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Thrusted into the world of JJK by the higher beings to become their toy for entertainment follow Damon's journey who now possessed the powers of Yuuya Tenjou along with his door and cheats as he ventures into this unknown world of curses. *** Author here! First of all thanks for reading this. This is my first work so I hope you all won't me mad if I somehow mess this up. The protagonists won't be any good guy like tenjou Yuuya was and would be more of villain and lone wolf kind of guy so I warn you to not read this if you hopes of getting nice and naive kind of main character. I haven't thought of romance as I want this to be more focused on action but I may change my mind in the future. As for Harem or Not? Well that depends upon the future me.. once again thanks for reading

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Outside The House

"...Sigh, I have no extra clothes to wear."

The sun had set in the JJK world, and after practicing his cursed energy all day, Yuuya finally returned to the real world.

Standing naked with just a piece of cloth covering his lower region, Yuuya sighed, remembering that he had no clothes left to wear.

"I also need to buy some groceries."

The food stored in his old refrigerator was almost gone. Looking around the whole house, Yuuya sighed.

The house Yuuya was currently living in is too old and requires some renovation if Yuuya plans to live in this place in the future.

All appliances in the house were too old to function properly.

Yuuya once again wore the clothes he had worn the entire day while making a mental list of what needed to be bought.

'Groceries, clothes, and also a phone and other accessories...'

The previous Yuuya was completely broke and didn't have the luxury to buy himself a smartphone when he sometimes couldn't even buy food for survival.

Wearing the extraordinary piece of clothes Yuuya received from Zenovis's house, Yuuya finally got ready and, for the first time since his reincarnation, set his foot out in the real world.

Walking out of the old house, which didn't look in good condition from outside, Yuuya finally looked around his neighborhood.

'I knew it was bad, but... is it even safe to live here?'

Looking at his own house, Yuuya couldn't help but think to himself as the house appeared in quite bad shape.

'I need a new place to live in...'

Thanks to the money conversion feature the gate has, as long as Yuuya hunts monsters, he would never lack any money in his lifetime. With money not being a problem for the current Yuuya, he plans on moving away and searching for a new place to live in.

Even though the previous Yuuya had quite an attachment to this house, the current Yuuya doesn't care about it that much. After getting all the supernatural artifacts present in the storehouse, which are now safely kept in his item box, Yuuya doesn't care much about this old house and wants to live in a better place where he can live without fearing his house collapsing every time.

[A/N: The items won't be mentioned much in this fic, nor will they have anything curse-related in them.]

'But that's for later...'

Yuuya currently doesn't know much about this world and would need to research a better place to live, but that's all for afterwards.


"Ne, ne, look at that guy…"

"No way, who is that? An entertainer?"

"He's handsome and has a good style, he's seriously extraordinary…"

"Isn't he too sexy!?"

'...Sigh, this is annoying.'

Yuuya couldn't help but get irritated by the constant attention he was getting from others. After leveling up, Yuuya's appearance has improved a lot to the point that he could be added to the list of the most handsome men in the world.

'Though I don't hate attention, but this is just ridiculous.'

No matter where he goes, everyone keeps looking towards Yuuya, mesmerized by his appearance. As he walked through the streets, he has been stopped countless times by girls who are eager to know him and want his number, to which he downright refused, saying he doesn't give his number to random strangers.

'Hah... if this was just a day ago...'

While walking towards his house after buying himself the things he planned for, Yuuya couldn't help but recall the previous Yuuya's experiences.

The previous Yuuya also received a lot of attention from others for his appearance, but unlike the praises the current Yuuya received, the previous one received curses.

Yuuya's ugly appearance always gained disgust from others; his peers bullied him, kids made fun of him, while adults downright abused him with curses, especially women.

Countless times, the previous Yuuya was shouted at and abused by the opposite genders just for being in their line of sight. Many times he was even reported by women with charges of molestation or being accused of being a pervert, which though later became clear it was not the case.

Mockery and disgust, these things have always followed Yuuya wherever he went, to the point he even attempted to give up his life many times, only to regain his rationality just before he took the final step.

The previous Yuuya lived quite a miserable life, didn't he?

'This is why this is even more annoying...'

Gaining Yuuya's memories, experiencing what he had gone through by these memories, the Yuuya was more annoyed.

Gaining memories, combining with his own, the current Yuuya, unlike the original who got an inferiority complex and fear of women, Yuuya developed hate for these people who judged others solely by their appearance.

'But it's also one of the bitter truths of the world...'

The society's obsession with appearances is sickening. It's a twisted game where people are judged solely on their looks. Genuine worth is trampled by a superficial culture that breeds shallowness. The bitter truth is, in this distorted reality, authenticity is often drowned out by the deafening noise of superficial judgments.

'These people, they are the same as them...'

Looking at the people who kept on admiring him, Yuuya's thoughts wandered, and the images of his so-called parents, siblings, and his bullies resurfaced in his mind.

The indifferent red eyes of Yuuya glowed with a chilling light as the memories about what they did once again flooded his brain.

'...I have to take care of them too.'

After taking over the body of Yuuya, the current him doesn't care about the past relationships the people had with the previous one, but after inheriting the memories and, in a way, going through all that suffering, he can't just let those who messed with him so much get away with it, can he?

'Should I just kill them?'

As the thought appeared, a smile unconsciously rose on Yuuya's indifferent face as madness flashed in his eyes.

As Yuuya walked down the bustling road, the grin on his face just began to get wider and wider... no one knew what was going on in Yuuya's mind.

As Yuuya walked down the streets, reaching a rather tranquil boulevard, Yuuya halted his steps and looked at a distant isolated alley.

The thoughts in his brain stopped as he sensed a rather familiar energy emitting from the alley.


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