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As the illegitimate child of a pure-blood family, Salim had a bad childhood, but it didn't matter, Hogwarts was his home. It didn't matter that Dumbledore, the old man with white beard, wasn't as majestic as he looked. I'm here to study, not to work with you. How would Riddle, this special Horcrux, have a different ending under the instigation of butterfly wings? Compared with the plot, Salim prefers to study magic to strengthen himself, and consider how...to save his life. As he slowly came into contact with the wizarding world, Salim clearly understood that the wizarding world depicted in Rowling's book is just the tip of the iceberg. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cover Image isn't mine original creator can contact me to remove it. Note - This is a Chinese fanfiction. i am just translating it . i am just changing name and some grammer like he , she ,her ,his , it etc . i am making it understandable . also read chapter first don't let the synopsis let you think i am just copy pasting .

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Chapter 5: Late Night

If there is anyone at Hogwarts who is both free and busy, it must be our Headmaster Dumbledore. He said that he was free because he didn't have to teach the students or correct their homework. He is busy because Dumbledore is not only the headmaster of Hogwarts but also has many responsibilities outside of school.

Dumbledore is more of a spiritual symbol, a presence at Hogwarts. It seems like Hogwarts would be complete even without Dumbledore. However, our headmaster often leaves and entrusts the day-to-day affairs of the school to the deputy headmaster, Professor McGonagall.

And tonight, well, that expression isn't accurate since it's already past midnight; it should be morning. Dumbledore finally had some time for his usual contemplation after finishing his work in the headmaster's office.

"So, which students need our attention this year?" Dumbledore leaned back in his high chair and looked at the Sorting Hat on the top of the bookshelf to his right—a clean Sorting Hat.

"It's the same every year, nothing noteworthy."

"Oh? Harry Potter and the Selwyn boy aren't noteworthy?" Dumbledore pushed back his chair and stood up.

"It's nothing noteworthy. If I must say, that Potter kid doesn't seem to have a favourable impression of Slytherin. During the sorting, he kept saying 'Not Slytherin.' It was clearly the most suitable choice for him. The Sorting Hat writhed discontentedly on the bookshelf." As for the Salim boy you mentioned, he chose Slytherin himself, but I think Ravenclaw would suit him better. And I can be sure that kid has been practising Occlumency, though not in front of me."

"Oh? Occlumency? That's not surprising. He studied at Schuyler for six years before coming to Hogwarts. To combat the Cruciatus and Imperius Curses, the children there tend to have some results in Occlumency." Dumbledore walked over to his pet, Fawkes, and gently stroked its feathers.

"That's nothing to pay attention to. After all, I've seen countless young wizards over the centuries—gifted, untalented, intelligent, and foolish. I find it quite rare to encounter a young wizard who is 'noteworthy' in my opinion." The Sorting Hat stopped moving after speaking.

"By the way, I almost forgot to mention something."

"Kindness? Did the Sorting Hat sense something unusual?" Dumbledore turned and looked up at the Sorting Hat.

"For thousands of years, none of the previous headmasters have ever considered cleaning me up." The Sorting Hat shook its tip. "I still had to wait for a young wizard to experience this refreshing feeling again. So, you have to thank him for me."

The headmaster stared at the stationary Sorting Hat in disbelief.

Then, Dumbledore seemed to sense something and settled back behind the headmaster's desk, watching the door and waiting.

The door to the headmaster's office swung open, and a figure draped in black entered, shutting the door behind him.

"Ah, Severus, you're here."

Snape looked at Dumbledore without a word, clearly annoyed at being woken up from his sleep. Anyone would be upset from being awakened during the night, especially considering Snape's already strained relationship with Dumbledore.

"What's the outcome of your house's 'tradition' this year?" Dumbledore went straight to the point. No beating around the bush.

"Lucius's son is a new prefect this year." Snape's expression remained unchanged.

Dumbledore appeared surprised.

"Indeed, it's slightly different than what I anticipated." Dumbledore frowned thoughtfully.

"But Draco gave up the single room that is usually reserved for prefects." Snape's comment seemed to carry an air of revenge for being roused so late at night.

"A Selwyn child?"

Snape nodded, still not saying a word.

"How did the process unfold?"

"Draco didn't make a move throughout the entire ordeal; the others were defeated by Selwyn." Snape shifted his stance. "He didn't utter a single incantation throughout the process."

"Silent spells...that's beyond my expectations." Dumbledore stood up. "I'm certain that the boy Salim can outmatch his fellow young wizards, but silent spells...what kind of magic is he utilizing? Severus."

