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In a mage world


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"You talk about fairness?? The world isn't fair. Everything is about privilege in the end.The fortunate feed on the misfortune of the unfortunate. Think of the beast you killed for reward, ever thought it was unfair?" Alex snorted. What would you expect from a cultivator in a mage world? Alex dies while trying to breakthrough into the immortal realm. He is later transmigrated into the body of a teenager who had just died on earth. Witthout his cultivation, Alex , with the help of his immortal system, creates his own mage path that makes him defy every logic of magic. Doing the impossible, facing all alone, undying, gaining lovers unintentionally and also enemies. Alex now has to survive in Niniola, the realm where all mage reside with his family (siblings and girlfriends/wives), protecting them from all danger while at thesame time fulfilling the promise he made to a certain guardian, traveling different worlds in search for the chaos orbs to revive his parents Please join our discord to connect more with author:https://discord.gg/2rNbwtyNAh


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