185 That's all I need to know

Suddenly, ten other people appeared from within the forest, five on both sides and they each wore a black cloak that covered their faces.

The other hunters and Mr. Aldus immediately turned alert and went into battle mode with serious expressions.

"Are you a dark mage?" 

Amidst all the tension, a calm voice broke through and made everyone turn to the source.

They all found Alex resting his back against the carriage casually with a calm expression on his face as if nothing that was going on was of his concern.

The female hunter was a little surprised when she saw that Alex was not flustered or alert like the others. A weird smile stretched her lips and her eyes gazed passionately at Alex.

"Hehe, don't worry, pretty boy. This senior sister promised to take care of you, so you can come over here and you wouldn't get hurt. I can take you as my plaything and we can have a lot of fun later, what do you think?" She said I'm a provocative tone while cupping her breast.


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