6 beast realm

"Hmm. I see, so what stage can I reach at this point now?" Alex replied calmly. What zero had just told him had been imprinted deeply in his mind, he didn't want to lose anyone here.

He didn't have the chance to spend time with his parents in his previous world, he didn't even remember their faces anymore, so even if his family were somehow strangers to him, he vowed to cherish them like his real parents.

[The core stage, when you cross over to the advance stage, the special realm will take you from here because they would see you as a threat, and what I mean by taking you, it's literally going to open up a portal and suck you into it] zero explained in specific details.

"Okey, make me a core mage with six elements"

[Yes sir!!] zero exclaimed, she was tense about her second task.

[Which of the elements do you want?]

"Hmm..let me think...I guess, space, summon, wind, sound, earth, and water element.... hmm...hmm, yes give me those"Alex nodded with satisfaction.



[why do you suddenly sound like an old man?]

"*...*.....I am an old man" Alex said with a poker face.

[Anyways, it's done now, you can use basic and core spells of all the elements you choose] zero informed him.

"Umm... there's a little problem here, I don't know any spells, ha...ha...ha" Alex let out a self-mocking laugh, it wasn't his fault anyways, he wasn't born a mage so he never learned any.

[What a headache. I am going to transfer spells of both basic and core stages to you now]

Zero had just finished saying those words when some information about spells appeared in his mind like a microchip had just been plugged into his head.

Space spell-basic: telekinesis, space wall.

Space spell-core:space shield, space fortress.

Summoning spell-basic: summoned beast.

Summoning spell-core: contracted beast.

Wind spell-basic: swift.

Wind spell-core: wind strike.

Sound spell-basic: detection.

Sound spell-core: mind read, distraction.

Earth spell-basic: earth control, gathering, earth bullets.

Earth spell-core: earth spike, earth shield, earth ripple.

Water spell-basic: water blade, water bullets.

Water spell-core: water shield.

[Those are all the basic and core spells for your elements] zero sounded like she wanted to be praised for her good job.

"Wow! they are so many and sound powerful, how do I cast them?" Alex asked with excitement, he was eager to see the difference in power levels between his old cultivation system and this new mage system.

[Channel your magic energy, the strange power you felt inside of you earlier, you can move it just the way you move your spirit energy while cultivating, then you can connect your elemental cores while thinking of the spell you want to cast, the elemental core's looks like a half Moon, they are 14 half's, making it 7 elemental core, just connect all 14....] Zero stopped halfway through her explanation, she seemed to have been greatly shocked by something, or someone rather...

Summoned beast!!

Alex chanted the spell out loud and he found himself in a different place, he tried to communicate with zero but the system wasn't responding.

Was it all just a dream? He thought to himself, he looked at himself and was happy to see the familiar uniform he wore while in the forest a while ago.

Now he was certain that he was just in another space or realm, Alex observed his surroundings, all he could see were mountains and giant trees and this filled up his entire vision.

The look behind him and the same view stretched as far as his eyes could see, the most fascinating thing was that everything here aside from the giant trees was made of rocks, sturdy rocks, the floors, the mountains, and even the red sun in the sky was made of red rocks.

"What a strange place" Alex muttered to himself as he moved, he wanted to explore this strange realm, aside from what had already been mentioned, something that Alex also noticed was that the clouds in the sky weren't real clouds but floating Rivers and there seemed to be giant shadows floating inside of it.

The view was so spectacular that Alex found himself unable to move his gaze away from it.

The floating Rivers were so huge that Alex believed could easily fill up an entire planet if their contents were poured into that planet.

Just how huge was this place?

Alex was still in a daze when a low roar snapped his attention back to the present, Alex turned to the side where the sound came from.

Alex immediately turned stiff when he finally found the source of the sound, it was a very huge beast, the beast had the body of a turtle but its head was that of a tiger instead, it was looking down at Alex with sharp eyes that seemed to be able to see through his soul.

Alex wanted to run away but was shocked when he realized that he couldn't move, he couldn't even lift a finger, just what was this beast? How was it so strong to be able to immobilize him with its eyes only?

"What do you seek in the beast realm Human?"

The strange beast could surprisingly speak human language and its words were more than enough for Alex to realize the strange place was the beast's realm.

"I asked a question," the turtle tiger beast said again when Alex didn't reply and just kept moping at it.

Alex finally regained his senses, he didn't try to lie or do anything stupid, with just a glance, Alex could tell that this beast was stronger than him even with his old powers, not to speak of now that he was only a core mage and hadn't learned any spell, it would only be foolish for him to do anything funny.

"I just cast the summoning spell-basic, and the next thing I realized, I was already here," Alex said truthfully.

Alex suddenly felt the force that prevented him from moving earlier leave his body and he could finally move.

"Another summoner ehh? I can feel there is something special about you, but I can't tell specifically what it is, never mind, so what are you doing there if you were here to find a summoned beast? Didn't your senior instruct you on what to do?" Alex smiled awkwardly at the strange beast's statement, he didn't have any senior to tell him everything, he only had his system.

"Actually...I am self-taught," Alex said apologetically.

The turtle tiger tilted its head to the side and looked at Alex with amusement, this kid actually entered into the beast realm with no prior knowledge of it. wasn't he afraid of getting himself eaten up by some random creature??

"You seem interesting so I will spare some time to explain how this place worked out to you, come, let's talk while I show you around" the strange beast released a mischievous laugh and started moving towards a mountain on their left side.

"By the way, I am the guardian of the beast realm" the beast threw a side glance at Alex, the hadn't even moved more than four steps when another figure appeared at where Alex stood earlier

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