"Stunning and impediment spells." Snape saw Dumbledore retrieve the Pensieve from the cabinet.

"What? Do you want to delve into my memories again?" Snape's face revealed a hint of expected sarcasm.

"I simply wish to acquaint myself with the young lad, Severus, and to ascertain..."

"What can a child do?" Snape interjected, roughly. "Instead of suspecting a young wizard, why not investigate someone who is more suspicious?"

"Professor Quirrell is the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor we hired, Severus." Dumbledore placed the Pensieve on its designated shelf and prepared it.

"Why entrust such a role to an unknown individual? Headmaster? I have applied multiple times, and yet you've declined, but you've agreed to an unknown entity?" Snape took a step forward and questioned Dumbledore.

"Quirinus isn't entirely unknown, Severus," Dumbledore said, eyeing Snape. "He also graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"I sat beside him at dinner, and

he emits an aura that isn't befitting a decent individual." Snape appeared resolute in his opinion.

"I promised you to safeguard Lily's son, and you overlooked the danger that lies before you!" Snape's voice grew more intense.

"No, I am not turning a blind eye to the peril we face. Severus, sometimes we focus so much on the immediate danger that we disregard the true threat." Dumbledore motioned for Snape to approach. "But before we discuss these hazards, Severus, I wish to show you something."

Snape cast a deep gaze at Dumbledore, drew his wand, extracted a memory from his temple, and deposited it into the Pensieve.

"Come along, Severus, let us see." Regardless of Snape's willingness, Dumbledore grasped his arm.


"Is there no one willing to make the first move? Since you're all so reticent, I suppose I'll take the initiative." With those words, Salim began to wave his wand. Among the first-year Slytherins, there were only three girls, and Salim's gentle impediment jinx promptly pushed them out of the circle.

"Very adept at defensive spells." Dumbledore's attention remained fixed on Salim. Snape stood by his side, seemingly transported into his own memory at Dumbledore's whim.

Meanwhile, some of the young wizards finally began to react, casting their spells at Salim. Given Salim's perceived prowess, it made sense to target him first—most of the young wizards thought as much.

Salim deftly guided Draco out of the way of a leg-locking spell, and in swift succession countered with a stunning jinx that neutralized an opponent. Then, with a fluid motion, he employed a tripping jinx to send another young wizard tumbling. Draco was left dazed on the ground, and if he had been struck, Salim's single room might not have shielded him. However, the prefect had also managed to escape the fray.

As Draco struggled to regain his footing, Salim swiftly dispelled the spell of yet another young wizard using a counter-curse. Seizing the opportune moment, he flicked his wand from left to right with his left hand: an invisible wall encircled the group, effectively excluding all but himself and Draco.

"Done!" Salim waved his wand-free right hand as he exited the circle. "Remember, Draco."

A resounding crack echoed in the air, freezing all the participants in Snape's memory in place.

Dumbledore lowered his hand and walked over to Salim's right hand.

"Severus, do you see this?" Dumbledore inquired, pointing at the ring on Salim's right hand.

"A ring," Snape responded matter-of-factly, "and I observed he was also clothed and even had shoes on his feet." Snape's expression bore a sneer.

"But what does the ring signify? Is it dangerous?"

Ignoring Snape's sarcasm, Dumbledore studied the ring on Salim's hand intently. After scrutinizing the ring, he shifted his gaze to the wand Salim clutched in his left hand.

"Alright, Severus, I believe we can return now."

The headmaster's office.

Snape regarded Dumbledore with crossed arms, waiting for an explanation.

"Perhaps to you, it appears as a ring, but I recognize it as a wand. Severus, a wand." Dumbledore settled back into his chair.

"What does this imply?"

"That was no ordinary wand. I found it during my travels with... and it was returned to the family to which it truly belongs."


"Precisely, Selwyn."

"Then what does this signify? That the child is also a Selwyn?"

"It's different, Salim is a bastard, he does not hold the rightful claim to a wand from within the family." Dumbledore shook his head. He began to explain to Snape.

Old pureblood families could amass incredible wealth over generations. These riches would be passed down, even if descendants were wayward, squandering golden Galleons and precious potion ingredients and alchemical components.

However, items like wands were rarely expended—even if they changed hands numerous times. Over time, countless magical creatures and magical trees had gone extinct, yet wands made from their remains endured.

These wands, crafted from potent creatures and wood, held greater power than contemporary wands. Only those pure-blood families with a substantial legacy could preserve these ancient wands.

"Why would a bastard possess one of these wands that are typically reserved for the direct lineage of a family?" Dumbledore posed the question to Snape. "Furthermore, the wand he just employed was the one he obtained from Garrick's shop, and this boy is carrying two wands, Severus, what does that suggest?"

