4 zero's form

"So what's next?" Alex asked because he was already getting tired of zero's non-stop teasing. Thank goodness he was quick to not lose his cool.

(A/N:I will be addressing zero as "she/her" from now on. After all, she now has a form, shouldn't it be fair that I address her properly?)

[Do you want to see my form now?] zero sounded like a little kid who was about to show her dad a brilliant trick.

"Sure" Alex mumbled absentmindedly.

Suddenly, a picture of a lady who seemed to be twenty-two or so years old appeared in his consciousness; it could pass out as a hologram instead.

She was tall, taller than him even. She had blond hair, which was a longer version of his, it trailed all the way to her waist, blue eyes, a small nose, and a small round face coupled with slightly red-colored lips that were so alluring. Most men would definitely get their souls hooked if those lips were to smile at them.

She had slim hands and legs, a slim waist in which no visible fat could be spotted, and her sizes could only be described by the words' perfect proportions'.

She was wearing some kind of weird-looking outfit that perfectly outlined her perfect curves. The costume was so skimpy that every single part of her body could be traced with the eyes.

At the butt level, the outfit had what seemed to be a small tail, she was also wearing what Alex believed to be rabbit ears on her head.

She looked so beautiful that Alex was almost drooling from just seeing her in that strange outfit plus her A+ body.

She could easily pass as the most beautiful girl Alex had ever seen throughout his thousands of years of existence, but there was something he realized, something he didn't know how to point out...

"Why do you look like me?" Alex asked as the image of what he believed was the female version of himself kept playing in his head, only that she was more mature, well she was older anyway.

Zero rolled her eyes at her host's inappropriate question. Wasn't he taught how to compliment a lady? She was not happy with the results she got from Alex in the slightest.

[Really? that's what you can say after seeing me?] zero pouted, she wasn't glad about Alex's inability to read the moment.

Alex could feel zero's emotions which made him more confused about what he was feeling right now "What did you expect me to say?" Alex rubbed his nose, feeling awkward.

[Sigh... nevermind] zero option out of the thoughts of correcting this host of hers was a total waste of time and effort, so she would rather just pretend nothing ever happened.

[As for your question. I am your system so I obviously look like you. Isn't it good that way? We look like twins, hmm.....twin companions?] Zero wondered why she felt good when she mentioned the word companions.

Cough!! Cough!!!

Alex coughed hard as he tried to take in as much air as he could. He had choked on his own saliva after hearing zero's last line, and he was now wondering what evil he did in his past life to get this type of system, his life was already falling before his eyes and he did know if he could save it.

[What's wrong with you? Are you alright?] zero asked as she saw Alex gasping for air, did he get attacked by someone?

"It's nothing serious. Since that's all, we can leave now, right?"Alex waved his hands implying that he was alright.

[Yes we can, do you know where we are]

"Nope, I don't know the route, and I won't be able to check since I don't have any of my powers" Alex sighed softly as he said those words.

An imaginary light bulb suddenly lights up in his head "do you perhaps have a means for me to get my powers back?" Alex's eyes sparkled with expectancy. He was hoping this naug....ahem.... miraculous system of his would have a way for him to get his powers back. If he could gain his powers back it would be wonderful.

[Umm...how should I say this?] zero sounded like she was conflicted about how to present a very important speech.

Alex suddenly had a feeling of foreboding as he heard zero's words. He was hoping that it would not be as bad as what he was feeling currently.

"What's with the suspense? Just tell me what you have to say. I can take it, don't worry"Alex urged zero to speak after she went silent for more than a minute. Alex felt every second was like years to him.

[Okay, it's like this you can't get your old powers back except immortality but it's not actually that bad...].

Zero was unable to finish her words before Alex's sorrowful voice interrupted her.

"What do you mean by it's not that bad" Alex let out a pained outburst. He was about to explode from getting heartbroken for like the fifth time since he woke up. He felt pained, annoyed, and dejected; his sixteen years old heart couldn't take it anymore.

[Host, try to stay calm, at least let me finish, you are like an ancestor on this planet and you should act like one, try to stay composed, your current expression pains my eyes, so unhealthy to watch]

"You don't even have eyes" Alex retorted. He was annoyed and heartbroken so he didn't think before latching out on zero.

[I do now]zero fired back at him.

"Enough! Now tell me what you meant by it's not that bad and to let you finish?"Alex ordered and zero could only swallow her grudge and tell him what he wanted to know, even when she didn't want to.

Zero clicked her tongue in frustration. She was starting to get annoyed. Alex just riled her up and ran away from the topic before she could even say anything.

[Sigh...I meant you can't get your old powers back but you can create a new one. Did you forget that you have the creation system? So you can create other methods]zero explained lazily. She sounded like a big sister who was helping her little brother with his boring math homework.

Alex on the other hand was shocked and amazed. His eyes shone with bright sparkles "so I can create cultivation on Earth?" he was already thinking about his army of strong cultivators.

[You can't create cultivation, but you can create other methods and you can even grant this method to others]

Zero's words were like cold water had been poured on Alex's fantasy, the spark in his eyes suddenly faded away at an alarming rate.

"But I don't know of any other methods to gain powers aside from cultivation, I can't use demonic spells since they are strictly for demonic beings only"Alex's voice also became gloomy as his eyes turned moist without him realizing it.

[I can give suggestions]zero proposed.

"Okay, tell me the suggestions you have" Alex realized that his words were turning forced. He could feel wetness on his cheeks and his vision was slightly blurred. He was aghast, he touched his face with his fingers and his shock doubled.

' Why am I crying?' He wondered to himself.

[Calm down..wait..are you crying? Seriously? You disgrace me. I can't believe I'm your system]

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