In Douluo Dalu with Querehsha's Power Book

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In Douluo Dalu with Querehsha's Power


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Angela Chiaki Hearth is one of Earth's greatest nobodies, between her lackluster achievements and party till I die life style she eventually did manage to pass away. With an estranged family, no goals or prospects and the only things driving her forward being drugs, sex and reading she wasn't at all prepared for something as bizarre as an afterlife. Falling into the clutches of a bored God she is whisked away with half her personality, sanity and memories stripped bare before receiving a second chance at life that she never asked for. The kicker? She's in a new world filled with dangerous beasts and Gods with a power set she can't make heads or tails of. {I don't own Douluo Dalu other than my OCs. Obviously it's Tang Jia San Shao's property.}


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