," 

"Hi Peter." 

Ned and Victor both greeted back.

"Oh, hey Victor." Peter, just noticing Victor greeted back, a bit taken back that Victor was talking to them.

"Peter, I need your point of view on this matter."

"What?" Peter asked back as he placed his bag down.

"Victor here is having a relationship with an older woman, what do you think about that?" Ned asked and Victor too looked at him.

"It's not official… yet. But I'd like to hear your opinion too." Victor said, curious about what Peter would think.

It made Peter a bit nervous for some reason he couldn't tell.

"Umm… as long as both of them are happy it's fine I guess?" 

"Then what if the genders are reversed?" Victor asked.

"Uhh.." Immediately Peter's opinion changed a bit, "Well… now that I think about it"

"And the girl is a naive hot foreign girl," Ned added.

"And the guy's an ugly bastard." Victor didn't sit still either.

"It's bad ok? My views are hypocritical." Peter finally said it. But Ned wasn't even listening.

"Ugly bastard? You watch hentai?" Ned turned to Victor and asked eagerly.

"And read doujin." Victor answered without hesitation.

"My man" They both exchanged a dap.

"Ewww…" Peter, on the other hand, found it disgusting.

"The fuck you are disgusted for?" Ned looked at Peter with hatred.

"Yeah. We're appreciating art." Victor said proudly. There are a few things he loves, and doujin in top among them.

"True." Ned nodded, "And you should be on our side Peter, single men like us should appreciate that."

"Yeahh.." Peter nodded, like he was hiding something.

"Single?" Victor found it confusing though, he knew Peter wasn't single. "I saw him making out with Gewn in Oscorp though?"



The whole class, including Gwen, turned back at them. Making both of them, Peter even more embarrassed.

"What the fuck Peter? And why am I just hearing that from Victor of all people? Why did both of you keep me in the black?" Ned held Peter's collar and tried to shake him.

"Damn, are you also working out?" He asked in surprise after not moving Peter even an inch.

"I wanted to say, but Gwen was too shy." Peter just smiled back, remembering his moments with Gwen.

"Urgh… I can't even bring myself to curse you now" Ned sighed, feeling both happy for them and angry at them at the same time.

Victor just watched them chat with a small smile, thinking, 'This is not as bad as I thought.'