46 baldy

Alex stared at the seat and immediately found out that the seat had been disassembled after getting zero's warning,the seat was just barely holding on,all it needed right now was just a little tap and everything would come crashing down.

This was a usual trick used to mess up students in the class and Alex had fallen victim to it several times,old Alex though,and that was because a certain student had started to view him as an eyesore.

And it looked like this seat had been prepared not quite long which could probably be yesterday or maybe this morning?

Alex's lips curled up in disdain before it quickly turned into a playful smile "why don't I just serve you your own cup of tea?" He muttered to himself.

He glanced at the chair two seats in front of he's,he already knew the one behind this setup already, that damned kid who always bullied him(old Alex).

Alex smiled when he imagined the stress that the kid could have gone through just to sneak into the class at night just to arrange all this.

Since going to class when it's already the allowed time set by the school could get one punished,Alex really wanted to applaud the baldy.

Alex looked at the other kids who were focused on whatever they were doing and weren't sparing him a glance,he could have just swapped his seat with the Baldy's using teleportation but he had no teleportation spells so he decided to use telekinesis instead.

Circulating his essence all over his entire being,Alex felt the warm sensation inside his body and muttered softly.


Everyone and everything inside the classroom immediately slowed down to an incredible pace,a female student who happened to be blinking before Alex activated his speed system had her eyelids move so slow that Alex could take a nap for a while before she completed the process.

A male student who was flipping through his book looked like he was levitating it,in this time deprived space,only Alex could move freely, unresisted by the law that bound others.

He suddenly started having perverted thoughts as his eyes scanned the five students before settling in one of the female students with huge bursts. What if he stripped the girl and dressed her back after he did some experiments?

Almost immediately as the thoughts came to his mind,Alex threw such devious thought away,he knew he would be too fast for them to see his movements but he knew that the girl would certainly feel whatever touched her,no matter how fast he was,also,he wasn't such type of person,he already had a soul over a thousand years old and such a girl was like his 200th descendant.

He rubbed his face to clear his head then focused on the job at hand,he raised his hands and pointed both palms at the two seats, he's and the Baldy's


He casted the spell instantly and formed his fingers into claws,an invincible force extended from his hands and locked into the two seats.

He easily swapped their positions, making sure not to make any mistake or errors that would easily be noticed,and also made less noise.

After swapping the seats,he assumed his earlier position before he stopped circulating his essence,the speed system got deactivated and everything returned to normal.

All the five students looked at each other and Alex too pretended to be looking for something or confused.

The other five couldn't even get the slightest clue from observing each other,they were very certain that something was strange in the classroom,it looked like something or someone went missing,they couldn't quite wrap their heads around it.

They also noticed the slight pause in the current of The classroom, even though it happened so fast, they still felt it yet could not point it out.

After some minutes,they returned to their own activities but still glanced at each other from time to time.

Alex did not say a word, after all,he had no plans of explaining things to them,he just let their confusion ride them.

Alex took out a headphone from his bag and put it on,he then played the song on his playlist on the memories card,he didn't even know the title of the song or the singer,not like he cared though,he played as long as the song made sense,he rested his head on his desk and listened quietly.

Not long after,other students started to trop into the class,some went straight to their seats while others shot resentful glares at Alex before going to sit, mostly girls.

Alex, who was being dissected by countless eyes, was still listening to the unknown song while still resting his head. He had already felt their gazes but wasn't bothered,he was waiting for the baldy to arrive.

"A perfect gift for a special guest" Alex muttered inwardly with a sadistic smile.

Not long after,the most anticipated guest finally arrived in class,Alex was able to know it was the baldy because he heard his heart skip a beat after stepping through the classroom door.

Alex finally sat upright and removed the headphone,the baldy's face clearly showed how shocked he was when he saw Alex sitting at his seat unmoving,he rubbed his eyes vigorously to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him.

'Are all my efforts going to be in vain? I even risked getting caught,this guy is really bad luck' the baldy lamented and it was very easy for Alex to read his thoughts through his distorted face,even without the help of the sound element.

Alex chuckled in his mind and thought 'oh no,it won't go to waste,I can promise you that' Alex grinned as he thought in response to the baldy's anguished face.

The baldy could only angrily go to his own seat and keep the matter aside for now since their teacher already arrived.

The teacher turned out to be a very young woman, probably 20 to 26,she wore a white top with long sleeves,the first three buttons were missing, revealing part of her magnificent coverage.

Black tight skirt that had an opening from her right knee up to her thighs,long brown hair that fell freely over her shoulders,red moist lips, brown sexy eyes.

Alex almost thought that she was an av actress if not for the fact that he recognized her from the previous Alex's memories.

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Although her dressing wasn't really a killer style,the way she walked while swaying her hip gave most of the boys nosebleeds while the girl looked with envy. She was just so breathtaking that Alex immediately gave her a 85 percent mark on his beauty ranking.

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