17 a friendly advise

[She has been awake and crying for the past few days and she still hasn't eaten anything yet, so she's currently suffering from tiredness and starvation, just take her to her room and let her rest when she wakes up, get her to eat something] zero's voice made Alex calm down slightly.

"How do you know that?" Alex asked as he gathered the sleeping woman in his arms and walked into her room.

[I can analyze the human condition just by looking at them, now praise me] zero voiced proudly.

"Ugh, please don't do that without my permission in the future, it would be weird if you report someone's inappropriate condition to me" was all Alex threw at her instead of the praise she requested for.

[Eh? aren't you going to praise me for this one?] Zero voiced dissatisfaction.

Alex just ignored the nagging system and gently laid the sleeping woman on the king-size bed in the room.

Alex stared at her as she slept peacefully, in his heart, he felt an indescribable sense of love and affection towards her, the way she acted when Alex arrived earlier showed just how much she cared for him and Alex was internally glad to have a mother like her.

All those thoughts caused Alex's heart to overflow with such a warm feeling which caused a bright smile to spread all over Alex's face as he looked at her, sleeping so soundly.

Alex now had time to check out her features, she had long blonde hair which was currently scattered all over the pillow but Alex was sure that her hair should be at waist length.

Small round face, thin lips and a v shape chin, long eyes lashes with thin long eyebrows. She looks so beautiful even with her slightly swollen eyes, probably from all her crying during the past few days.

Still, it didn't affect her beauty in the slightest, she looked twenty-five to twenty-seven but Alex knew she was already in her late thirties.

I noticed I looked very much like my mom, she was comparable to zero. Alex would have thought that zero found a way to materialize had he not had a brief exchange of words with her while holding his mother.

Alex scanned the room that he now realized was painted all Yellow with typical ladies' decorations, Alex found variations of teddy bears all over the place, and a pink dressing table with different makeup kits Alex did not know of.

And on the side of the wall were several pictures of himself.

"So she's a doting mother? Nice" Alex said as she returned his gaze to his still-sleeping mother, his eyes trailing off to her slightly bulging belly.

Though Alex thought about letting her give birth first, he still asked zero for information about his yet-to-be-born sibling.

[She's five months pregnant and with two little ones in her womb, a boy and a girl, none of them has an affinity] zero reported back.

"Twin's huh? So am expecting a little brother and a little sister in a couple of months, I suddenly feel they are going to cause me lots of trouble... sigh..let's change their affinity first" Alex decided to do this because once they are born into the world, it would be a headache to do so, although still possible, Alex would have to wait till they come of age.


"I can give them the type of my system right, so they won't have to connect elemental moons to cast spells?"

[No, you can't, they must connect elemental moons to cast spells, they aren't like you] zero immediately rebuked Alex's words.

Alex felt slightly awkward, was it bad to hope for the best when related to the family?

"Ok then, what do I have to do now?" 

[Summon your immortal essence and mix it with the power of your creation system, then fuse it into your mom's stomach, they will do the rest, unconsciously]

"Won't that affect my mom's affinity?" Alex pondered.

[No need to worry, people without affinity can't mend theirs once over twenty years old] zero assured.

"Oh, ok" 

Alex did as he was told, he summoned his immortal essence and a red-colored orb materialized on top of his palm, after combining his creation systems energy with it, the color changed, now emitting a bluish glow.

Alex gently pressed his hand on his mother's stomach and the bluish orb slowly sank into it, Alex had no change in expression during the entire operation.

Alex's mother's stomach suddenly released a golden glow mixed with blue rays and it lasted for more than a minute before returning dormant again.

"I will just let you rest now," Alex said softly while gently stroking her hair, she unconsciously moved closer to Alex, coiling under the blanket.

Alex smiled and chose to remain still, staring at her with a passionate gaze. Alex loved this new feeling, the feeling of having someone you cared for and who also cared about you, unlike his past world where he was lonely, with no parents, not even a friend or lover.



A series of quick footsteps could be heard as a man swung the door open and rushed in but he froze just before he could move any further from the entrance of the door.

Constantly shifting his gaze between Alex and the sleeping woman beside Alex.

Alex turned to look at the new guest that just arrived, what he saw was a very tall man that looked like a sculpture, a muscular build that could be seen through his suit, sharp jawline, and well-refined face, black spiky hair with jet black eyes.

He was excluding a nobleman's aura. This person was Alex's father, according to his memories, Mr. Henry yeaga, the Lord of the yeaga family.

"What happened to her?" He asked Alex who was still sitting beside the sleeping beauty that none of them wanted to disturb.

Alex could tell his dad was relieved after he noticed his mother's movement as she took in air but he just stood there. Was he trying to keep a strict father personality because of Alex? How stupid.. well never mind.

According to his memories, Alex's dad, Henry, had always been strict and cold towards Alex because of Alex's introverted personality and his weak State of mind.

His plan was to build Alex into a real man with the cold shoulder methods, TKS..TKS..bad thing he wasn't dealing with the old Alex anymore.

' Mortal ' trying to intimidate me? Hehehe' Alex snickered inwardly as he thought of a way to give this cold man a taste of what an immortal state of mind should be like.

[ Progress upgraded]


Those notifications suddenly popped up in Alex's mind. Alex was surprised by it, but most importantly, he was glad.

[Remember host, even if you are not intimidated by him, your emotions are still unstable, so you might react unconsciously to some things, just a heads up, good luck with your meeting with your dad] zero immediately disappeared after the last information, Alex didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this, how could this system just abandon him at such a critical moment? an unforeseen betrayal

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