35 wait for you

They finally arrived at the thousand sword sect after two days of flying and resting repeatedly through the entire journey.

Hovering over in front of everyone, the fourth stage cultivator, who by now Max had recognized to be Ezra, landed lightly in front of the gate where two guards were waiting.

He showed his token which identifies his status as a disciple of the sect, the guards exchanged a few words while occasionally throwing a few glances at Max.

They were later granted entry into the sect, Max walked through the gate, and with every step he took, his expression turned more indifferent.

The sect was truly not a big sect just as he had been told earlier, he already graded the sect as a lower sect compared to others he had been to, the thousand sword sect was without a word the smallest.

They occasionally came across some disciples of the sect as they made their way toward the sect master's quarter.

The male disciples were terrified of being unable to see through Max's cultivation level, they instantly realized that this new guest in their sect was far more powerful than them and they couldn't afford to offend the latter.

Even when they saw their sect goddess, Sasha, revolving around him, they could only drink vinegar with red eyes while they kept their mouths shut.

The female disciples on the other hand were completely swept off their feet by Max's manly charm and demeanor; they soon started to swarm around the small group, trying to get a better view of the male God that had just visited their sect.

Sasha was greatly displeased by the attitude of her fellow sisters(all female disciples belonging to the same sect regard each other as sisters).

She felt that her position was being threatened and that wasn't something she would take lightly, she moved closer to Max under the vicious glare of so many women.

Intertwining her arm around his and walked right beside him, proclaiming her ownership of the product.

Max did not react to this action but so couldn't be said for the women who were following them about.

"Chi...why is Lady Sasha throwing herself at our God"

" She already has so many suitors, leave our Prince for us"

" Prince? He's my emperor"

" But why is our handsomeness not shoving her away?"

" Nope, she already seduced him, we are too late"

Sasha wasn't angered by those comments, rather she smiled brightly and tightened her grip on Max, she couldn't stop herself from recalling their conversation two days ago.

Two days ago

"I.... don't know"

"Won't you reconsider?" Sasha pushed on, unwilling to give up.

Max only shook his head in response, he wasn't interested in getting married, at least not yet.

"Don't tell me...you swing the other way?" Sasha's eyes widened in horror, she totally misunderstood Max's reply.

Max couldn't stop his lips from twitching as this girl's imagination kept jumping around like a frightened kangaroo.

"Stop thinking nonsense, I'm as straight as any man could be!" Max barked at her, what the hell did she have in that little head of hers, mud??

"Umu, of course, you are, you are my choice after all" Sasha giggled happily, she was happy about his response, seems like he wasn't that cold towards her or interact with only those with a similar power level as himself.

Ezra and the rest of the group were already as pale as Ash, they looked at the granddaughter of their sect master play with what they should call a grim reaper, what if he gets offended by her carefree attitude? just what was Lady Sasha thinking?

Max, on the other hand, didn't mind this side of her, he rarely saw people who treated him with sincerity since the cultivation world was a dog-eat-dog world, and only true strength mattered.

"If you are straight, why don't you consider me then? I'm sure my butt is bigger than most and my breast too won't lose to any woman of my age, I promise I can satisfy you well" Sasha spouted a bunch of bullshit.

Max almost choked on his saliva, was she really in love with him? Why was he smelling obsession from her words, she wanted him so badly and wasn't even trying to hide it.

"I'm not just ready yet" he managed to say after calming down, this girl was simply too dangerous to be left roaming about, she should be kept in check always.

"When will you be ready?" She asked again but this time did something excessive.

She turned to Max who was laying on his back, eyes closed, she smiled mischievously and the next instance, she climbed onto his body, strapping herself to his waist, and sandwiched his cheeks between her soft hands.

Max's eyes opened abruptly and he locked his eyes into hers, she looked back, not looking away with the mischievous smile still stuck to her face.

"What are you doing?" He asked, though he could obviously see what she was doing, he still subconsciously asked.

"Practicing" she said with a sweet smile, feeling pleased with herself.

"For what actually"

"So I can do better when we get married" she said firmly like she already determined everything herself.

"Who said we were getting married? Get off me," Max said lazily as he gently pushed her off his body, he didn't put much force yet it was enough to shake her off as she fell beside him.

"You said you weren't ready yet, so I decided to wait till you are ready" She smiled at his face, the fall didn't hurt her and she fell in such a way that their faces were now facing each other.

"And you think you can wait?" Max was now amused by her words, did she have any idea of how long he might take?

"I Sasha caiden, swear by the law that bound all cultivators to wait for you, my dear, no matter how long you take" before max could even react, she took an oath on the law of qi, the strongest law that bound every being with spirit energy in them.

She smiled brightly at Max who was simply too shocked to even blink" Do you believe me now?"

Max quickly regained his calm and said softly" I acknowledge your resolve, when the time comes, I shall consider you" he said, still not promising her that he would marry her, still, that was enough for Sasha.

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