"I suggest you inquire with him directly." Snape's response was unenthusiastic.

"I recognized the ring and returned it to the family that had lost it, and the Selwyns donated it to the school in gratitude." Dumbledore motioned for Snape to gaze at the mirror behind him.

As Snape turned, his eyes met a full-length mirror with gilded edges. With just one glance, Snape found himself unable to look away.

Feelings of regret and longing seemed to surface momentarily, only to be replaced by numbness and indifference.

"What is this?" Snape struggled to divert his gaze from the mirror.

"The Mirror of Erised." Dumbledore glanced at the mirror but swiftly averted his eyes. "It will be used to protect the Philosopher's Stone," Dumbledore gazed at Snape, "do you believe it is safe?"

"Safety is never a certainty. If we are done here, I shall take my leave." Snape's tone conveyed his desire to exit.

Observing Snape close the door to the headmaster's office, Dumbledore stood once more and approached the Pensieve, drawing a memory from his wand and casting it into the Pensieve.

Meanwhile, Salim had just concluded arranging his single room, having spent time adjusting it after aiding Draco in securing the prefect position.

The prefects' common room was now markedly different from its prior state, as Salim had introduced numerous changes. He instructed the house-elf to dispose of all the decor he found extraneous. Henceforth, this space dedicated to him would be reserved solely for sleep and theoretical magical study.

Other locations would serve for potion brewing and spell practice. Salim had no desire for his sleeping quarters to reek of potion ingredients or to be cluttered while practising spells. Fortunately, there were plenty of empty classrooms near the Slytherin common room where he could find a secluded area when needed.

Although it was late, Salim had no intention of resting. Leaning against the headboard of his bed, he immersed himself in his "tome." The following morning would bring the first session of History of Magic for a much-needed slumber catch-up, followed by a lesson on spells. Among the core Slytherin courses, only Potions, Transfiguration, and Defense Against the Dark Arts were shared with Gryffindor; all other subjects were taken with Ravenclaw.

Honestly, Salim found it easier to interact with Ravenclaws than Gryffindors. In Salim's words, it was simpler to connect with those of the same gender. Should he have to engage with Gryffindors, he predicted their conversations would likely begin with phrases like, "You treacherous Slytherin, stay away from me," or "You Slytherin serpent, what conspiracy do you harbour in approaching me?" Reflecting on this, Salim resolved to distance himself from Gryffindors, particularly given Neville's assignment to Gryffindor, which he felt would provide ample opportunities to interact with that house in the future.

Salim decided not to dwell on these grim thoughts. In his estimation, encountering Gryffindors would be a less than pleasant-experience. Instead, he focused on finding what he sought within the book in his hands.

As previously mentioned, Salim shared a close bond with his half-sister. Back at Selwyn Castle, she was the only person who could warm Salim's heart. His Mana Riot had occurred when he was four years old—before either of his two older brothers, Dax and Sabian, had experienced theirs.

Pure-blood wizards often gauge a wizard's potential by observing when their magical power surges, the earlier this occurs, the higher the wizard's potential. The sooner the magical power surge, the faster the growth of the wizard's magical abilities. Typically, the magical power surge happens by the age of four, which is nearly the limit. If the surge happens any earlier, the wizard is at risk of becoming an Obscurial—a tragic outcome. No Obscurial survives beyond the age of ten.

Salim was sent to Schuyler, a school exclusively open to distinguished wizarding families, shortly after his magical riot. Leaving aside the torment and hardships Salim endured at that school after turning seven, he could only return home once a year, if he could even call Selwyn Castle "home."

His eldest brother refused to see him, and his second brother paid him no attention. If his father were to return, Salim could still engage in conversation with him. As for Mrs Selwyn... well, Salim wished to maintain as much distance from her as possible. The question of Salim's biological mother remained unresolved.

Throughout the entire castle, only his little sister, Sirna, drew close to him. The little girl had no one else to bond with. Both his eldest and second brothers had rendered the girl somewhat neurotic, but in two distinct ways—one violent

, the other silent. Neither temperament was conducive to communication with a young girl. Consequently, Salim, the most normal-seeming of the three, became the sole individual with whom she could converse. Eventually, this became a psychological anchor for Salim, providing a distraction from the path his brothers had taken. He was determined not to follow in their footsteps.

Though he eventually escaped Schuyler, the coping mechanism he had employed to survive ultimately became his psychological sustenance. He harboured hope of altering his Squib sister's fate.

And the answer to his hopes lay within the book he now held.


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